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Goldie and Me. Life with a Golden Retriever.

Updated on February 18, 2017

Goldie And Me. A Golden Retriever World.

Here we celebrate the memories of our wonderful golden retriever boy dog Goldie and the joys of owning, or being owned by a retriever! He was our little man in a golden suit with a true heart of pure gold and we were privileged to share our lives with our Goldie for ten and a half years. Losing Our Goldie to cancer was the most difficult heartbreak but we feel blessed to have known our lovely retriever.

I also hope to make a little money for some dog charities for rescue dogs who were not as loved as our golden retriever. There are increasing numbers of dogs in rescue shelters and they all need food, care, bedding etc. Money made from sales from this page will go towards helping those dogs who find themselves in shelters through no fault of their own. Thank you from my heart.

Here is a photo of our handsome Golden retriever boy; resting on the patio after a long day in the countryside.

My Tribute To Gorgeous Golden Retriever Goldie

Losing Goldie to cancer was very difficult. I have been looking for a place to share this wonderful Golden retrievers memory and to record his life for some time and I feel that this may be a good place to do it.

This has been harder to write than I thought, it only scratches the surface of his lovely life. Grieving for our Golden retriever and writing this has been emotional. It has brought tears to my eyes and laughter, good memories and painful thoughts.

If Goldie was here he would be presenting me with his dog lead right now and saying get off the computer and lets go for a walk!!

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Golden Retriever Love At First Sight

Finding Our Retriever Boy.

We were looking for a puppy, a puppy bitch around 8 weeks old. We got a lively manic 6 month old dog! How? Well my husband saw an ad in a local paper that said 6 month old dog for sale. We werent having much luck tracking down a puppy so thought well it wont hurt to look....

As we knocked at the door we saw two flashes of gold run up to greet us, mom was first, a beautiful serene face happily waving tail and as we sat down a gracious paw was offered.

Goldie was next close behind, long legged and with a stick for a tail, yet to develop the beautiful banner of maturity. Happy lolopping gait and an excited carefree expression...

By the time we had a cup of tea I was totally head over heels in love! By the time he had worn himself out with excitement and curled up in a ball with his mom I knew he was the one.

(Here he is with his favourite nylabone and his red ring tug toy)

Young Golden Retriever Goldie With Bone

Young Golden Retriever Goldie With Bone
Young Golden Retriever Goldie With Bone | Source

A Few Of Golden retriever Goldies Favourite Things - Goldie loved these things in life!

What is Life without a few of your favourite things :)

Being a retriever one of his most fave things was retrieving and by that I mean absolutely anything in Goldies eyes could be retrieved ! After all is was a retriever !!

  • Shoes
  • Slippers
  • Socks
  • Cuddly toys,especially a big white rabbit!
  • Snow
  • Digging!
  • Gardening, well he thought it was anyway (see digging!)
  • Carrying in the shopping(ahhh)
  • Retrieving(well yes ...)
  • Food



    OK You get my point !!!

  • Going on holiday with us
  • Car travel
  • Walks, walks and more walks!!
  • Running wildly
  • Watching birds and chasing (but never catching) Rabbits!
  • The beach:The bigger and sandier the better! Another great place to show off his excellent digging skills :)
  • Sleeping: Any time, Anyplace,Anywhere......

Golden Retrievers For Dummies

Golden Retrievers For Dummies
Golden Retrievers For Dummies

This book is a good starting point for you if you want to know about Golden retrievers.


Golden Retriever Goldie...Does He Dig?

Our Digging Dog!

I recall asking this question as I saw him racing around their garden thinking we would need to dog proof ours a bit better.

The breeder clearly thought this was something I was concerned about and said nooo he doesnt dig. At that point her little girl tugged on her moms sleeve and said " yes he does , mommy he does dig" She said " No he doesnt" The little girl looked wide eyed and said .."but mommy he dug right there this morning!!!"

We often alluded to that story every time our non digging dog proudly "helped me " in the garden digging furiously often with a style all his own which was when he got very excited to use both front paws at the same time!!

He dug in the garden, at the beach, on holiday...

If you are seriously considering a Golden retriever you really need to know what sort of dog they are. You need to assess if you and you r family and your home are a good match for this breed.

