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Pets Health

Updated on December 16, 2014

Keeping Healthy Pets

In most countries 4 out of 5 families keep at least 1 or more pets. They are, in most cases, a part of the family unit and their absence would be devastating. It pays, therefore, to provide the best care to guarantee a good life. Because they are with you for a short time the effort and expense is worth the love and loyalty they return.

They can suffer the same diseases as humans, which costs a fortune to cure or sustain life. Treatment fromt the onset of symptoms may offset set-backs and save time and money. Prevention being better than a cure these simple but effective guides can maintain a healthy life for cats and dogs.

This lens highlights things that cost nothing but a little time, effort and care to produce the best environment and longevity. It is also a guide to natural medications and the best food resources to prevent or ease disease.

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Pet Diseases Affect Animals as With Humans

Simple precautions and common sense practices

If you are cold what do you do? You get warm by whatever means you can. Whether its by way of clothes, heaters, hot water bags or cuddling up to another. But animals are often left to freeze in backyards or under houses and in non insulated kennels. They may then develop arthritis and have trouble getting around. The facts are that the animals condition could probably have been prevented.

What if you were inside in front of a heater for a few hours and then someone put you outside and locked the door because they were going to bed? How mean would that be, especially if the outside temperature was very wintry. Its no wonder that dogs howl all night or bark their heads off.

If you put your dog or cat outside at night then make sure it has a warm bed with blankets in it and preferably a hot water bag. Some dogs get an electric blanket as well, although that may not be a good thing. If its box or kennel is warm and insulated then a water bag is enough.

Think like your animal. How would you like to be treated?

In some countries even allowing an animal to get too fat is called abuse and the owners can be prosecuted or even jailed. But there are many forms of animal cruelty that go under the radar. All that's required is a little thought to make your animal happy and keep it healthy.

Most tin food or cheap dry food is junk. Could you live on junk food? Diet is probably the most important preventative thing you can do for your pet. Watch you animal and see if there is diarrhea present or some other telltale symptom that may cause concern. Lethargy is a big one and also obesity or loss of weight. A vet check once a year is a good idea for proper maintenance in this area.

This Company specialises in top quality pet food and nutritional products. Established in 1979 it is family owned and a pioneer in holistic animal products. "Wysong develops state of the art, nutraceutically enhanced natural dog food, cat food, ferret and horse foods and pet supplements with a view to long term prevention and staving off the long-latency diseases pets often fall victim to."

Established in 2005 this is an all-natural pet supply and holistic supplement company, offering 120 products to promote well being and treat a number of common pet ailments.

All products are 100 % natural and they are developed in Canada by veterinarians, naturopaths, and doctors from the highest quality ingredients. Stringent testing by certified veterinarians ensures high standards are maintained.

Manufactured in a certified organic processing facility in Kelowna, BC, Canada this company is licensed to import into the USA. They sell to United Kingdom, Japan, Canada and Europe as well.

This Company carries a wide range of natural products to prevent disease and to cure those your pet may acquire, such as the following.

Diseases Common to Dogs - Prevention is better than a cure

The most common diseases are not always obvious. Unless you know the symptoms you can overlook the health of your animals to its detriment. Below are the most common types:

  • Cushings Disease - This disease is about 200 times more common in pets than in humans. Some 6 in 100,000 people suffer from it while 1 in 1,000 dogs are stricken with it..This slow progressive disease is the result of an excess of the hormone, cortisol. The disease is rare in other pet species. The hormone is released from the adrenal gland and is essential for normal body function. It can also be cause by administration of cortisone in medications.

  • Liver Disease - Common among older dogs it can damage the liver's functions with severe side effects. Canine Milk Thistle is a highly effective herbal tonic and a well-known treatment for liver disease in both humans and dogs. Milk Thistle is one of the few herbal remedies that has no equivalent in conventional medicine. It treats a wide variety of dog liver diseases with good results, and is also helpful for digestive disorders.

  • Arthritis - This is an extremely common condition among dogs and as a long time dog keeper there are some things that should be avoided, namely leaving the animal in cold conditions. If, however, you pet develops the disease there are some holistic medications, creams, ointments and other forms of relief available. Remember it is an extremely painful condition.

