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Greta the Yellow Labrador

Updated on September 7, 2012

Meet Greta!

Greta is the yellow labrador that shares our house. She has a variety of roles in our house including: family pet, hunting dog, fishing dog, powered water sports dog, and garbage dog. Greta has been a great addition to our family fo the past 5 years. She came to house on her 2 year birthday from a hunting preserve just in time for the fall hunting season. Her first love is hunting (maybe behind food), but has learned to swim and love the water at the family lake cabin.

September 7th is her birthday. Which makes her 7 years old on 9/7/2012. The kids say she is actually 49 years old now and older than mom.

Hunting Dogs Sometimes Do Get Injured


Experienced hunters know that their hunting partners sometimes will get injured while in the field. That is why it is important to know where the nearest veternarian is located. Shown above is Greta's ear after she was hunting up a rooster pheasant under a fenceline. She was successful in flushing the rooster, however her ear caught a barbwire fence.

Greta hunting with her human brother Ian.


During the youth pheasant season, Greta was successful in flushing and retrieving pheasants for Ian. Shown in the picture is Ian and Greta with their 3 bird limit of young rooster pheasants.

Greta loves watersports


Tubing is great fun behind a boat and Greta loves it.

Greta gets into trouble.


Upon our return from church on a recent Sunday. It sure looks like Greta had fun. Unlike cats, a dog will still hang out after they do something wrong.

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