Think about the amount of walking, the inevitable dog hair that gets everywhere, the muddy paws and trail of debris, the necessary training and the grooming of that beautiful coat! They don't all like digging as much as Goldie did but when you are bring a wonderful, loveable, live feeling dog in to your home you take it all.

Houserules For Our New Golden Retriever Dog!

Rules for dogs in the house

Yes well we did try!

Houserule no 1.

No dogs upstairs and certainly NOT in the bedroom.

This lasted one day. We did as his breeder told us and left him in the kitchen the first night, she said he was used to this and there should be no problem. We tucked him up with a clock and toys around him in a big comfy basket , lots of blankets, kissed him good night and went to bed.

All was quiet for 10 minutes and we thought "oh that was easy". Then it began, the pitiful crying and whining. We resisted for a little while then went down , he was overjoyed to see us and had a big happy face on him. We settled him and went back to bed. We did this 5 times that night and exhausted finally gave in and took him upstairs with us..just for tonight.

Well it was a done deal. Goldie slept in our room every night after that. He was happy there and slept soundly every night.

Rule no 2. He will not be fed titbits

My dad was the culprit here. Funny we noticed how Goldie would always follow him around after dinner...then we spotted it, just a little of the leftovers for our Goldie for "being such a good boy" Ah well....

Rule no 3. Dogs paws would be wiped before he came in to the house...

Yeah right!! Not a chance, it only happened if we could catch him in time, so once in a blue moon.

We kinda gave up on rules after that....

He was a good boy though and knew all his basic training and retriving skills.

He never went on the furniture and never once chewed anything or had any "accidents" in the house.

He loved all people, all dogs and was fascinated by sheep and horses.

We think he was pretty perfect :)

See him here with one of our families cuddly toys he "adopted"

Training Dogs With Dunbar

Training Dogs With Dunbar
Training Dogs With Dunbar

Dogs with Dunbar is the main method we used for training Goldie.

It is gentle and reward based, never harsh.

You must be very careful with any dog but especially with a Golden retriever to use ONLY gentle methods.


Training Goldie To Be A Gentle Golden Retriever - Dogs With Dunbar

Well we did do training with Goldie which is important with any dog and especially a great big excitable loveable jumping bean dog.

We found what worked was praise, love, consistency and understanding.

We mostly trained Goldie with "Dogs with Dunbar"

Golden Retriever Benefits Of training

Before And After Getting Your Puppy

Before and After Getting Your Puppy: The Positive Approach to Raising a Happy, Healthy, and Well-Behaved Dog
Before and After Getting Your Puppy: The Positive Approach to Raising a Happy, Healthy, and Well-Behaved Dog

Another great book from Dunbar. Train yourself before you get your pup! Training based on lure/reward and good information for anyone starting out with a puppy.


Training Golden Retrievers ... - Good and kind Dog training is essential.

Please find other books we also found very useful to train and understand our Golden retriever.

However, it is not only your dog you need to train, in fact good dog ownership really starts with training yourself!

As dog owners we have a very responsible role and if we get a puppy it is up to us to raise him or her, socialise, train them to be a good dog and give them a happy and contented life.

We need to know what we are doing and this book by Dunbar is excellent to give us all we need to give a puppy a great start in life.

When Goldie Was My Therapy Golden Retriever

Goldie helped me when no one else could...

My dad died,after a long and gruelling battle with cancer. He loved Goldie so much so that when he could barely recognize the people around him he called out to Goldie whenever he saw him.

It was a terrible time and afterwards I suffered from panic attacks and got so that I didn't want to leave the house. Well my friend Goldie was having none of that!!

Where was his walking companion? Where was his bringer of treats from the pet shop? What was going on?

In true Goldie style he never gave up, he would go fetch his lead and present it to me pushing it into my hands. I swear if he could have put it on himself he would have!!

Well it only took a short while when this insistent behaviour and those deep brown eyes worked their magic on me. So he got me out of the house when no one else could. He took me further than I would have gone, I mean after all its not far to that next great smell, and LOOK at those rabbits go! Just have to chase them!

I dread to think what would have happened to me if he had not pestered me for walks and got me out of the house and feeling safe again...but I am forever grateful to him.

Goldie Didn't Have To Say A Word.... - to speak straight to our hearts.....