  • Cancer - It is something to be watched for in all cases. My female dog had a small lump on its abdomen, near one of the nipples. The vet recommended operation and removal of the breast. Once in there, however, there were some 22 lumps and 3 nipples involved. If she had not had the operation I may not have her with me today. The cancer was found because the lump was a warning sign. There are a wide variety of products that may be used to prevent your dog from ever contracting dog cancer. The best way to combat it is to strengthen the overall health of your dog before the disease.develops

  • Fleas - Fleas can cause undue stress and anxiety and make your animal less appealing. Without precaution and the necessary care to combat these pests the psychological weight of the unending itching and scratching has been known to cause dogs to behave in an unusual manner. There is an all-natural dog flea control spray available without the toxins of your typical chemical insecticide.

Training is Part of Health Care

A well trained, loved animal is usually healthy

If your pet is happy and less stressed it will be much healthier than those which are not. Many dogs are treated more with contempt than with love.. They are yelled at because they have done something wrong, they are punished, even belted, for misdemeanors and, can you believe it, they can be devoiced for barking. These cruel unnecessary practices stress an animal and turns it feral.

From the minute you bring a puppy home you set the boundaries. Barking is necessary for its survival in certain situations and possibly even yours. It will seek to protect family members when something threatens, such as an intruder. Dogs have been known to save their owners lives by barking and alerting them to a fire. Some also enter burning buildings and pull out an injured family member, such as a small child. Other pets have brought help to victims of an accident and sounded the alarm when someone is ill or even dead.

The dogs who perform in this manner are trained and bonded to the family. This is the starting point to a great relationship which pays dividends all round. Teach you dog basic good manners, get it used to other dogs, that is socialise them, and teach them when to bark and when to be quiet. If you reinforce the meaning of no and the finger then all you have to do is point your finger and say "no", then reward the dog with a pat or a "good boy" expression.

Dogs can be trained even to talk if you have the patience. Watch this video for some remarkable footage. Notice that it is quite at home and well bonded to its owner.

This Company offers great support in the supplements it makes available for good health. Check them out and get onto your animals case without delay. Most humans take supplement so why not your beloved pet

The Talking Dog - Was it training or nature?

Dogs are Magnificent Creatures

They truly are man's best friend

Watch a dog in the care of its owner and you quickly see the loyalty and love it exudes. It never complains, never threatens, never leaves home, and its always there ready to receive that special cuddle, even from the most aggressive child. Who cannot love a dog? Who cannot give it the best life possible?

My dog is my constant companion. She makes sure I walk every day, essential for my health. She is my doorbell when someone is here, my friend when I am lonely or miserable, my mate when we sit together at night and watch TV. She quietly roams around the house after me, about a pace or two behind.She settles on a blanket whenever its time for a rest. She's quick to its feet, however, when we venture outside to weed the garden. She noses in the holes dug to remove weeds looking for a grub which she enjoys with relish.

She amuses me no end. She often grabs a toy and throws it in the air and spins 360 degrees to catch it again. Then she repeats the performance to everyone's delight. She knows when a family member arrives. Her high pitched excited yelp is far different to her normal bark for a stranger and it's a signal to let me know who is at the door. She loves my little grandchildren and gently nudges their hands for a pat or drops a toy at their feet waiting for it to be thrown so she can retrieve it.

When I retire for the night so does she. Right beside my bed on her special donut shaped cushion ready to protect me from any intruder or threat of any kind. Oh, her name is Minnie. She is a little minnie foxy and she is now 12 years old and she snuggles into my arm at night when I sit in the lounge chair to get her special cuddle. She is about the size of medium cat so her tiny form is easy to hold and to carry.

She shows her love in so many ways and sometimes I shed a tear because one day she will be gone and part of me with her.

If You Have a Dog You Must Care For it

They are like people, little people, or children even.

Dogs come in all sizes, shapes, colors and personalities. Some are gentle and loving others are bred to be watch-dogs or even fighting dogs. Some too are racers and earn money for their owners. Whatever the type you have a duty to properly care for it while ever it is with you for its life is precious. Daily walks and runs are not only fun but essential for its well being.

There is nothing like a dog to show respect to its master - that's you. Being a pack animal they quickly adapt to a family situation taking charge of a comfortable chair or cushion. From the start set boundaries but NEVER smack.

Your pet dog usually comes to you as a puppy requiring a degree of training to make it a companionable buddy.The training you put in at that age will pay dividends in the long run. So how do you train a puppy? This little bundle of joy is a baby who has never been trained and that's where you come in. Pointing your finger when you say no, teaching it to 'not touch' when you put a treat on the ground in front of it, and giving lots of pats, cuddles and love when it is good will put you right up there in its eyes.

