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Fish Diseases

Updated on April 17, 2014

Fish diseases

Diseases are no fun for any type of animal. They can become very ill, and can possibly be life threatening depending on the disease the fish have encountered. I am going to talk to you about different kinds of diseases that fish can catch, and how to treat them.

Bacterial diseases can be broken down into different categories which include, red pest, mouth fungus, tuberculosis, dropsy, scale protrusion, tail rot/fin rot, and fish vibriosis. It can be very life threatening for fish, if not treated properly.

When a fish catches red pest, they develop bloody streaks on the body, fins, or tails. This condition in which fish catch can lead to fin or tail rot, and can lead to them falling off. This condition is usually internal, so unfortunately external treatments won't work on the fish. To treat the fish with this illness, first clean the tank very well. Pick up antibiotics, from any pet store, mix the antibiotics well into the food. It will take time for your fish to become healthy again.

Mouth fungus is a very bad diseases fish can catch. It looks like fungus attacked the mouth of the fish. Mouth fungus, which most people don't no is caused by bacterium Chondrococcus columnaris. It shows up first as a gray or white line on the fishes mouth, as time goes by it will sprout from the mouth like fungus. This condition can be very fatal as the fish as the fungus releases toxin into the fishes body, giving the fish an inability to eat. The best treatment for fish with mouth fungus is Penicillin at 10,000 units per liter, which you can get at any veterinarian's office, or pet store.

Tuberculosis is a disease fish can catch, that makes them very ill. This condition is caused by poor water quality. When your fish catches tuberculosis, the skin of the fish will develop ulcer like substances, they will become very pale. Unfortunately there are know known causes to treat this disease. Make sure your fish aquarium has the right water temperature, before releasing your fish into the tank.

Dropsy is a very serious bacterial infection that attacks the fish's kidneys. As time goes by, your fish will accumulate fluids all though the body that will make your fish bloat, and the scales to protrude. The most effective treatment for Dropsy is to get an antibiotic, which you can obtain at the nearest pet store near you, and mix it well into the food you give your fish. It will get better over time.

Scale protrusion is a disease a fish can catch, if its living environments are harmful. For example: if the fish tank is very unclean, or the water temperature is correct. A good antibiotic you can get to treat this life threatening disease is chloromycetin. You just mix it well into their food.

Tail rot/fin rot can be developed from fish being picked at. People poking at the fish, a big cause of this is from children sticking there hands in the tank before washing there hands. Tuberculosis can cause tail rot/fin rot. Antibiotics can be great for this condition, mix it into the food for the fish. One of these antibiotics can cure dozens of fish.

The last bacterial disease that fish can catch is Fish Vibriosis. Fish vibriosis occurs most often in marine fish. The main cause of fish vibriosis is , fish feeding on dead fish. If your fish develop fish vibriosis, the fish can die before you even notice any of the symptoms. If you happen to catch it before that happens, a antibiotic called Kanamycin, which can be obtained from any pet store.

The next time of fish diseases i am going to talk about is parasitic fish diseases. These parasitic diseases can be broken down into different categories, which include, Argulus, Anchor work, Black spot- Black Ick, Ergasilus, Flukes, Nematoda, and Uronema marinum.

Argulus is a parasite disorder fish can get, basically its lice that fish get. These mite like creatures, are 5mm in length, and attaches to fish body. You will not notice that your fish will develop inflamed areas of the body. The lice can be picked off, usually with forceps. There are a couple of ways to treat this vicious infection. The easiest way is to bathe youur fish for 20-30 minutes in an antibiotic called potassium permanganate.

Anchor worms can be deadly for fish, they borrow in the skin and muscles of fish, and stay for several months before showing. These anchor worms lay eggs, and die. Unfortunately these slick suckers can't physically be removed. The treatment for this condition is the same as Argulus. Just bathe your fish for 20-30 minutes in potassium permanganate.

Black spot or black ick is usually developed with wild fish, from ponds. It can be developed from adding new fish to an aquarium. This disease is caused by a parasite that borrows itself into the skin of a fish, where it forms a cyst. Black spot is super easy to cure, which is usually done by using bath salts.

Ergasilum is a parasite that attacks the gills, the best treatment for this type of condition is to bathe your fish for 20 to 30 minutes in potassium permanganate. This condition can be harmful for your fish, if left untreated.

Flukes are flatworms that are about 1mm long. Flukes will destroy the gills of the fish if left untreated. There are many different kinds of flukes, but unfortunately they are end in the same way. The best treatment for the fish with this parasitic disorder is to bathe your fish for 20-30 minutes in potassium permanganate.

Nematodes are a very dangerous parasite that can infest any part of the fishes body. They only show when sticking out of the anus. There a two treatable ways to treat your fish with this disorder. The first one is to the soak the food for your fish in parachlorometaxylenol for about 20 to 30 minutes before giving it to the fish. The next way it can be done is by adding parachlorometaxylenol to the water in your fish tank. The recommended dose for this type of treatment is about 10 ml per liter of water. Good luck.

The last parasitic disease a fish can catch is Uronema marinum. These conditions can only infect marine fish. It will feed off of bacterial infections off the fish, and when the fish is low this sick parasite will attack, invading the poor fishes muscles. Which can be very deadly if not treated. This parasite can be treatable with alachite green, Copper Sulfate, or Methylene blue.

I have mentioned the bacterial and parasitic diseases fish can catch, unfortunately it can be fatal, some can be treatable, If you have any questions, or have more information on any thing i have listed above, feel free to leave a comment. Thank you


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