This reminds me of Goldie, he was a quiet dog but always knew how to make us feel loved, there was a truth in his eyes which did speak straight to my heart and a touch of his paw....

So this is dedicated to Goldie who lit up a room "without saying a word" ....

Goldie, Our Golden Retriever And Carrying

Goldie was born to retrieve and carry...

Goldie would carry anything. He was never happier than when he had something in that soft gentle mouth of his.

He could even carry glasses without breaking them (though they did get slobbery!)

On walks sticks would be sought out and proudly carried, he always walked differently when he carried with a rather proud air about him. Once he carried such a huge stick he could not get it through our front door!

Carrying slippers and only one shoe out of a pair of work shoes was a favourite thing. Many is the time I would run around the house late for work saying " where is my other shoe!!"

Socks too would disappear on a daily basis, we found quite a few in the garden and others stewn all over the house. You cant really be too tidy when you have a Golden Retriever dog!

If you have a Golden you must let them carry. Never scold them for carrying. If you want them to let it go train them gently to do that, never grab off him.

They are born to carry and retrieve, it is their job and they are proud of it. Goldie was never happier than when he was retrieving and carrying, whatever that may be.

Embrace retrieving as part of having a Golden companion -or don't get a Golden.

Retriever Goldie Loved Carrying Especially Shoes and Socks!

Retriever Goldie Loved Carrying Especially Shoes and Socks!
Retriever Goldie Loved Carrying Especially Shoes and Socks!

Goldie's Golden Retriever Heart.

Goldie cared.

They said he would be too lively and we wouldnt cope with him in these circumstances....but Goldie cared...

When Goldie was three my husband had a serious accident. He smashed his leg and twisted the bones. He required major surgery and was in hospital for quite a while.

As he was due to come home people started to warn me about having a lively, jumping jack in the box dog around someone who could not walk and could hardly stand unaided.

Well we discussed it and we wern't about to give him up so I trained him. I trained him to wait at the bottom of the stairs until the person reached the top, I trained him to sit and wait until released. I trained him to pick things off the floor and hand them to me, to bring articles of shopping in from the car. I even trained him to take laundry out the washing machine.

He thought this new game was great and used to quiver with excitement as I introduced a new task.

When my husband came home I was concerned how Goldie would react and what he did amazed us. He saw his friend and bounded in the house. He stopped sniffed my husband who was lying down on the couch,up and down, spend a lot of time sniffing and looking at this leg then just lay down at his side. He just lay there and did not move!

He was no trouble, never once did he knock into my husband or run past him. He was so gentle around him.

Not until he was completely better did Goldie go get his tug toy as if to say OK we back on again mate?

The most affectionate creature in the whole world is a wet dog" Ambrose Bierce

Words We Were Careful About Saying Around Goldie. ..unless we meant it!! - Words Goldie Learnt and Acted Upon!

  • Lets go for a walk!
  • Dinner
  • Where's his lead?
  • Shall we take him out?
  • Rabbit!

All Goldens Have Adventures In Life!

Golden Retriever Mousepad

Golden Retriever Mousepad
Golden Retriever Mousepad

I Love this one what a picture! See that typical Golden retriever smile.


Golden Retriever Mousepads

Goldie wasn't a huge fan of me working on the computer but when i had to I had always taken him for a nice walk beforehand and he was tired and happy and he would sleep peacefully at my feet or crash out on the rug or on his bed. He always knew where I was though and even though sleeping deeply would respond if i got up ! Well you never know another walk might be on the agenda !!

If you love Goldens you will like these mouse pads even when you are working on the computer you r girl or boy isn't far from your thoughts:)

Reasons to be cheerful - A Golden Retrievers Take On Life

Life is a game to Goldie!!

To Goldie the whole of life was a great big playground! I have never known anyone get so much out of each day.

Food was exciting; being a food thief was even better, we curtailed that activity by having everything wrapped , sealed and bolted!

Still he worked his magic with guests to our home, never pestering just steadfastly watching them with those liquid eyes while they ate...until they caved....

Other dogs, great playmates! Big, small, scruffy, pampered he didnt care he would play with anyone anytime...

He did not know what to do with cats! He would look at them and they would look at him, they would be proud, poised and dignified, he would be in awe and drooling...

