How to heal a tripawd when his other leg is also injured

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    rowdysmomposted 7 years ago

    How to heal a tripawd when his other leg is also injured

    I am so scared we have a 2 year old Jack russell terrier named Rowdy, he was hit by a car going at least 50 miles an hour on friday march 18.2011, his right leg and pelvic bone are completely shatterd ( he is scedruled to have amputated tomorrow 3/22/11 at 230pm.) I have read the postings I am worried and want to know if anyone of the other tripawd dogs had damage to the other leg? Rowdys left side of his pelvic bone was broken up pretty bad also, I want to know how to help him heal from his amputation and his remaining rear leg that also has to heal. Please give me any advise to help our baby

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    Tripawdsposted 7 years ago

    We're so sorry to hear about Rowdy. I know it's a scary thing to do through.

    We have had other dogs recover from serious accidents like this, so please stay hopeful and strong. Remember that a strong pack leader is sooo important for a good recovery. It sounds like he will need physical therapy too, have you talked to your vet about it? One good thing his is size: small Tripawds tend to have an easier time getting around than larger ones. So he has that on his side, which is a blessing.

    I suggest coming to and our Discussion Forums to share your story and get good advice from many others who've been there.

    Also, check out our Required Reading List ( … ding-list/) and for more information, our eBook, Three Legs and A Spare ( … tion-help/). Both of these will give you the basics and hopefully put your mind at ease.

    If there's anything else we can do to help, visit us at our Discussion Forums OK? You'll find tons of support there. Good luck tomorrow.