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Games To Play With Horses

Updated on February 4, 2014

Horse Riding Games

Horse riding games are a fun way to ride your horse its not only fun for you but horses seem to have fun as well. There are several types of games that can be played while riding horse back some of the most popular are polo, barrel racing, pole bending and jumping but there others that are fun to play as well and are fast becoming popular as more people learn about them following are some games and videos that you can enjoy playing with your horse.

Playing Horse Soccer or Horse Ball

Playing horse soccer is a fun game that can be played by several horses and riders usually having 3 or 4 players per team on the field at a time. This is a great game for horses and riders of all ages and levels of riding skill. Horse soccer is played using a large ball that is rolled along the ground by the horse and points are scored by moving the ball into the goal area. the goal area size can be adjusted depending on the riders and horses skill level.

Horse ball is a bit different than horse soccer it is played using a football shaped ball with several straps attached to it. Horse ball is played with 2 teams consisting of 3 to 4 players per team other players can be used for substitutions. The game is played with the riders controlling the ball and passing it between players while moving down field to score points by throwing the ball into a hoop. Horse ball is a game more for the advanced rider and horse as it requires the rider to use hands to handle the ball instead of the reins.

Pole Bending and Barrel Racing

Pole bending is a great game for teaching young horse reining and control. The game is played by placing poles in a straight line spaced several feet apart. the horse and rider start at a starting line a race threw the poles weaving in and out coming as close to the poles as possible but not knocking them over then turn around and return back threw the poles again weaving in and out around the poles. The rider who is the fastest and has the less amount of poles moved is the winner.

Barrel racing is another great horse riding game to play and is a common event at most rodeos. Barrel racing is simply racing your horse around 3 barrels coming as close to the barrels as possible but not touching them the rider who completes the course fastest is the winner.

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    • ruth-williams lm profile image

      ruth-williams lm 5 years ago

      This is a great lens, as the owner of a horse these tips are something I will definitely be using! Thanks!

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Those big balls look like fun. I wonder if my horse would enjoy playing with one.

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      This is a great selection of Games To Play With Horses! I didn't even know people wanted Games To Play With Horses ... lol How interesting is this. Great job!