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Healthy Cat Tips

Updated on March 21, 2015

We All Love Our Cats

You love your cat and as a cat owner you have certain obligations and responsibilities to your pet.

Most cats become members of the family. And even if your cat is "working" feline by keeping your farm free of mice and rodents, you want to keep your pet in the best health possible.

You have to know what healthy cat tips you can trust and which ones are just hocus pocus.

There are lots of ways to get those tips but this article can give you some that you can use to keep your cat healthy and alive for a long time.

What are healthy cat tips?

Anyone that has a cat can give you healthy cat tips provided their cat is actually healthy.

But the truth of the matter is that healthy cat tips will vary depending on your veterinarian and your type of cat.

Age is also a factor.

Something that is considered healthy for one cat may be unhealthy for another cat. The best source of advice is going to be from your vet and you do need to see him or her on a regular basis for checkups.

Just as you get regular checkups so too should your cat. You can ask your vet for any specific advice or tips while you are there for the visit.

What are some healthy cat tips for my overweight cat?

If a person is overweight then the doctor will say to cut back on the fatty foods and start exercising more.

The same thing applies for cats. You will often run across healthy cat tips for keeping your kitty in shape. That requires that your cat has toys to play with and room to play. If your cat is kept entirely inside you may need to motivate the cat a bit.

A fat cat tends to be a lazy cat just as humans are when they are overweight. It can be hard for your cat to move around and play so take it easy at first. Just play for five or ten minutes a couple times a day.

Combine that with a different feeding schedule and amount and you will see your cat get back into shape in no time.

My cat is very underweight, what are some healthy cat tips that I can use to make him better?

If your cat is very underweight then something is wrong. Most healthy cat tips will say that your cat should be sleek but no bones showing.

If your cat's rib cage is showing then you need to take the cat to your veterinarian for an exam. The cat could be sick and need medical attention. If your cat is free from disease or worms you may not be giving your cat enough to eat.

If you have other cats they may be stealing the food away from the undernourished cat. This means you will have to feed that cat separately and not rely on the cat to protect his or her food.

My cat is a finicky eater, what are some healthy cat tips for getting him to eat the food I buy?

Opinions vary when it comes to healthy cat tips for finicky felines.

Some people will tell you to keep searching until you find a brand or type of food that the cat will eat. Others will tell you to stick to your guns and your cat will eventually get hungry enough to eat the food you put down.

You can use your own opinion on this question but a good technique is a compromise. If you notice that your cat loves tuna then switch to a brand of cat food that is tuna flavored.

You will not be caving in and feeding the cat tins of tuna but you will also be giving your cat the flavor of food that it seems to prefer.

What are some healthy cat tips for older cats?

When you are looking for healthy cat tips you do have to factor in age. An older cat is going to have more joint issues and is more likely to be overweight.

This is just a simple fact of life. As the cat gets older it may develop arthritis or even begin to have frequent digestive problems. Usually a change in the diet along with some supplements can help your cat stay active and strong its entire life. Another tip is to pay attention to the cat's temperament.

As a young cat it may have enjoyed strangers but as it got older your cat could develop issues with strangers being in the house. But an older cat does still have advantages over a younger feline.

For one they are usually far more docile and willing to be petted. You do not have to worry about the cat shredding your couch or other furniture.

What are some healthy cat tips for kittens?

Kittens are much different than older cats so the healthy cat tips you received for your elderly cat are not going to be the same for a kitten.

For starters there is the food issue. Kittens need more food often. They also need a cat formula made especially or kittens so they get the right protein in their diet.

Another tip is to keep plenty of catnip and scratching posts around. If your cat does not have a designated area to sharpen its claws, if you kept the claws, it will use your furniture. And kittens will get attached and form habits pretty early so if this is a problem now you have to correct it.

Kittens are also fragile.

So if you have a young toddler or frequently have young visitors to your home you may want to limit their interactions with the kitten. Kittens often become hurt due to rough play with children.

Are healthy cat tips different for outside cats and those that live inside?

Healthy cat tips do differ for outside cats and those that live inside.

An inside cat is protected from the elements and has food and water standing by. An outside cat may not always have access to shelter so you have to make sure that your outside cat does have a warm, dry place to go when the weather is bad.

Also outside cats will require a different diet. Inside cats, when feed too often or too much, will get fat quickly. An outside cat is more likely to be active so you want to make sure that their diet is right so they keep strong and active.

The one important healthy cat tip you can get is this: if you declaw your cat do not make it an outside cat later. That cat needs its claws for protection and if you declaw the cat you will be putting it at risk if you put it outside.

What are some healthy cat tips for keeping my cat's coat looking shiny and soft?

Many people turn to health cat tips from forums and web pages because they want their cat to have a healthy, clean coat.

That healthy clean coat starts from the inside though. You can bathe your cat, brush your cat and put special lotions on its skin but if your cat is not getting a healthy diet: the coat will show it.

Your cat needs a certain amount of protein in its diet.

That protein will keep your cat healthy and its coat shiny and soft. If your cat food is not giving your cat enough protein you may need to switch brands or add a supplement.

Are there any techniques for keeping my cat from catching and killing small birds and rodents?

Unfortunately if you are seeking healthy cat tips for keeping your cat from killing small birds and rodents you are going to be disappointed.

Hunting is a natural instinct for a cat. And your cat leaving you those little "gifts" is its way of showing gratitude and earning its keep.

It is providing for you, its family, with those small animals.

The only real way to keep your cat from killing things is to keep it locked up inside. But beware any fish tanks or bird cages. That hunting instinct will still apply to other family pets that are smaller and are the natural prey of cats.

What are some general healthy cat tips for any cat?

If you are looking for some general, all around good healthy cat tips for your cat here are some.

First visit your veterinarian often or at least on a regular basis for a checkup.

That can be a couple times a year.

The second is to keep your cat up to date on medications.

Another tip is to find out exactly how much food your cat needs, the type and then feed the cat on a schedule.

You will also need to provide the cat with room to play and toys to play with. Even if you live in a studio apartment you can still give your cat toys and equipment it can play on.

The final tip is this: do not begin collecting cats as in a cat hoarder. You need to limit your animals so you can give each cat the attention it needs and deserves.


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