Birds he just loved to watch..he could just lay outside on our patio and stare at them for hours. As he grew older and was less active he loved to lay on the step and the birds would just hop right past him, he did not move a muscle.

He loved to track scents and would happily follow a trail nose down tail up and in deep concentration.

He was so gentle, he avoided stepping on creatures like snails or spiders.

He adored children and always put on his "soft " face whenever he met young children. They could stroke him and hug him and want to look at his teeth and he just happily drank in the attention.

His best thing of all was after a nice long walk to stretch out on his back with his legs in the air and drift off to sleep. He had his fav sleep places but when tired would pretty much sleep anywhere and my husbands and I developed the "step over dog" step perfected over time.

We did try "dancing" and it was great fun, but I think our efforts would not have made it in the showring!!

Goldie was a well mannered dog. You could take his food or a toy or even a bone and he would just sit and wait for you to give it back. He never growled at anyone and never hurt anyone. He was gentleness itself.

Dancing Golden Retrievers!! - Beautiful Golden Retrievers moving to music.

Christmas With Our Golden Retriever Goldie!

Fun at Christmas with Goldie ever the retriever.

Goldie adored Christmas.

The cooking smells, the food, the new things appearing around the house, snow if we got it, the tree( yes we told him this was not an outdoor tree...he understood that and no accidents happened!). The food( oh I already said that but food was VERY important to Goldie!).

He loved the time off with us to go for very long walks. No lounging around after Christmas dinner for us, we were out in the crisp cold air having fun!

Goldie was not a fan of really hot weather he liked the autumn and winter best and never minded it being cold. It took us half an hour to get dressed in hats,scarfs, coats etc while he was always good to go in his big furry winter coat waiting patiently or prancing around doing the doggy two step depending on his mood!

Here he is enjoying a Christmas morning with us. Just look at that intelligent face !

Just Look At Goldies Face !

Just Look At Goldies Face !
Just Look At Goldies Face ! | Source

Goldie Opening Pressies

Christmas Presents for our Golden Retriever Boy

Be it Christmas or Birthdays Goldie was always up for opening pressies! It was quite amazing really as all year round he never tore anything up or chewed up our possessions at all but come pressie opening time he was a force to be reckoned with!

Once he got the hang of it he could open just about anything, when he had finished on his presents he wanted to have a go at ours. Just like a kid he was often more interested in continuing to tear up the paper afterwards than play with the expensive toy!!

We were very careful though to supervise his pressie opening and gather every last bit up so he didnt swallow any paper.

When it was all over he was quite exhausted !

Here he is in full pressie opening flow...

Goldie At Christmas Opening Pressies !

Goldie At Christmas Opening Pressies !
Goldie At Christmas Opening Pressies !

Plush Toy Goldie Golden retriever - Cuddly Goldens :)

Aurora Babies Goldie Golden Retriever 8" by Aurora
Aurora Babies Goldie Golden Retriever 8" by Aurora

I adore this Plush Golden retriever! So soft and cuddly :)


A Note About Christmas With Dogs and Especially Retrievers

Keep your Retriever Dog Happy and Safe at Christmas

Christmas can be a very busy time. Goldie loved Christmas but we always made sure his needs were catered for. Just a few notes on how to make it happy for your dog too.

Even though it is Christmas your dog still needs a walk.

We used to take Goldie out just after we opened our presents and again after our Christmas dinner and again for a last walk at night. We often found the streets deserted on Christmas day and then met up in the big field with all the other dog walkers so it was a lovely time. We wrapped up warm and felt good about being active after that huge dinner! Goldie was then content to sleep and amble around without being hyper at all the activity.

Opening presents.

When all the presents are being opened and afterwards when they may still be lying around, especially if there are items around with small parts do not leave your dog unattended. He could try to chew things or may swallow a small toy. The last thing you want on Christmas day is a trip to the vet!! Buy him his own pressies that he can have fun with too :)

Watch out for food thiefs!

Dogs can be great opportunists and there is usually a lot of rich food around at this time. Also watch for the potentially poisonous chocolate and other foods which are dangerous to dogs which may be left around at this time. By all means he can have a little treat but too much or the wrong foods can at best leave your dog with a dodgy tummy or again a hasty trip to the vet!

