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Things to be aware of when FURminating or deshedding your pet.

Updated on March 3, 2011

FURminator and deshedding your dog

One of the latest trends is the FURrminator grooming treatment. We have customers who request this deshedding process at our store and they have seen a decrease in shedding with their dogs. The trend has gotten so popular that we are noticing that dog owners are taking the initiative to purchase the FURminator tools and treatment and attempt the process on their own.

What they do not realize is that it is an extensive process and that by having the Furminator tools, shampoo and conditioner is not enough. It is an extensive process where you are getting rid of the loose undercoat with the correct brush, (not necessarily the Furminator raking tool) making sure the conditioner sets for a while, blow drying until the dog is completely dry and then you finally get to use the FURminator tool.

So it’s not as magical as some people think and just having the tools and treatment will not necessarily guarantee a good grooming job. Some long dog hairs take up to a minimum of 2 hours to really see the benefits of a deshedding process. If you do not have a powerfull dryer I would not recommend doing this on your own. The dog must be thourougly dry before you can finish the process and the ordinary house hold dryer and towels will take forever to get a dog dry, especially a long haired dog.

Take the time to ask yourself do you have the right tools and patience to see this deshedding process through before purchasing a kit. If not save yourself the headaches and have your local groomer do it right.

If you must try to deshedd your dog and really can't afford to pay a groomer to do it I would recommend the following:

For long haired dogs: If you purchase the Furminator kit make sure when you are using the raking tool to be carefull not to irritate the skin which will result in rashes. You can check periodically and look at the skin to make sure it is not red. Go gently with quick short downward strokes. Make sure not to snag any mats as that will pull and hurt your dog. Expect for two hours for this whole process for a thorough groom. Often people get impatient and will not dry their dogs completely. As a result the dog still has a lot of loose hair left to be deshedded. Tip: You don't need the Furminator shampoo and can use any quality pet shampoo with the FURminator conditioner.

For short haired dogs: We like using the rubber groom zoom to deshedd short haired dogs. This does not hurt the dog and in fact most dogs love it because it's like they feel they are getting a massage. The rubber zoom groom is really safe and we find that it takes a lot of hair off. Go back and forth where the hair is growing and go against where the hair is growing. The short haired dogs deshedding process will take less time than a long haired dog. So you can expect 1 to 1 1/2 hours.

If you don't have the patience or the facilities you can always take your pooch to a groomer. If you want to give it a go the with the Furminator remember to be safe and not hurt your dog with the Furminator raking tool. Also you don't necessarily need the Furminator products to deshedd your dog. There are plenty of tools and shampoos that provide the same process.

Also another myth about deshedding is that it will take the hair off for a long time? It is not a one time quick fix of getting rid of the hair. It really depends on the dog. Some dogs are just plain shedders and expect to give the treatment periodically. The food your dog eats can also play a part of how healthy there hair and skin will be which can also play a part how much your dog shedds.

There are many affordable products on the market to deshedd your dog.  By determining your dogs coat and budget you can find a good alternative. 


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