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House Pets' Health Dangers

Updated on April 12, 2015

How Pets Can Endanger Your Health at Home

House Pets are known to offer a lot of therapeutic life advantages but if not taken care of these can turn out to be health hazards in life. There are several risks of keeping house pets though am not discouraging you not to keep one or hate pets. This article highlights some common dangers associated with house pets and your health and how to avoid them. Some of house pets' health dangers are outlined in this article.

Salmonella in Young Children and the Elderly

Young children and the elderly are more prone to Salmonella which is a bacteria found in reptile like terrapins, tortoise and snakes, cats, dogs and raw meat. These bacteria's symptoms include diarrhea, headache, fever and vomiting. Humans catch it when they come into contact with it when they clean pets or their tanks or when they come into contact with the pests waste. When cleaning your pets avoid contact with your saliva as this can lead the salmonella bacteria to your digestive system. House pets' health dangers are though not limited to the elderly and children but can also affect anyone.

Young Kids and Teenagers

Young children and the aged are more at risk because their systems are less able to fend off the bacteria and to avoid the transmission, keep off from the pets or wash your hands after handling pets or after cleaning their tank. Take extra precautions if your pet has diarrhea as this is one among house pets' health dangers' way of spreading.

For teenagers, ring worms are very common. These are caused by fungus and cats are more likely to develop ring worms as compared to dogs. Horses are also known to develop ring worms. Ring worms are known to thrive well in harmonically active people like teens and can enter your body through cuts on your skin. They appear like circular dry sores and can appear in any body part.

Ring Worms and Fleas

Ring worms are transmitted through cuddling and infected pet especially cats and dogs. The fugal spores or scales are easily transferred from the pet to your body through an open wound or the scalp. To avoid ring worms, groom your pet regularly and when you notice unusual scales or scabs, consult your vet right away since house pets' health dangers are easy to diagnose and treat.

Fleas are other parasitic insects which lay eggs on your pets and once they are fully developed they feed on your cat and dogs' blood. Humans get these flees from the pets themselves or from carpets, soft furnishings and rugs and once they attack you, they suck your blood.

Fleas cause allergies with itchy sensation on the area surrounding the bite and in rare cases you can catch Cat Scratch Fever. De-fleaing your pet is the only way you can get rid of fleas in your house. There are many products available in the market to get rid of fleas.

Attend to Pets Periodically

It is always recommended that all pets be attended to periodically by a qualified vet to ensure that they do not pose dangers to you and your loved ones. Pets are meant to be companions and causes of misery. A well taken care of home pet will always be a joy not only to you but your family and friends.

Additional information

You can also have a look at other unusual pets which people keep in their houses.

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