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For Dog Lovers: Ever thought about getting a Dogo Argentino?

Updated on February 22, 2009

Are you looking for a big, protective dog that is loyal, affectionate, craves attention and yet is very tolerant to children? If so, consider getting a Dogo Argentino. I've been doing a lot of reading about this dog and would like to share what I have learned with you about this dog that is virtually unknown in North America

The Dogo Argentino is a beautiful, large, white, short-coated dog with a smooth, muscular body. It is a very athletic dog. In the 1920s, a man by the name of Antonio Nores-Martinez of the country of Argentina started with a Cordoba Fighting Dog and crossed it with Great Dane, Boxer, Spanish Mastiff, Old English Bulldog, Bull Terrier, Great Pyrenees, Pointer, Irish Wolfhound and Dogue de Bordeaux. Martinez kept improving the resulting breed via selective breeding to introduce the desired traits. In approximately 1928 he had the first Dogo Argentino. By the way this dog is also known as the Argentine Mastiff.

This dog naturally protects what it considers to be its territory. It's also a great hunting dog and has been used in tracking, search and rescue missions, police work, drug detection, and as a guide dog.

Dog aggression, for the most part, has been bred out of this dog.

The Dogo Argentino is a wonderful family dog. They are very intelligent and house train easily. A warm body and soft couch will keep a Dogo quiet for hours. They are clean house dogs that need little coat care. Dogos love children with a passion.

This dog is very strong, in fact, it's stronger than the average owner. If you want exercise, you'll get it with this dog. These dogs often don't know their own strength. It may be allergic and may sunburn easy because of its white coat.

The dog is independent, strong-willed and dominant.

You can read more about the history and temperament of this beautiful dog in many websites.

For now, enjoy these great pictures of a wonderful dog, the Dogo Argentino.

Beautiful Dogo Argentino Standing Majestically at the beach
Beautiful Dogo Argentino Standing Majestically at the beach
This Dogo Argentino is zoned into something and standing guard
This Dogo Argentino is zoned into something and standing guard


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    • profile image

      MANTRONIX 11 months ago

      That's great. I understood you got a Dogo Argentino and you named him Carlos and that they are nice dogs. Congratulations.

    • profile image

      very beautiful 3 years ago

      Very beautiful

    • Mrs. J. B. profile image

      Mrs. J. B. 6 years ago from Southern California

      This is a great article. Very interesting

    • profile image

      Jeremy 7 years ago

      Hi there love your blog, I would love to see more Dogos out there, I really like your pic of the baby (to cute). I am creating a blog about Dogos you may want to check it out!