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Help! The Cats have Taken Over the house, Again!

Updated on June 25, 2015

Really officer the cat made me do it.

Growing up we always had cats. The first pet that I remember was an orange tiger cat named Rudy. He had a tendency to sleep a lot. Most times the naps were on me. My second cat was also an orange tiger named Burton. When we got him we went to the local ASPCA just a short walk from our home. There were several cats staring at me. So I asked who wants to come home with me. This one answered with a load meow. The folks working there laughed and said are you serious. (Scary isn't it that I still remember this.) Needless to say we had a lot of interaction with this organization.

This pictures on this page provided by my son or myself.

Definition of Cat and Dictator

Cat /kat/

N: A small domesticated carnivorous mammal (Felis catus), with soft fur, a short snout, and retractile claws.

dic·ta·tor /diktater/

N: 1.A ruler with total power over a country, typically one who has obtained power by force.

2.A person who tells people what to do in an autocratic way or who determines behavior in a particular sphere.

In our home these two are interchangeable...

I am not a Diva - I'm just drawn that way.


Naming the cat

You know you are in trouble when you adopt a new cat. They say her name is Ginney. Which is also your mom's nick name. The cat then ignores that name. You try several other names and there is no response. Finely someone says, "Great we have a diva on our hands." At this point the cat looks up and starts purring.

Cat on car
Cat on car

Sorry boss I will be a bit late today.

You see, the cat ate my motorcycle.

When growing up we had a neighbor with several cats. Their eldest child / teenager kept telling me that their cat would eat my dad's motorcycle. He said it so many times I believed him. I would stay up looking out my windows to make sure that the cat came nowhere near. Their other cats were not motorcycle eaters so they could come near. It took me a while before I believed that the cat would not eat the motorcycle.

Look its a mouse
Look its a mouse

There is a problem with the computer.

The mouse is not working.

More than once I have come to the computer desk only to have a cat laying on the system that I was going to use. How do they know which one I need? There are 14 different systems in this house. And most of them still work. Its always fun if I get on the computer that's needed. At that point the cats move in. They both start by rubbing against my legs. I have to be careful as one is an ankle biter. They both then want to become lap cats. Followed by the laptop looks warm, maybe I should lie down on it. If you think I am kidding just walk away for a drink of water. And presto the computer is now a personal bed for the first cat to get there.

Oh good a QA about cats.

Cat on the top bunk
Cat on the top bunk

Are you a cat person?

See results

Excuse Me - This is "Not" in the definition of the Cats Fan Club!

Your biggest fan
Your biggest fan
Nap time
Nap time

You can have your school bag back

After my nap

More than once we have needed something only to have a cat sleeping on it. The most common, my pillow. You get the impression the cats are thinking, "You can feed me. You can clean the litter box. What more do I need you for?"

Nap in the sunspot
Nap in the sunspot

Diner time already?

But I'm not done with my after lunch nap yet.

Its amazing how much cats seam to sleep. For them it doesn't seam to matter when or where they nap. Just as long as they get their beauty rest. Case in point while typing this out there is a cat on the chair next to me and one on my lap. At my parents house as soon as you sit down there is at least one cat moving in for the warm spot. And to be honest its usually two or three of them.

Feed Me

Feed ME!
Feed ME!
I said feed me
I said feed me

Remember a Fed Cat is a Happy Cat.

As you can see there are two dishes of food. Each of our cats has their own dish. They're separated so that they have room to eat. The water dish has two section so that they can both drink at the same time. This dish also comes in handy if we will not be there. You can use a two liter bottle to supply water to the section on the right. You will also notice that there is a red and white object next to the water dish. This ones used for a food supply again when we will not be available for a couple of days. Any longer and we will have some one check in on the cats. Finally you will notice a tin by the water dish. This ones used to empty the bag of cat food into. This is much easier to restock the cat food from than the bag.

And now its your turn to do clean up
And now its your turn to do clean up

Something for the indoor cat.

OK its the litter box.

When it comes to the litter box:

Rule number one is Keep It Clean. I check it at least twice a day. More on weekends.

Rule number two is keep it full of fresh litter. Sort of like going to a restaurant you want your drinks topped off.

After trying different types of litter I prefer the kind that clumps. Even though it is more expensive it will last longer.

You man not be able to see it in the picture but the brand of choice is Tidy Cat. And no I get no referral bonus for that plug.

Notice if you will that there are two containers. It is always best to have a back up.

What you will see is the scoop that's used for cleaning out the litter box.

Also there is a small brush and dustpan for keeping the floor clean.

Make your cat feel loved. - And take a look at these.

Granted these are not cat toys, but they are cat related. And what cat in their right mind wouldn't want to see you promoting how much you love your cats?

If you are a cat person DO NOT listen to the song! What the hay go for it.

The Cats in the Kettle

Don't go cat-a-tonic on me. - Apply paws to the keyboard and leave some comments.

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    • Mary Stephenson profile image

      Mary Stephenson 

      6 years ago from California

      Very cool lens. Thanks for coming by mine. I like to use bed o cobs for cat litter. A breeder got me started on it. No smell, no dust, I put newspaper on the bottom of the box and much prefer it to clay. Have used rabbit pellets and corn cobs, but now just the cobs.

    • ajgodinho profile image

      Anthony Godinho 

      6 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      LOL, this was a funny read and gave me a chuckle! :)

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Meow, this thing on....:D. Nice lens Paig.


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