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Goldfish Make Me Happy

Updated on September 18, 2014

I Love My Goldfish

I love watching my goldfish swim around, through the leaves and flowers of the waterlily in their pond, making this part of the front garden a tranquil spot to sit.

Their little golden bodies shining in the sun when they swim to the surface making me feel happy and the children too, who pass by after school, pointing them out with smiles on their faces.

A sweet, simple delight, one of the best.

Many Colours, Shapes and Sizes

Goldfish come in many different shapes and colours.Some are gold, some gold and white, some gold and black and some black, the list goes on.

It all depends on what coloured goldfish were in the tank at the time of breeding, so there is usually a wide variety.

The are also many different types of goldfish, common, comet, black moor, celestial eye, fantail and lions head to name a few. My favourites being the fantails and the black moor goldfish.

Fantails, as the name suggests, have fan like fins and tails that make them look very elegant and graceful.

Keeping Goldfish

I love Goldfish!

Do you like goldfish and keep some at your home?

The Many Homes of a Goldfish

There are many different types of homes available for your goldfish.

There is the classic round glass bowl that I started off with when I was first introduced to fish, tall vase like containers, tanks and also now, goldfish hotels.

I love the look of glass bowls and vases but in my experience the life span of a fish is much longer in a classic tank or outdoor fish pond.

When keeping goldfish inside they first of all need a clean fish container with washed gravel as a base or floor and healthy greenery to oxygenate the water to keep the fish alive adding fresh water.

This needs to be regularly cleaned at least once a month, taking the fish out and place in a bowl, and pants, pebbles and glass cleaned and washed with fresh water, no detergents.

Feed fish twice a week.

Then again you can always make a fish pond by digging out the shape you want in a suitable place in your garden, lining it with thick rubber sheeting to water proof it and fill with small rocks and pebbles for the base .

Fill with green plants, reeds, waterlilies and water and add your favorite goldfish.

Ponds make for a serene and special place in your garden adding a place of tranquility and interest, and goldfish are said to be lucky.

Don't believe the tale that goldfish only have a memory span of three to five seconds. I believe they are quite intelligent creatures as they remember my shadow when I go to feed them, they all swim to the same spot waiting to get fed, I think there is something in that.

© 2011 Julia M S Pearce

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you love goldfish as much as I do, please let me know!

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    • Richard-H profile image


      4 years ago from Surrey, United Kingdom

      Great images! I enjoyed my visit :)

    • jmsp206 profile imageAUTHOR

      Julia M S Pearce 

      4 years ago from Melbourne, Australia

      Thanks Paul.

    • pkmcruk profile image


      4 years ago from Cheshire UK

      Absolutely stunning pictures and yes I find watching them very relaxing too.

    • OhMe profile image

      Nancy Tate Hellams 

      5 years ago from Pendleton, SC

      Goldfish make me happy, too, and I enjoyed this visit.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Goldfish certainly look good

    • RhondaAlbom profile image

      Rhonda Albom 

      5 years ago from New Zealand

      Goldfish make me happy too!

    • SheGetsCreative profile image

      Angela F 

      7 years ago from Seattle, WA

      My 3 started out as tiny feeder fish that I rescued from my neighbor's house (who feeds them to his puffer fish). Now they are all several inches long and look like they're on steroids!

    • VladimirCat profile image


      7 years ago from Australia

      Goldfish make me pretty happy too

    • RhondaAlbom profile image

      Rhonda Albom 

      7 years ago from New Zealand

      Interesting information on Goldfish. Beautiful lens. Blessed.

    • jmsp206 profile imageAUTHOR

      Julia M S Pearce 

      7 years ago from Melbourne, Australia

      @anonymous: Amazing! Thanks for the Blessing.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I always liked goldfish. My mum and I gave some goldfish to a neighbour who just had a pond put in her backyard. Do you know they lived all through the Winter with the pond iced over and were about two to three times the size they had been by the time spring came. Blessed!

    • Linda BookLady profile image

      Linda Jo Martin 

      7 years ago from Post Falls, Idaho, USA

      The goldfish artist is amazing!

    • Elsie Hagley profile image

      Elsie Hagley 

      7 years ago from New Zealand

      Nice lens, yes I love goldfish, like you they make me feel happy. Thanks for sharing. *Blessed*

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Goldfish make me feel good too! Glad I browsed upon your lens this morning before I begin work. If you like to browse lens as I do, mine has a great educational topic with poll questions for my readers to enjoy.

    • Nancy Hardin profile image

      Nancy Carol Brown Hardin 

      7 years ago from Las Vegas, NV

      My daughter in Oklahoma has a goldfish pond in her yard. She enjoys them very much, as you said, by sitting out by the pond, watching them come to her when she feeds, etc. I like this lens and thanks so much for sharing.

    • auntjennie profile image


      7 years ago from Canada

      I think the black moor goldfish is beautiful.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I also love watching gold fishes and other colorful fishes! It is so relaxing..My husband and I are planning on getting our own gold fish/fish tank later.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Nice lens! I love the different goldfish containers! I am not a fan of owning fish, but I do love watching them! I also wanted to let you know that the link you posted for this lens on RocketMoms page does not work -- I think you posted the "workshop" version which we are not able to see.

    • bead at home mom profile image

      Teri Hansen 

      7 years ago

      I love watching fish, I find it relaxing and tranquil. Thanks for sharing.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I love fish!


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