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Cool Hamster Cages - What Your Hamster Would Choose if it Could Talk

Updated on July 16, 2015

Best Hamster Cage

By having the best hamster cage, you can ensure that your pet hamster stays healthy and happy. Your hamster will be comfortable in its living space, when you take the time to purchase a cool cage.

I had a dwarf hamster and she was so cute. She came with a cage, but I didn't like the setup and it was also worn out. So I bought her a new cage that was 2.5 stories and I even included a yard by having a fence surround the cage. She was able to get in and out from the cage to the yard, at her own accord.

There are a variety of hamster cage types, shapes, and sizes. But your main focus should be on the comfort and security of your hamster. The hamster house should be spacious, with things for the hamster to do.

Increase the hamster cage space by adding additional levels, ladders, ramps, and tubes!

Large Hamster Cage - Types

There are different types of hamster cages, including wire, glass and plastic. There are a few things to consider when choosing a hamster home.


  • Should be 1/3 inch of bar spacing for dwarf hamsters and 1/2 inch of bar spacing for Syrian hamsters to prevent escapes
  • Have a solid bottom rather than wire which causes sores on feet
  • Easiest to clean
  • Best ventilation, but keep out of drafts


  • Aquarium at least 39 x 16 inches in size for Syrians
  • Not difficult to clean but heavy
  • Can lack ventilation
  • Sheltered from noises and drafts so good for pregnant females and raising of young
  • No litter falls out
  • Never put lid on too tight so as to allow air
  • Easy to observe pet


  • Similar to aquarium
  • Can be more difficult to clean
  • Can lack ventilation
  • Lighter and easier to clean
  • Gets dull and scratches over time
  • Tunnels and compartments provide more stimulation and exercise

Starter homes of any of these types tend to be too small. Look for cages that are around 32 inches long and 16 inches wide for Syrians, and 32 inches long and 12 inches wide for dwarfs


Keep the hamster cage away from direct sun, heating unit, bright light, drafts, loud noise, high-pitched sound, pets, electrical wiring, strong odors, smoking, and cleaning products.

Hamster Cages - Accessories

Your cool hamster house needs to include essentials such as:

  • Water Bottle (a water dish can get messy)
  • Food Bowl (a sturdier food dish prevents your hamster from moving it)
  • Bedding (deep enough for the hamster to bury itself in) - Avoid cedar and pine wood chips for bedding, as these have oils that can be toxic to the hamster.
  • Exercise wheel (right width for the hamster's size) - The wheel surface should be solid and not with bars.
  • Chew Toys - Hamster teeth never stop growing, so it's important that your hamster be able to chew.
  • Things to climb on and crawl in - Change up the toys every so often to keep your hamster stimulated.

You can even include a litter box - My hamster started using this right away for the pee.

Cool Hamster Cages

If the hamster wheel is noisy, try adding olive oil to the hinge part!

How to Feed a Hamster

You want your pet hamster to live as long as it can and have a happy life, so this is why it's important to feed it properly.

Also, though hamster food does come in seed mix, it's not as healthy as pelleted feed. I fed my hamster Oxbow Essentials - Healthy Handfuls Hamster & Gerbil Food (not for pregnant or nursing females), as this is a trusted pet food brand.

Hamsters can also nibble on hay.

You can also feed your hamster fresh food 2-3 times a week including bits of:

  • apple
  • pear
  • pitted cherries
  • seedless grapes
  • carrot
  • broccoli
  • celery
  • peas
  • cauliflower
  • dandelion

Veggies and fruit are considered treats, so should only be given in small amounts. Treats should make up only 5% of your hamster's daily diet.

Also, introduce new foods slowly to avoid upsetting your hamster's stomach and causing diarrhea.

Note from Your Hamster

A dirty cage breeds bacteria and viruses.

Clean the soiled sections of the cage daily, and the litter box every few days.

Remove uneaten fresh food regularly.

Do a thorough cage cleaning every couple of weeks, using mild soap and water.


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    • bizgrrl profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Vancouver, Canada

      @stick-man lm: Thanks! Yes, they definitely made the hamster cages fancier over the years. Years ago, there just seemed to be a couple of styles on the market.

    • stick-man lm profile image

      stick-man lm 

      5 years ago

      Nice tips! I've never owned a hamster, but I always thought some the cages are cool, like a small jungle gym.


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