Many dogs love all the fuss and company but it can get too much, especially for the very young and the very old. If it gets too much for your dog do make sure there is a place he or she can go to where they will not be disturbed. It may be you put their bed in another room or if they are crate trained for a short while that may be a haven for them. We had a rule that if Goldie was in his bed he was not to be disturbed.

My advice-do not bring a puppy home for Christmas.

Do not buy a puppy for Christmas for someone else without making sure they have the time, energy and desire to have a dog.

A puppy has enough adjustment to do leaving its packmates and mum in normal situations. A homecoming should be quiet, controlled and gentle.

You will need to spend a lot of time with your new pup and most people just wont have the time at Christmas. My opinion is either to get the pup before Christmas and plan on a quiet time over the holidays, or delay getting him/her until the festivities are over.

Play Time For Goldens!

Golden Retriever Holidays:Packing

Vacations with Goldie.

Goldie adored Holidays!! Time with us, lots of great walks, new smells and lots of running! New people and dogs, and other animals to make friends with and new territory to explore!!

We loved taking Goldie on holiday, We have travelled a lot abroad and seen some wonderful sights but I have to say some of the most FUN we had was with our Golden boy on vacation in country cottages around the countryside and beaches of Britain.

It all began with the packing... Now Goldie knew any change in routine, he read us so well. As the cases came out he knew something was afoot!! His mood alternated between excitiement and mounful sadness, you see he never quite knew or believed whether he would be going with us or not. He would take up position by the front door and keep a beady eye on the car, just in case...

Packing was a bit of a deal. By the time we had Goldies bed, blankets, waterbowls, food, water for the journey,first aid kit, drying blankets, toys, variety of leads, dogbrush and wet wipes etc the car was pretty full.

That left a small space for all the stuff my husband and I wanted to take. Now my husband can go away for a week with a rucksack, I however would need two cases! Boy I really needed those lenses on organising then!!(lol) Anyway so I had to deliberate over what i could squeeze into the car and it was a feat of engineering..but we did it every time :)

Dog Car Harness For travelling retrievers - Safe and secure travel for your retriever dog.

It is very important to ensure that you r dog is safe when travelling.

Do consider using a car harness. You will need to get you r dog used to wearing it before you go off on a long trip but Goldie got used to his very quickly.

The car harness featured is a large size suitable for Golden retriever, Labrador that size of dog but they do come in all different sizes for different dogs.

Golden Retriever Holidays: Our Destination

or how to have fun with a retriever!!

After several hours in the car with a drooling panting dog we were always so happy to see our cottage. Goldie was very good in the car, but he liked to be as close to us as his car harness would allow, and he seemed to get pretty close-so hot breath on the back on my neck!!

We stopped every hour to let him out to have a sniff around and stretch his legs.Upon arrival he would leap out of the car and it was essential every room in the cottage was explored as fast as possible!!

Then he chose two or three fave spots to have as his lying down and vantage places to ensure he knew where we were. Then he was happy :)

There were no long lie ins on these holidays! As soon as it was light Goldie would stir. He would watch us for any sign of life then immediately bring his lead!! So many morning waking up to a wet nose and a "talking" so typical of the Golden breed.

No time to waste, new things to explore, new smells to find! Come on people!!

We spent most of our days walking for miles whatever the weather. Goldie would leap into ponds and steams, find mud on the driest day of the year, make new friends at every turn and have the biggest happiest look on his face all day long.

We have been to many of the beautiful stately homes around Britain that will allow dogs into the grounds and explored stunning walks, beaches and forests too we never would have done without a dog.

We have taken picnics in fields, sharing sandwiches, run in and out of the sea, hopped across streams and lay down to rest in sun drenched fields of flowers. Evenings were spent reading and watching great films, cooking wonderful meals and just simply all being together in the peace and quiet of a country cottage. Perfect.

Dog Ramp

When you are traveling with you r dog or even just for everyday outing s in the car a dog ramp can be very valuable.

It is especially useful if your dog is large, elderly or does not like jumping in and out of cars.

Dogs like Goldens and Labradors and bigger types of dogs can be very hard to life in and out of cars. When Goldie was young he would be fine getting in and out but as he grew older and got some arthritis he found it more difficult. After a few times trying to lift him we soon knew that a dog ramp was a much better option, especially given I have some back issues.

