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Gaining Your Horses Respect and Loyalty

Updated on February 4, 2014

Gaining Your Horses Loyalty and Respect

When getting a new horse there is a feeling out process where you will have to gain your new horses trust and respect. This is a very important time between the new owner and the horse as the horse will be trying to exert its dominance.

Understanding how a horse behaves and how a herd interacts is important to learning how to gain a horses trust and respect in a quick and easy manner. This lens will focus on how to gain your horses respect and loyalty in a natural way that is safe for you and your new horse. Following is Information,Pictures, Videos and the tools needed to gain the respect that you want from your horse.

Understanding The Horse Herd

Know How Your Horse Thinks and Interacts

When training your horse you will need to understand how a horse lives naturally. Observe how a horse reacts when with other horses and what role a horse has in the herd. Horses are a alert animal and it is their natural instinct to flee from danger. There is a pecking order in the herd of horses and watching a herd of horses you can quickly spot the horse that is in charge.

The lead horse will determine who eats and drinks first and will be quick to put a horse back in place with a bite or a swift kick. Younger horses are always challenging each other for dominance within the herd with fierce bites and kicks and battering each other with their hard heads. Understanding this behavior will help you understand that simple actions like a horse that pushes you with its head or bites is trying to exert its dominance over you and actions like these need to be corrected right away in order to gain your horses respect.

Gaining a Horses Respect

Teach your Horse Respect and Gain its Loyalty

Horses are a large powerful animal and to gain a horses respect requires a strong and dominate attitude. When working with your horse you always want to have the upper hand and be in control. There isn't anything worse than having a horse that is out of control. Always initiate the contact and interaction between you and the horse keep things positive and have a firm grip with the horse .

Horses can sense emotions in people and if you are angry or afraid horses can sense that and will react to the negative feelings. When approaching your horse do so in a calm indiscreet manner and you will have better luck than trying to march right up with a lead rope in hand.

Horses are smart and like to learn, they may not be as intelligent as humans, but they can learn complex things through repetition and conditioned response very rapidly. The first couple of things that you teach your horse may take some time. Each subsequent thing that you teach your horse will come quicker and quicker. You will notice huge advancements if you do your homework correctly. When correcting a horse use as little force as possible but as much as is needed. Never abuse a horse at any time during its training, a horse that is trained and raised with mutual respect and loyalty will be the best horse that a person can ever ask for.

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