Later when you point your finger it will know that it has done something wrong or it is not allowed to continue what it was about to do. I also use claps, clicks and whistles to get its attention and to call Minnie. A clap carries a long way and with their keen sense of hearing they can be anything up to half a kilometer away and still hear you.

Animals respond to sound before they understand words. Minnie knows when I am going shopping because I have reinforced this. By showing her the shopping trolley when I come home and usually giving her a bone just purchased makes her very happy. So when I say "Min, I am going shopping" she calmly walks to her cushion and lies there to await my return. Of course she is basically an indoor dog and she minds the house when I am away.

This Company Natural Pet Health & Wellness Supplements has a heap of information on disc, videos, and in other forms to help you. Its well worth a look to check them out.

Right now get 30-70% OFF SALE - Whether your dog is an NFL dog, a Spiked and Studded Leather Dog, a Rhinestone dog, or any dog in between, here is the gear for you and your dog! Company provides the latest in dog fashion and neck wear. It urrently has over 4000 unique sizes and styles available and with plans to add 2500 more in the near future,

How To Stop Dog's Chewing

When it comes to cats they are harder to diagnose than dogs. They don't exactly come to you and let you know that they are suffering. They are more likely to go to ground somewhere or hibernate in a corner away from attention. That's usually a sign that things are not quite right. A vet check will help you determine if there is an ailment that needs help, especially in aged cats.

  • Kidney problems -These are among the top illnesses and cause of death in older cats. As with the heart in older humans - and the liver in older dogs - the kidney is the feline's "weak spot". Renal (kidney) failure, as its name implies, is when the kidney fails to do its job, which is to concentrate the urine and cleanse the blood. It may be acute or chronic. It can also result from drinking a toxin. If the cat survives the initial trauma, it is often reversible. Chronic kidney failure sneaks up more gradually. Symptoms include loss of appetite, blood in urine, frequent urination, depression and often vomiting,

  • Kidney Stones - Often the result of poor diet, such as cheap supermarket dried food. The stones can build up in either the kidneys or the urethra causing extreme pain. I once had a cat who screamed all night but we could not find him. Next morning we found him dead after his bladder burst. There are medications to prevent kidney stones.

  • Diabetes- Caused by the failure of the pancreas to release enough insulin into the bloodstream. This allows sugars to build up rather than enter the body's tissues where they provide energy. (This is why diabetic cats tend to be lethargic.) This can lead to a host of other conditions, including liver, kidney and heart disease, increased infections, slow healing, eye problems, etc. Watch out for increased thirst, lethargy, weight loss, weakness, depression, abdominal pain, blindness. See a vet if any of these symptoms occur.

  • Arthritis - This is a terrible affliction as the ability to move around quickly and with agility is a basic evolutionary feature. It first wreaks havoc on a cat's joints and then on its psyche. When a cat loses its ability to move around because of constant nagging pain the emotional weight can be huge. The best way to fight it is with prevention.

  • Cancer - There is nothing worse than watching your beloved pet suffer. Cancer is a nondiscriminatory disease that can afflict any cat at any time. here again you can help your cat pursue a life without cancer with the right preventative medications.


  • Fleas - They have a negative effect on the quality of your pet's life. Some chemical insecticides on the market have been known to damage a cat's internal organs.There are some all-natural cat flea control products.

  • Gingivitas and Oral Hygiene - Here again diet is extremely important. You can also prevent this insidious disease with natural medications designed for that purpose.

Go Pet Club Cat Tree, 50W x 26L x 72H, Blue
Go Pet Club Cat Tree, 50W x 26L x 72H, Blue

The best thing I ever did was to get my cats their beautiful cat tree. They play on it, sleep on it, chase each other on it and they love it.

Merry Pet Cat Washroom/Night Stand Pet House, White
Merry Pet Cat Washroom/Night Stand Pet House, White

Don't put up with smelly cat litter trays when something like this is to be had. You will benefit and your cat will be easily trained to use it,

Dallas Manufacturing Co. 29-Inch by 19-Inch Faux Leather Sofa Bed
Dallas Manufacturing Co. 29-Inch by 19-Inch Faux Leather Sofa Bed

If your pets like sleeping on the lounge they will love this sofa of their own. Pets hair and guests are not a good mix so treat them to this lovely alternative, available in different colours.

