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Most Tasty Homemade Dog Food Recipes

Updated on September 10, 2014

Tasty Homemade Dog Food Recipes

Firstly a warm welcome to Homemade Dog Food Recipes and I hope that you will find the information on the Best Homemade Dog Food Recipes here helpful!

There are more and more concerns being expressed by dog owners about commercial dog food. What exactly does it contain?In the same way that we have become increasingly concerned about what is in the processed foods that we eat so dog owners are now becoming equally concerned!

It is with that in mind that Homemade Dog Food Recipes has been created.

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Why Homemade Dog Food Recipes?

Why has there been sucn an increase in interest in Homemade Dog Food and Homemade Dog Food Recipes you may be asking!

With the unfortunate increase in pet food recalls, dog owners throw their hands in the air wondering what exactly they can feed their dogs that's actually safe and won't be recalled the day after purchase.

We've since learned that one manufacturer used wheat gluten in their food, which caused most of the problems the first time. People started reading the labels of the food in hopes to find a safer product to give to their pets.

Unfortunately, this was proven to be a waste of time, since another manufacturer reportedly used a rice concentrate in one company's dog food, but didn't put the ingredient on the food label of the package.

Dog owners are now frustrated from all of these recalls and a new fear sets in - what food is actually safe? Because of this fear, many dog owners are now feeding their pets homemade human food.

It may sound like an easy solution to the problem, but it's not really the best option. Human food can make a dog or any other pet sick. Their digestive systems aren't built for it, so introducing human food can cause just as many problems as the recalled pet food if you're not careful.

Creating Homemade Dog Food

If you decide to make your own food for your dog then make sure you're giving healthy organic food. There should be nothing with artificial ingredients or any chemically sprayed food. Otherwise the reality is that there would be little different about your Homemade Dog Food

Organic will be the best way to go if you want to make your own food for your dog. If making your own food for your dog doesn't really appeal to you, then look for dog foods that have the least amount of grains.

Although there really isn't any evidence that grains will cause all of these problems, it seems to make sense, since grains have been used as fillers for the pet food in the last few years.

Some experts offer some tips of what to look for on the ingredients label of your dog food. They state that the first three ingredients of the label should be some kind of protein - such as beef, chicken, fish or turkey.

It's important that the dog food have a good amount of protein. These experts also state that you should never buy any dog food product that doesn't have the company name, phone number or web address clearly listed on the package.

So You've Decided To Make Your Own Dog Food

There are a lot of dog food brands out there, and deciding what is the best dog food can be difficult, especially if you aren't really aware of what is in them. With the news of dogs dying due to the effects of toxic ingredients found in some dog food brands, the option to make your own dog food is the best thing you can do to ensure a long life for your dog.

Learning the basics of how to make your own dog food is all that it really takes. For starters, it will be best to check with your veterinarian about your decision to switch your dog's diet to a home made chow. He can give you tips on what is the best dog food diet or on how to go about it. He can guide you as well to come up with a diet plan that will suit your dog's health condition - if any.

Typically, you'll know that it is time to get your dog on a new diet when you notice certain changes in him, like: he doesn't want to eat his food, he has large and smelly poop, sheds excessively, has a smelly coat or has ear and skin infections quite frequently.

These are signs that he is not getting enough vitamins and minerals from his current diet, so you may need to be in charge of his food and provide him with a diet that provides solutions to these problems and brings him back into the pink of health.

When you make your own dog food always keep this in mind: a dog's diet is composed of 50% meat or protein, 30% carbohydrates and 20% vegetables. Always maintain a balanced diet for your dog so that you are sure that he is getting enough of what he needs. A deficiency on nutrients is bad, but so is over consumption of them.

There are some foods that, even if they taste good to us, will be harmful if fed to our dogs. Make sure that the recipes for healthy dog food that you picked out for your dog are free from chocolates, avocado, raisins, grapes, raw garlic, onions and nutmeg. These ingredients are toxic for them. Onions, for example, are said to cause anemia in dogs.

Like I've said, make sure that 50% of what is in your recipes for healthy dog food is protein. Meat has always been a dog's staple food. Dog's were designed to be carnivores - their teeth are meant for tearing meat from their prey, and their stomachs are suited for digesting protein. Make sure that you are giving your dogs quality meat - organ meats like liver, kidneys, as well as eggs shells are especially good for your dogs.

Try to feed your dogs with natural meals as much as possible so that you can be sure that he is getting all the nutrients, which can be killed when the ingredients are cooked, especially if microwaved. Stay away from additives that could be harmful for your dogs in the long run. Though baked treats are nice, uncooked and healthy treats can be your best option.

Staring to make your own dog food can be tricky at first, but in the long run, you will be so thrilled with the effects you see in your dog that you will surely love being his personal chef. Not only can you save money making your own dog food, but you are also keeping your pet healthy and strengthening your bond with your pet as well.

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