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Giraffe Gift Ideas

Updated on August 30, 2017

Find Giraffe Gift Ideas For Kids And Adults

I think the giraffe is an extremely cool animal. With that very long neck, those tall legs and those gorgeous eyes, what other animal is as interesting or unique? None that I can think of. I know how much I love gifts with a giraffe theme, and I'm sure there are plenty of other people out there just like me. So if you know a fan of the giraffe and you need a gift soon, here are some wonderful ideas for you.

If you never really gave the giraffe much thought, take a look at this picture and I'm sure you will see all the beauty of this magnificent animal, majestically walking across a plain on the Serengeti. The ancient Romans called the giraffe the camelopards. They were thought to be a cross between a camel and a leopard.

Let's Talk Giraffe - Find Out More About These Elegant Animals

The Giraffe is quite beautiful to look at. With those long, long legs, that graceful neck, the lovely spots, and those big baby brown eyes surrounded by eye lashes women around the world pay for, the giraffe is a humble and gentle animal. The average giraffe's 6' legs are taller than most people, and the giraffe is the tallest animal that lives today.

Thanks to those very long legs this African animal can run very quickly. They can do ten miles an hour easily and when they want to run full out they can reach speeds of up to 35 miles per hour and keep it up for an hour or so. That's stamina, so the giraffe isn't just a pretty animal. They are strong. Another long thing on the giraffe is the tounge. It is about 21 inches long...the tongue! That long tongue and tall neck help the giraffe eat the leaves off of trees. Each giraffe can eat up to 140 pounds a day. The giraffe has a lovely spotted pattern that we all recognize right away.

I found some cute and unusal gift ideas that the giraffe lover on my list would love. The poster is called "First Kiss" and shows a mother and baby. The socks are the perfect gift for the jokester. The romantic kissing giraffe statue would go with many different decors. The plush Queen Giraffe Animal Kingdom Bedding Comforter Set would look comfy and exotic on anyone's bed and last is the tea kettle with the giraffe's spots. Any one of these ideas would make a fun gift for a fan of the giraffe to receive.

Does Your Valentine Love Giraffes?

Plush Giraffe Toys And Other Giraffe Gift Ideas For Valentine's Day!

If your sweetheart likes giraffes, then there's no doubt she would love a Valentine's Day gift with a giraffe theme. Here are some great gift ideas for that sweet February holiday!

Giraffe Gift Ideas For Valentine's Day - These Would Make Great Christmas Gifts Too

Say I Love You With A Giraffe! These giraffe gift ideas are just perfect for Valentine's Day, they would make a great gift idea for anyone who likes giraffes!

Plush Giraffe Gift Ideas For Kids - What Child Doesn't Love Plush Animals?

All of my kids had huge collections of stuffed animals when they were younger. Each animal had a name and many got tucked in to bed every night with those kids. I had my favorites in the bunch too. Through the years there were many different kinds of animals that came and went in the toy room, but I must say, there was always a giraffe somewhere. Here are some cute plush giraffe ideas for your kids.

More Pictures of Giraffes

Here's more enjoyable giraffe pictures to the tune of 'It's My Life"

Other Fun Giraffe Toys For Kids

Those plush are always welcomed with open arms in a kids play room, and I think every collection needs at least 1 stuffed giraffe. Kids enjoy paint by number sets and puzzles of all kinds, bath toys are usually lots of fun in the tub, so I found you some great ideas kids can play with and they all have a giraffe theme. Imagine how much fun your child will have with that giraffe hand puppet or the coloring book!

Giraffe Gift Ideas For Babies

There is a wonderful variety of cute giraffe items for babies. You can find a giraffe patterned bathing suit, a mat for baby to lay on, a night light to keep a light on in your child's room, a cozy, snuggie blanket anyone would like to cuddle up in and look at these baby socks...the are called Mud Princess giraffe baby socks and I think every little girl should have a pair of them.

Giraffe Books For Kids - Learn About The Giraffe

Reading about the giraffe is a great way for your child to spend their time. Let them enjoy these books and learn about this magnificent animal at the same time. You will find story books, and books of pictures and facts.

Giraffe Christmas Ornaments And Gifts

Christmas ornaments and gifts for the giraffe fan in your life. Is it for you, or someone close to you? Look at these cute Christmas ornaments I found!

Giraffe Collectibles

Did you know there are 9 subspecies of giraffe? Each differs in subtle ways, the coat pattern, the number of horns and each lives in a different area of Africa. The giraffe coats come in oranges, browns and blacks. There are even some whitish giraffes, but they are rare. Most giraffe collectors don't know that. But they are still crazy about this spotted giant.

Legs And Neck or Eyes And Eyelashes? - Which Is Your Favorite Feature On The Giraffe?

The giraffe has so many interesting's long neck, it's long legs, it's long tongue...are you starting to see a pattern here? Then there are those huge eyes with those luxurious eye lashes. What's your favorite part of this animal?

What is your favorite part of the giraffe?

Meet The Giraffes

Watch this interesting video about some baby giraffes

Giraffe Games

Do you know any giraffe games? Let's check and see what kinds of games there are that have something to do with a giraffe.

Giraffe Cake And Cupcake Ideas

Make a giraffe cake or cupcakes for that special person's birthday this year. It's fun to create a special dessert that will put a smile on everyone's face...perfect for a giraffe themed party and so are these party supplies.

Giraffe Halloween Costume Ideas

Come on! How could I resist writing about some Giraffe Halloween costume ideas, after all, I am the Halloween Kitchen Witch! Take a look at some of the fun you can have dressing up like this African animal who roams the plains of the Serengeti. There's costume accessories, kids costumes and Halloween makeup, so take your pick!

Hello, I hope you liked my Giraffe gift ideas lens, I enjoyed putting it together. I love these animals, they are so graceful and beautiful.

My Giraffe Gift Ideas Guestbook - You've come all this way, why not say hello or leave me a comment!

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