Dog ramps are a lot easier than lifting your Golden retriever in and out of cars! If you get a folding one like the one shown here it is much more portable. Do remember you will need to get you r dog used to it slowly though.

Great Advice on Travelling With Your Retriever Dog - Get The Knowledge on Dogs and Travel.

These are just a sample of the range of books available about travelling with your dog, where to go, dog friendly places to stay, walks to take, things to do ....have a browse and check them out.

Makes travelling with your dog a pleasure if you have done your homework frst.

Our Golden Retriever Goldies Brave Battle With Cancer

When Goldies Battle with Cancer Began.

It was the tiniest lump on his head, no bigger than a small pea.

It didnt hurt him and he was running around as usual. We noticed it just before we went on holiday one September to Northumberland, his favourite place.

Now Goldie had suffered from cancer 2 years earlier , having had an operation and recovered very well. We always knew there was a possiblility of it recurring somwhere else.

He was now a 10 year old dog but still oh so sprightly and interested in everything. We decided to enjoy our holiday and take him to the vet when we got home.

The vet did loads of tests and cancer was confirmed, this time it was inoperable, too much risk to his brain and eyes at his age. So it began...

Luckily the type it was we were told would not cause him any pain until it was much farther advanced, so we decided to take the meds and give him as great a last few months as we possibly could.

We took him to all his favourite places and devoted as much time to him as possible. He got all his most coveted foods and sooo many hugs... We always made sure he was not in any pain.

Goldie-Golden Retriever Boy- Last Day On Earth

Goldies Peaceful Passing... Goodbye Sweet Friend

Things were going on OK and the lump was growing but very slowly and he had not really even seemed to notice it, doing all the things he usually did, bouncing around as normal.

Then quite suddenly our golden boy started to get pain, it was how the vet said it would be. The lump had grown and started to impede his vision and he started going off his food.

He still got his leads to go for walks and still was interested in life so we went with him and he went on strong painkillers which helped. We sought advice from our wonderful vet and were in touch often, he said Goldie would tell us when it was time...and he did.

Still so hard to write this, truly...the pain had increased and we knew if we kept him alive it would be for selfish reasons.

He was noticeably weaker now and looked tired and was losing his zest for life. Sometimes the painkillers did not cut the pain and he would look at us as if to say "its enough now my friends". After much soul searching and discussion with our vet we arranged with the vet to come over to our home...

That morning we spent a long time just stroking his golden fur and beautiful banner of a tail. He never lost his handsome good looks, even with cancer.

We gave him any of the "forbidden food" he would take. Then we went to one of his nearby most favourite places. He was weaker now and couldnt run but he walked a little way then we sat and watched the birds. He sniffed the air and we cuddled him while he lay in the long grass he loved. He rolled in the sand and gazed at us with his big brown eyes and I swear he conveyed that now he was ready to go...

It was all very peaceful, his much loved girl vet came to ease his passing. She gave us time with him before and then we just stroked him while she gave the injection. We had gentle music playing in the background. We held him until he softly drifted away...It was calm and very peaceful. A fitting dignified passing for our brave Golden boy.....

He fought so hard and loved life so very much he was a great example to us. He just loved life! His time had come to leave us and life will never be the same again...

Tomorrow Poem Pet Loss - Personal Sympathy Pet Loss Keepsake

Pet Lover Remembrance Gift, "When Tomorrow Starts Without Me" , Memorial Pet Loss Picture Frame and Sympathy Gift Package, with optional custom photo editing, Rich Dark Brown with Foil Accent
Pet Lover Remembrance Gift, "When Tomorrow Starts Without Me" , Memorial Pet Loss Picture Frame and Sympathy Gift Package, with optional custom photo editing, Rich Dark Brown with Foil Accent

If you are like we were you need to have a way of grieving , of remembering in a tangible way. I love this remembrance gift which does say beautifully how many feel. I love that our Pets personal photo can be used.


Dogs are not our whole life,but they make our lives whole.

Roger Caras

I Am Not There

A poem which helped me through the tears and pain of grieving for Goldie...

Do not stand at my grave and weep.

