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10 Gemstones of Power essential for any pagan

Updated on June 16, 2008

Magickal Gemstones

10 primary gemstones of power that no nature pagan should be without. How these magickal stones are used and the qualities of each stone.

Shaman, Druids, Wiccans Gemstones of Magic

10 Essential Stones of Power

Most of the nature based pagan paths deal with the relationship we have with our environment. Shamans, Native Americans, Celts, Aborigines, Wiccans, and the myriad of other paths focus on drawing us closer to the natural world.

In all of these paths we learn the special or magickal qualities that everything has in the natural world. We seek to live in balance with nature, we give when it is needed and likewise our cousins of nature (virtually every natural thing) gives to us when we are in need. It is in essence what love is all about, the same love we share with our mate. Nature pagans just tend to expand that love to everything around us, i.e. the reason for the label "tree hugger".

As we acquire our new understanding of the natural world around us; we learn how to utilize that magickal properties of the elements around us. The herbs, elements, trees, totem animals, and even the very rocks beneath our feet contain magickal properties. By studying the natural wonders of those rocks we can harmonize with is specific vibration that will allow us to resonate those benefits of their natural magickal properties.

As a boy, I loved to gaze at polished gemstones. Amethyst soothed me. Tiger Eye excited me. Malachite made me dream a lot. I never understood why until I began to study the ways of paganism. I learned how each stone resonated magickal properties that influenced my own personality. It gave me positive influences in times of need. And to this day I still have a natural affinity for my gemstones.

Stones are nearly as old as time itself, and in my experience, magickal stones work on an element of vibration. It is much like a radio wave frequency, it resonates a specific "wave" that influences specific properties and/or personality traits.

Most shamans, druids, and even stregha witches carry personal "medicine" type bags. This is where one carries items of high magickal properties to enhance or focus on the spell weaving that is being conducted at the time. These bags may contain talismans, trinkets, herbs, sacred magickal elements, and often they contain specific gemstones. Sometimes stones considered sacred are made into jewelry in order to enhance the magickal properties within.

Personally I feel that there are 10 essential stones that every shaman - witch should have in their access. Below is a listing of those 10 essential stones and their known properties. Nearly all of these stones are readily available in new age stores or online. Some prefer their stones to be raw and as close to the natural as possible. Others prefer them to be polished and smooth. Close contact to the skin is preferable, even if it is just to rub the stone or hold it in your hand for a few moments.

Each morning determine the needs for the day. Have a new job interview? Maybe tiger eye for focus and self confidence should be considered. Then carry that stone with you for the day. Love is in the air? Carry Rose Quartz to enhance the environment for more of a romantic mode. Then as the day is over return it to its sacred storage space. Some may prefer to sleep with the stone for a stronger more durable connection.

If you lose the stone, it was meant to be. Sometimes stones need to go back to nature and it is their time. And stones are not jealous when they are replaced.


Amethyst is known for healing, calming mental effect, enhances the meditative state, creates pure thoughts, spiritual insight, relaxation, higher values. Also transmutes negativity and enhances the dream state.


Bloodstone is a source of protection to prevent injury and disease. Often used for blood purification and aids circulation.


Stimulates energy and appetite, physical power and courage, helps to ground you to the physical plane, practical application of ideas.


Hematite is one of the most grounding of all stones; it reduces stress and combats insomnia. It is said to help increase courage, concentrate energy and strengthen the heart. It is very beneficial to those attracted to it, but it is one of those stones that you either love or hate.


On brow: Stimulates physical and psychic vision and concentration. Egyptians used green Malachite paste for eye makeup, calling it Udju, they believed it gave them psychic protection.


This stone calms and balances emotional situations. Second sight, psychometric, aura reading, use in regressions, opens up psychic potential.

Quartz Crystals

Easy to cleanse, store info/energy in, program or amplify energy and healing with. Can both draw and send energy. Powerful clear ones open Brow, Crown, and Transpersonal Chakra for meditation, sending/receiving guidance. Stimulates natural crystals in body tissues and fluids to resonate at new healing frequency.

Red Jasper

Protection against unseen lower astral entities. Enables you to work with heavy negativity. Stabilizes emotions.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz encourages relaxation, inner peace and tranquility. The stone enhances the ability to give and receive love. It is a stone that heals the heart emotionally and physically. Rose quartz is excellent in all matters dealing with love, affection, compassion and kindness.

Tiger Eye

A combination of earth and sun which would be practical in decision-making and creativity. Tiger Eye encourages the belief in self, objectivity, stability and inner strength.

Work with the stone, fixate and meditate on them. Hold them and let their resonation calm and awaken you. In some ways working with stones is similar to working with familiars. They have personalities all specific to their own.

Take time to just be aware of the existence of the stone. Meditate on its state of being. Gaze into the face of the stone, especially those that enhance divination, it is similar to crystal ball gazing.

On the eve of a full moon, set the stones out to bath in the light of the moon for charging. 13 charges per year.

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