Meow Town MDF Litter Box Cat Cabinet, Mahogany
Meow Town MDF Litter Box Cat Cabinet, Mahogany

Another innovative pet litter box. It fits into your home and becomes part of the furniture if you don't have alternatives. Best check it out.

NewAgePet Indoor/Outdoor Raised Pet Bed, Large, Chestnut
NewAgePet Indoor/Outdoor Raised Pet Bed, Large, Chestnut

These are great to give your animals a lovely bed off the floor. You might not be aware of how much animals sweat through their fur and underneath ventilation is a great way to overcome this. Also the ground gets very cold and is not a good place to be in contact with. when sleeping. It looks great too and will suit home decor, inside or out.


Meet my Cats, or Rather The Kittens

They are also very precious.

Cats are so different to dogs. Firstly you become their slave, they sleep on top of you, like to eat from your plate, are hard to train and rarely do as they are told if they don't want to. So why do we love them? Well just look at the things they produce. These kittens are from Star, who looks remarkably like the one in the top right hand corner. She is called Star because she has a perfect 5 points star shape in her coat on her right side.

Perhaps loving them has something to do with the kitten in them. They never stop being mischievous, playful, cuddly, warm and gentle. One of the great traits my animals have had over the years deals with the little presents they often bring home for you. The other morning it was a rat (dead of course) that had somehow wandered in the range of the highly sensitive nose and ears of one of my cherished friends.

In the past we have had cats that have delivered other types of prey. One cat that belonged to my daughter brought home a rabbit every night and there it was first thing in the morning waiting on the doormat. If only we could see into their little brains we might be shocked at the special love and affection they have for their owners.

At night it is typical of me to fall asleep in front of the TV and wake up with one or two cats on my lap or beside me and Minnie parked in my arm. Its like a family gathering. When the cats take off Minnie likes to sit in my lap where one of them vacated as much as to say "this is my mum, not yours."

Cats also protect you, although you may not know it. They keep vermin in check, even catching spiders and other things. With my cats around I know when someone approaches the house because the heads and ears are suddenly alert. They warn me when other things happen as well.

A few years ago our beloved dog, Boss, died in his chair in the lounge room. he was 19.5 years old and had heart problems. At the time I was on the computer in the study when the cat, Peaches, came and walked over the keyboard, jumped down and turned her head as though wanting me to follow. She did that a couple more times before I got the message. She then led me to Boss who had just passed away. For the next couple of weeks she searched everywhere looking for him. Behind the piano, inside cupboards, under the fridge and wherever else she could look. It was very sad to watch her in this mourning phases. Peaches passed away about five years ago and is sadly missed. She was 15 and had lived a good life.

One of her special traits was the kissing trick. She would come over the back of my chair onto one of my shoulders, walk into my lap and reach up with her head to bop me on the nose. I would often ask her for a kiss and she would come to me and again bop me on the nose. She was simply gorgeous and probably the most beautiful of all my animals, and that's saying a lot. But it wasn't only.her extreme beauty but personality and gentleness that shone through She was a tortoise shell cross Persian with longish hair. Boy I miss her and often mistakenly call Star by her name because she has the same qualities.

Who cannot love their cats? Of course all of mine are indoor bred and maintained properly.

My cats are fed only the best natural products because they are so precious and I need to protect them from the many problems that manufactured foods can cause. Tinned pet food is a no no in my house because cats get intestine problems from them - the fussier I am about what they eat the better the life they will have.

The Look Says it All

How could you not love him

This baby has a look which states his personality. Bit cheeky, apprehensive, quiet and cute he was one of the ones in the previous photo. Being out of Star's litter he is very like her in looks. Because he is just six weeks old in the photo he has blue eyes but they turned to green a couple of weeks later.

Rearing kittens is one thing but looking after their health is another. My regime starts with the mums, there being 2 of them, Star and Qik. The latter is one of the kittens in the above litter who being one of six was bullied by the males, particularly the one pictured. From birth he had an aggression to push his siblings away from the nipples as he burrowed and fought his way in. This left Qik and her sister out in the cold, so to speak. That meant they were hand reared as I fed them with an eye dropper and formula to supplement what they could not get from mum.

As she grew she was so attached to me that it became hard to let her go. So she stayed and has now produced 3 litters of her own. So should female kittens be desexed and when is the right time for either sex to be neutered? This is a hard one but there are some sensible guidelines to go by.

