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Unique Fish Bowls and Tanks

Updated on September 7, 2014

Find The Perfect Fish Tanks and Bowls

Looking for fish tanks, fish bowls, or other cool fish housing things? You've found the right place! Search through a variety of fish tanks such as wall mounted fish bowls, round fish bowls, betta fish tanks, aquarium tanks, fish tanks with lights, and much more!

These fish tanks are awesome, they hang on your wall so you can watch your fish whenever you want in your room! Most of these are mounted by just one nail which is very convenient as most people already have them. Just fill them up with water and hang it up in 5 seconds, bam!

Cool Betta Bowls

Alright, so we've all seen the bettas at the petshop...there are usually around 30 little containers of sad looking fish staring back at you. Why leave them there or buy a boring old round bowl? Check out these unique containers that will surely get your friends talking and asking where in the world you bought it from!

Aquarium Fish Tanks

If you're like me, I hate seeing fish couped up in those small bowls not even moving much at all, it kind of makes you feel sorry for the animal! I believe all fish need companions therefore the perfect solution is to buy a big aquarium and fill it with all different types of fish. They don't have to be the usual rectangular aquariums either, check out the ones below that each have their own unique flair to it.

Lighted Fish Tanks - Fish Tanks with Lights

Give your fish some lighting so you can see them swim whenever you want, these tanks also look great at night with the lights shining through. You don't even need to buy a tank with lighting already in it, just buy your own supplies and install it, i'm sure YouTube would have a how-to video for you.

These are the coolest fish homes! Not only are they your wonderful little pets but they become a focal piece in any room of your home. I think they look best in offices or the living room on an open wall space. These have lights in the background which would look great with the lights off watching a movie or something!

Decorative Fish Bowls

We all want the greatest fish bowl around the block and it all starts with the accessories you can buy. There are thousands of decorative pieces on Amazon and eBay to purchase on a budget that will make your pets habitat unique!

Betta Fish Tank - Betta Tanks

Check out these fun fish tanks for your betta, they can go anywhere in your house or office!


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