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Homemade Pet Food, Tips and Reasons for switching over to Homemade Diet.

Updated on April 23, 2011

Homemade Dog Food

The only way to really know what you are feeding your pet is to feed them homemade pet food that you make yourself.

Recent recalls of deadly contaminations in commercial pet food had made preparing home made pet food the best option for your pet's health. Preparing homemade dog food is the safest way to avoid feeding poisons found in commercial pet food.

The same nutritious wholesome food that you feed your family can also be used for your pets. It is cost effectiveand will extend the life of your pet.

Once you get into a routine of cooking your own homemade pet food you will be able to add this to your daily routine without much extra work involved. You can cook the food in advance for storage in the freezer and this becomes an easy meal to pull out and thaw.

There are three main natural ingredients dogs need daily to remain healthy.

Meat of course is the number one natural ingredient needed.

Starches and vegetables are also essential ingredients in your pet's daily diet. ( Rice is a good wholesome choice for your starch, but also consider using pasta.)

There are many healthy choices of vegetables that are good for your dog, and by using trial and error you can discover your pets favorites

A healthy wholesome mix of approximately 40% meat, 30% starch, and 30% vegetables is the best way to get wholesome meals to your pets. I use the same hormone free foods that I buy at the grocery store for myself and my pet's home made food.

An all natural supplement containing vitamins, minerals and critical supplements such as bone meal is also essential. 

Check out this homemade dog food feeding chart, which gives you the amounts of food to use in the homemade dog food you should make, according to your dog's weight.

Never suddenly switch your pet's diet without consulting your vet or professional. Slowly changing the diet from old to new is the best way to introduce new food.Giving a variey of foods is not only enjoyable, but good for out pets.

Home made treats are also a big seller to your pampered pets. Your pet will love these and they are also healthy for him/her.

Keeping your pet healthy, energetic and happy is acheived by proper nutrition There are documented reports showing that a lot of commercial pet food has unhealthy, inedible fillers and toxins in them.Preservatives are so horrible tasting that the commercial dog food companies spray on extreme amounts of fat and artificial flavoring to cover up the chemical taste. What the manufacturers call meat is unfit for consumption by humans..

Contemplate the benefits of homemade pet food, the main one being longer life span. That alone should make any pet lover switch their pet's diet to all natural home made. More time to relish the love and companionship of your best friend are the big payoff in the end.

My main website Recipes 4 Gourmet Dogs has more information about homemade dog food and treats along with which commercial dog foods are better to feed your dog, and which commercial dog foods are dangerous.





  • Onions and onion powder
  • Chocolate
  • Coffee and all coffee related products
  • Chocolate covered espresso beans ( extra toxic !! )
  • Tea
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Macadamia nuts
  • Hops (used in home brewing beer)
  • Grapes and raisins ( including juices or anything with grapes or raisins as the base)
  • Tomato leaves and stems
  • Green part of potatoes (peelings, sprouts and foliage)
  • Rhubarb leaves
  • Avocados
  • Pits and seeds from fruits (plum, apricot, peach apple and cherry)
  • Bitter almonds
  • Moldy or spoiled foods


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