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Horse Toys Christmas Gifts 2014

Updated on February 5, 2014

Horse Toys - Get Schleich, Not Breyer, Find Out Why

My 9 year-old daughter is Horse Crazy! At Christmas, her Santa list is long and complicated. She wanted studied the Breyer catalog, combed through Amazon, and saw ads everywhere. On her list she'd written 1 Hanoverian Stallion, 1 Appaloosa Mare, etc. She had selected horses from Breyer's Stablemates line of horses, while also wanting bridles and blankets - which were only available in the Breyer Traditional Size horses. Then, she "needed" a horse trailer and pick-up truck - and the real algebraic equations began.

But, really, she wanted horse families - but Breyer, and Amazon don't group horse toys in any logical way. She wanted toy horse accessories that actually fit the horses she liked to play with. She wanted sturdy horses that would stand up on their own 4 feet, and not continuously topple over (on the carpet flooring) when they were supposed to be talking to each other, or eating or running - whatever her vivid imagination had them doing. She wanted bridles that wouldn't fall apart after one use, and a trailer in which a horse actually fit.

Trying to find toy horses and accessories that fit those fairly reasonable parameters wasn't at all as easy as you would think!

Sounds Easy Right?

Not so fast! That's why I made this Cheat Sheet of how to buy toy horses for Horse Crazy Girls!

Schleich versus Breyer

All of the advertising is geared toward Breyer. The popular television show and books series, "The Saddle Club," is licensed to Breyer. We get Breyer catalogs, over which our daughter pours for hours. Our local horse clothing and tack show carries an extension selection of Breyer horses and accessories in a display that covers an entire wall. Breyer is well-marketed.

Schleich, on the other hand, sometimes has a nice acrylic display case, which is rarely well-organized. We don't receive any catalogs from Schleich. There are no fancy boxes, and they're not very big. There are no pictures of cute girls from television shows and movies. Schleich's marketing is a little less impressive than Breyer's.

BUT, Schleich's horses are SOOOOO MUCH BETTER!!! That's when it hit us! Let's stop trying to get figure out how to make Breyer work for us - it keeps letting us down! Let's just accept that we love using Schleich - we love the size, the feel, the weight, the sturdiness, the stability, the durability, the selection, the family groups, the accessories, etc. Ohhhh, let's get what works, not what's popular. (Duh!)

See That Horse?

Yep, that horse right above this StickyNote - the one with it's 2 hooves tilted up. That Schleich Hanoverian horse would NEVER stand up like that for more than a second if it were a Breyer.


Be sure to get the entire family of one horse breed.

Would you like to read fiction and have #2 from one series of murder mysteries, and #10 from a different author's series, and #6 from another author? I wouldn't. And, so, most Horse Crazy Girls want their horses to be in families - of the same breed. When the girls are playing with them, the family dynamic, and the friendships, all start to come out - and having families makes it better.

So, you'll find the stallion, mare and foal of each breed organized here together.


Pick an Amazon retailer or an eBay retailer that carries the entire family.

Buying toy or play horses for Horse Crazy Girls can get complicated when you start realizing that you could end up be paying shipping from a zillion different companies (well, maybe not that many)! It can get very confusing.

So, follow a simply rule: one horse family from one vendor.

To make your life easier, we've figured all of that out for you - catagorized by Amazon/eBay and vendor.

I AM HERE for . . .

Who are YOU Here for?

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Horse Families

Get the Stallion, the Mare & the Foal


Schleich Hanoverian Foal
Schleich Hanoverian Foal

from ReallyGreatToys


How Old?

How old was your daughter when she got the Horse Crazy Bug?

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Black Forest

Secretariat - the Movie DVD - Yahooo! It's here!


I absolutely loved this movie! Disney did a great story - again - about an underdog horse and its underdog owner. Made me cry and cheer - both times that I saw it in the theater. We bought it the first day it came out!



Imagination World - affectionately known in our house as "iWorld"

Do your kids love playing in Imagination World?

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Tell us your experiences with buying the good, the cheap, the wobbly!

What are your children's horse toys like?

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    • TheresaMarkham profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      @anonymous: Wow, we've had the opposite experience - it's our Breyers that seem to fall apart with the lightest playing.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I have styck with breyer fir one reason. I would buy a schliec (?) Horse and bam! Next day, rubs, paint us chipping, and within a ciuple of months, i have a horse that i have had to recustomize a zillion of times. I have a footloose foal that i got in 2007, the worst it is is it has a little chip on its ear from falling off a shelf. I have not bought a good schliec horse ever. I would never switch.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I have always bought Schleich since my daughter was about 18 months. She is 6 and just into the "horse" thing and wants a stable to go with her horses. I was debating going with Breyer - but not any more!

    • Im Horse Crazy profile image

      Im Horse Crazy 

      6 years ago

      I'm Horse Crazy & definitely agree that the more sturdier, the better when it comes to horse toys!


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