I am not there. I do not sleep.

I am a thousand winds that blow.

I am the diamond glint on snow.

I am the sunlight on ripened grain.

I am the gentle autumn rain.

When you awaken in the morning's hush

I am the swift uplifting rush

of quiet birds in circled flight

I am the soft stars that shine at night.

Do not stand at my grave and cry.

I am not there; I did not die.

Mary Elizabeth Frye 1932.

Grieving for Our Golden Retriever Boy Goldie.

Grieving for our much loved Golden boy.

Ironically we lost our golden boy at Easter, the same time all those years ago that we brought him home.

We had a private cremation and collected his ashes which now rest in our home in a beautiful carved wooden box with his photo on the top.

We are grateful to have shared his short life and grateful for all the things he brought in to our life, the fun, the mischief, the laughter, the naughtiness and most of all the love and utter devotion.

We miss him every day,in more ways than I can say;

We miss the slippers disappearing, the trail of muddy paw prints across the carpet, watching him sleep a deep sleep and his little growls and yelps and twitching as he races through meadows in his dreams, tripping up over his great banner of a tail, seeing the excitement in his face for everything in life, the sheer joy when he greeted my husband home from work, the love in his eyes for all people, the trust he had in us to do the right thing, being woken in the morning with a big wet nose, walking in All weathers, the big solemn paw and those huge liquid brown eyes, a great big heart wrapped in golden fur....

Goldie Please Remember Us - While you are having fun at Rainbow Bridge....

Missing you Goldie until we meet again.

We will run together on the beach again,one day my friend...

Goodbye Dear Friend - Saying goodbye to our golden retriever...

Goodbye, Friend: Healing Wisdom for Anyone Who Has Ever Lost a Pet
Goodbye, Friend: Healing Wisdom for Anyone Who Has Ever Lost a Pet

This is the main book which helped us through our grieving for Goldie. It is undeniably a difficult and emotional time and we needed some support from someonee who understood. I found this book invaluable and highly recommend it.


Information About Cancer In Golden Retriever Dogs - If you discover a lump on your retriever dog please consult a vet.

Here are some links that may be useful to you.

Please it is very important if you have any concerns about your dogs health, think your dog may be ill, and have cancer or any other illness that you take him or her to your vet as soon as possible for a proper diagnosis and treatment.

Do not delay seeing your vet or change or delay any course of treatment because of anything you read here and on any linked sites.

Your vet is the person you need to talk with if you think your dog is ill.

I Miss My Dog - Heartfelt poetry for loss of a dog

I Miss My Dog... #183, (Female) Poem Coping With The Loss of A Dog.
I Miss My Dog... #183, (Female) Poem Coping With The Loss of A Dog.

Touching poems for special people. Beautiful watercolour graphics.


A Dogs Prayer

A Dogs Prayer by Beth Norman Harris

Treat me kindly , my beloved master,

for no heart in all the world is more

grateful for kindness than the loving

heart of me.

Do not break my spirit with a stick,

for although I should lick your hand between blows, your patience and

understanding will more quickly teach

me the things you would have be do.

Speak to me often, for your voice is

world's sweetest music, as you must know

by the fierce wagging of my tail when your

footstep falls upon my waiting ear.

When it is cold and wet, please take me

inside, for I am now a domesticated animal,

no longer used to bitter elements.

And I ask no greater glory than the

privilege of sitting at your feet beside

the hearth. Though had you no home,

I would rather follow you through ice and

snow than rest upon the softest pillow in

the warmest home in the land, for you are

my god and I am your devoted worshipper.

Keep my pan filled with fresh water,

for although I should not reproach you

were it dry, I cannot tell you when I

suffer thirst. Feed me clean food so

that I may stay well to romp and play

and do your bidding, to walk by your

side, and stand ready willing and able

to protect you with my life should your

life be in danger.

And beloved master, should the Great Master

see fit to deprive me of my health or sight,

do not turn me away from you. Rather,

hold me gently in your arms as skilled hands

grant me the merciful boon of eternal rest...

and I will leave you knowing with the last

breath I draw, my fate was every safest

in your hands.

If You Are Considering Sharing Your Life With A Golden Retriever...

If considering buying a Golden Retriever , read , research and talk with breeders.

