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My Cat Flakes aka "Booger Boo"

Updated on October 2, 2014

The History of Flakes

I first met Flakes in 2006. My mom's former neighbor was moving to a pet-free apartment and she offered him to our family. We adopted him as our 3rd cat. Our other cats Peaches and Garfield didn't like him at first but they came to be good friends after awhile. Flakes was a bit of a scaredy-cat. He ran at the slightest sound and always thought he was in trouble. The only time he wasn't scared was when he was in my room. He was calm and happy sleeping at the foot of my bed.

When Phillip and I got married, my mom offered Flakes to us. We couldn't bring him home right away because our apartment only allowed one pet and my sister-in-law and her kitten Twinkie were living with us at the time. Fast forward to January 2009. My husband's sister moved out and we were finally able to bring Flakes home. He was pretty scared being in a new place and he spent a lot of time hiding. The surrounding apartments were loud and we had frequent knocks on the door from the maintenance worker, package delivery, etc. All these sounds terrified Flakes so he hid. He also had this terrible habit of eating plastic and then throwing it up. We thought it was Pica but after a visit to the Vet, we were assured he was okay but told to keep plastic away.

In August, we moved to a new, bigger apartment. Moving was VERY distressing to Flakes. The drive was only about 5 minutes but Flakes was panting heavily and looked extremely scared inside his cage. As soon as we let him out of the cage, he hid next to our refrigerator. He alternated between hiding under the bed, behind furniture and sleeping for several days. It wasn't until about a week into living in our new apartment that he ventured out and started to realize how COOL his new surroundings were. He had more windows to sleep in, space to run around and play and he could see lots of ducks and geese from the windows. Now that we've been here a few years, he absolutely loves it. We have a private balcony that we can take him out on during the summer and he loves going out there. He sprawls out in the sun and purrs as loud as he possibly can.

Another perk of moving is that he has gotten more confident and social. He used to be terrified of everyone who came in the door. But now, he can hear people coming and if he recognizes their steps, he's there to greet them at the door. He loves new visitors and loves playing with frequent visitors. It makes me happy to see him happy!

You might notice that he also goes by Booger Boo. This is because he always seems to have a booger in his nose. It's not really that often but it's frequent enough that we started calling him Booger Boo.

Flakes Facts

The Essentials

Color: Cinnamon Tabby

Eye Color: Gold

Weight: 12 lbs

Nickname: Booger-Boo

Favorite Toy: My handmade catnip toys

Favorite Food: Simply Nourish grain free dry (Petsmart only)

Flakes' Favorite Toy!

SmartyKat Skitter Critters Cat Toy Catnip Mice, 3/pkg
SmartyKat Skitter Critters Cat Toy Catnip Mice, 3/pkg

Flakes goes NUTS for these tiny mice. He does tend to lose them, though, because he loves to play with them under doors or appliances.


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Pictures of Booger Boo

Another Favorite Flakes Toy

FAT CAT Crazy Circle Interactive Cat Toy
FAT CAT Crazy Circle Interactive Cat Toy

Flakes has a smaller version of this and he loves it! It's so fun to watch him poke his paw through trying to get that darn ball!


A Video of Flakes

Watch him chittering at a laser light pointed at the ceiling.

Say Hi to Flakes! - Or Leave a Comment for Me

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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Ah, I was just feeding one of the tom cats that comes to my back door each day -- He too is an orange tabby, but he doesn't have all the pretty white accents as Flakes the cat.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Beautiful cat! Love the white tip to his tail.


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