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Golly Gear has small dog solutions

Updated on November 6, 2014

At Golly Gear, we know that Mastiffs and Maltese have very different needs!

We tried, for years, to find stuff for our little dogs that suited their size. Collars that fit, toys they could actually fetch, beds that snuggled them, treats that are snacks instead of meals. When we found wonderful products, we wanted to share them with all the other small dog people. That's why we opened Golly Gear, a small-dog store with a difference.

We know that dogs are dogs, regardless of their size. Sure, we can pick ours up. And we may be tempted, at times, to dress them up and carry them around. But most of the time they're dogs who play and snore and sniff and roll around in disgusting smells they find in the yard. They just look really cute doing it!

About Golly Gear

a long and winding road ....

Our family has had small dogs since I was nine years old - which is way longer ago than I'd like to admit. And we've always had trouble finding "stuff" for them in the right sizes. Even things like leashes - the clasps were always so heavy, it seemed to weigh them down.

So we started Golly Gear in a corner of our family bookstore. To make a long story short, we closed the bookstore and moved Golly Gear into its own space, where we get to play all day!

If you're ever in the Chicago area - stop by and see us! Golly Gear is at 7243 St. Louis Ave., Skokie, Illinois. We're open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

And yes, everything on the website is here in the shop. Of course you should bring your small dog! How else would we get our wonderful models?

Find us:

Golly Gear

7243 St. Louis Ave.,Skokie, IL 60077

Monday through Saturday: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.



Online at:

A bit hard to find the first time

The shop is located in an industrial area - so that we could afford to have plenty of space for dogs to play! We may be a bit of a challenge to find the first time, but we think it's worth it to be able to bring dogs to a non-stressful, low-key environment where they'll be comfortable shopping, playing, and meeting new friends.

We're here!

A marker7243 St. Louis Ave., Skokie, IL -
7243 St. Louis Ave., Skokie, IL
get directions

Find the perfect harness for your dog!

Our experts at Golly Gear are happy to help! Just fill out and submit our Harness Picker Questionnaire. We'll send two or three suggestions via email within 48 hours.

Or - you can now Do It Yourself! Our DIY Harness Picker is now live!

Safari Carrier
Safari Carrier

New at Golly Gear

Safari Carrier

You and your small dog can travel in style with the unstructured Safari Carrier!

Golly Gear Departments - We make it easy to find what your small dog needs

  • Beds - traditional dog beds, sports-themed cozy dens, even shams that turn any pillow into a wonderful plush bed
  • Books - references about small dogs, instructions for cooking for your dog, knitting for your dog, dog training and some just for fun!
  • Bowls - not too big, not too little, just right!
  • Carriers - Take her along if you love-ah her, take her along with you (I have no idea where I heard that lyric - excuse me if I have it wrong).
  • Clothes - Just what every small dog needs to be fashion-forward, stylish, or proclaim team loyalty!
  • Collars - From functional to frou-frou, there's an array to explore.
  • Essentials - this covers all the little things every dog owner needs; toothbrushes, first aid kit, grooming items, water bottles.
  • Harnesses - Golly Gear has a wonderful, diverse inventory of harnesses. There's one to suit every small dog situation!
  • Leashes - from nylon to leather to ultrasuede in colors rainbows never thought of!
  • Toys - We have toys for every small dog's play style; for fetchers and tuggers and chewers (oh my!)
  • Training - Dogs are wonderful companions, but even better when they know what's expected of them. Training is easy and fun, when you have the right tools.
  • Treats - Small dogs need treats, for training and fun, that taste great, have natural ingredients, and are just the right size. At Golly Gear we've found them - and we're sharing!

Get to know Golly Gear

© 2007 Hope

We'd love you to visit - in person or online!

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    • profile image

      marasco2001 9 years ago

      Great lens and merchandise! I gave you 5 stars! Makes me want another small dog *sniff*. Good luck with sales!

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