Do consider very carefully what you can give to a dog.

Do be prepared for a big committment.

Do buy from a reputable breeder.

Do not buy from puppy farms.

Consider a rescue dog

Remember they need lots of all weathers!

They are very clean dogs but your home will never be completely tidy again.

Where there's a dog there is inevitably dog hair.

You cannot leave a Golden alone for long periods of time, they love company.

They are fairly large dogs so make sure you have the room and a garden or lots of time to exercise them.

They will need training so make sure you have the time and energy for this committment.

You will need to make arrangements for your Golden for when you work, go on holiday etc.

Food, vaccinations,insurance, toys,training, petsitting vets fees all take money.

Be prepared to pick up the poop!

We were lucky but your home may suffer from some unauthorised chewing!!

Be prepared for a big committment, an average lifespan of a Golden is about 10 - 14 years.

If you get hooked life will never be the same again...

If you do get a Golden and your circumstances change so you can no longer keep him or her please look out a good rescue service or someone who will love him/her. There are too many abandoned dogs.

Be prepared to laugh often!!

Be prepared for them to break your heart when they finally leave you...

The Ark animal Rescue

The Ark is aptly named as the wonderful caring people who run and volunteer there are saving so many animals. They have animals who have come in searching for a home after being abandoned, bereaved or lost their home due to financial circumstances of thier owners to name just a few reasons.

Some will be rehomed quickly. Others are long-term animals who will stay at The Ark for the rest of their lives cared for with love in their retirement as they cannot be rehomed for a variety of reasons.

Sometimes We Wonder .......

Thank You From My Heart

Lens Of The Day Tribute To Goldie.

On October 28th 2008 Goldies Lens was given the honour of being chosed as the Main Page Of the Day which is a great honour.

I am excited, surprised and deeply touched by this. I am overwhelmed by the sincere and heartfelt messages that poured in to my inbox and onto this page and I want everyone to know how much I appreciate you taking the time and in many cases sharing your experiences.

I will try to visit everyone and am aware this may take me a while. I am also intending to reply to or e mail those of you who are going through the difficult decisions or are feeling the grief of losing a much loved pet at this time. I feel for each and every one of you and I am glad for those of you that reading this lens helped a little.

Sincerely THANK YOU.

Gorgeous Golden Retriever - Goldie

Gorgeous Golden Retriever - Goldie
Gorgeous Golden Retriever - Goldie | Source

Thank you so much in advance for any of your lovely comments you leave here.

I do read each and every one and appreciate you taking the time. It really means a lot to me. It was not easy writing this article about Goldie but I am glad I did it and some of your truly heartfelt comments have really touched me and my husband

If you like this page about Goldie or find it helpful in anyway please social bookmark it and tell your friends. Love to hear from you if you dropped by :)

© 2007 RaintreeAnnie

Are You A Dog Lover Or A Golden Retriever Lover? - Love To Hear From You.

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    • profile image

      happynutritionist 3 years ago

      What a beautiful tribute and of course I'm a puddle of tears at the passing as I am missing my doggie too, I guess that missing never quite goes away. I wish someone could have come to our home to put her to would have been more peaceful for her...but we did what was best at the time. Thank you for sharing her life.

    • Diana Wenzel profile image

      Renaissance Woman 3 years ago from Colorado

      Such a moving tribute to the kind of love that transforms us in all the most beautiful ways. Your Goldie was heaven sent to bring healing, joy, and a forever kind of bond. I do so adore how dogs know just what we need and offer it up in abundance.

    • profile image

      Ruthi 3 years ago

      While my heart hurts for you over losing your friend, I know that Goldie gave you and your family some of the best days of your lives. And without a doubt you made Goldie's life worth living. I have gone through the loss of a beloved dog and am in the final stages of my dog Tidbit's life right now. It's tough, really rough, but I wouldn't have missed loving and being loved by my dogs any more than you have with your Goldie. Great tribute to your Golden and great information for dog lovers everywhere.

    • meggingmad profile image

      meggingmad 3 years ago

      Who could NOT love a dog like this?

    • TheWritingnag profile image

      Writing Nag 3 years ago from Colorado Springs, Colorado

      What a beautiful tribute to Goldie. Inspired now to write about my chocolate lab.

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