Having had cats most of my life and being a breeder I like to see female cats have at least one set of kittens to develop their hormones and satisfy their motherly instinct. Not all will agree with that and some vets desex them from 6 weeks of age. With my knowledge of hormones and the way they help strengthen the body it is not my choice to do it so young. In terms of the ability to stand up for themselves. especially in males, they are better able to cope with aggression if left for a few months at least.

As stated this is my opinion and it is up to an owner to be advised by their vet and circumstances. If a cat is outdoors roaming around and causing trouble then it has to be desexed to avoid an over run of kittens. My cats are bred as indoor pets that are locked inside at night. They are also discouraged from hunting.

Food for the feeding mum and the kittens is a very good commercial brand of kitten food. Not just a supermarket special but a scientifically prepared variety usually only sold by vets and pet shops. It can also be bought online from the above companies. From 6 weeks onwards they are given a raw chicken wing, usually sliced up a bit to help them get their teeth into it. This is essential for healthy gums and teeth

Colloidal Silver is my choice for good health. A little in the drinking water will ward off most complaints, such as colds. A solution of 50/50 water and CS can be used for sore eyes when bathed gently with the mixture. The same solution can be given internally for worming and upset stomachs, such as in the presence of diarrhea.

The Moods of Cats

Carlson Extra Wide Walk Through Pet Gate with Small Pet Door
Carlson Extra Wide Walk Through Pet Gate with Small Pet Door

babies and pets can be a hard combination to manage but this wonderful door with a pet door is one way to overcome the problem,

Ideal Pet Products Ruff-Weather Pet Door with Telescoping Frame, Medium, 7.25" x 13" Flap Size
Ideal Pet Products Ruff-Weather Pet Door with Telescoping Frame, Medium, 7.25" x 13" Flap Size

Pet doors are a great invention but when the weather is bad you need a weather proof door like this one to stop the flow of cold air into the house through drafts.

Ideal Pet Products Replacement Flap/New Style Plastic/Deluxe Pet Door, Extra Large - 10-1/2" x 15" Flap Size
Ideal Pet Products Replacement Flap/New Style Plastic/Deluxe Pet Door, Extra Large - 10-1/2" x 15" Flap Size

If you have a need for a replacement flap this one may suit you. The material is rather strong and the cost low.

Joey Green's Amazing Pet Cures: 1,138 Simple Pet Remedies Using Everyday Brand-Name Products
Joey Green's Amazing Pet Cures: 1,138 Simple Pet Remedies Using Everyday Brand-Name Products

Sometimes a trip to the vet can be avoided if you know what to do. Here are some simple remedies that could save your vet bills from getting out of hand.

Grey Universal Waterproof Back Seat Cover By Majestic Pet Products
Grey Universal Waterproof Back Seat Cover By Majestic Pet Products

Pets in the car can be devastating on the seat upholstery. This lovely back seat cover will save the damage and when removed makes your seat respectable for guests to ride in the car as well.


Still images from Dreamstime - click here

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      My dog, Binky just came home today from the hospital. She was diagnosed and has been treated for the last two days for Old Dog Vestibular Disease. It is so scary. She is a little better but is super sleepy and hopefully is healing and will recover. There are not a lot of answers and it is very sudden. I think I will make a lens about my experience so that people know about it. I had never heard of it before.

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      Moe Wood 

      9 years ago from Eastern Ontario

      I think we often take our pet's health for granted. It is just as important that they get regular medical checkup as it is for humans. We should examine them monthly ourselves as well to be able to notice changes from month to month. We found a tumor on the roof of our dog's mouth simply by accident. She rolled over and we just happened to see. We checked her gums monthly but never thought to check the roof of her mouth. Luckily we caught it in time.

    • poptastic profile image

      Cynthia Arre 

      9 years ago from Quezon City

      Lots of helpful information here for pet lovers! And yes, that I love you dog is precious. (:

    • ZenandChic profile image


      9 years ago

      I love that I love you dog!

    • groovyfind profile image

      Samantha Devereux 

      9 years ago from Columbia Mo

      Fantastic Lens!

    • mysticmama lm profile image

      Bambi Watson 

      9 years ago

      Nice resource!

    • admiralglass lm profile image

      admiralglass lm 

      9 years ago

      I have reached the point where i feel like a servant, and my cats are the one i am serving. I have two cats and they never do as they are told but i love them:) Nice lens 5*


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