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How a Rescued Puppy Saves Lives Today

Updated on December 30, 2017

It Happened in North Carolina

Miracles for Susie and Donna

Donna Lawrence, author of this book, was a victim of a dog attack in 2008 that seriously injured her both physically and emotionally. Susie was a puppy found in a park in Greensboro, North Carolina, nearly dead from serious burns inflicted by a human. After Susie was saved by the Guilford County Animal Shelter (thanks to generous donations to Susie's Miracle Fund) she was placed in foster care and ready for adoption.

Donna had developed a fear of dogs since surviving her attack, but Susie's story touched her. When human victim and animal victim met, there was love and understanding. The lady who had been mauled by a pit bull adopted the puppy who was part pit bull. They healed together, then went on to help others. The probation given to Susie's torturer awakened a whole community and inspired a push for tougher laws against animal abuse.

Susie's Law reclassified the "malicious abuse, torture or killing" of an animal as a Class H felony, increasing the penalty from probation (what Susie's abuser got) to a maximum 10-month jail sentence. The law was signed by then North Carolina Governor Bev Perdue in June of 2010. It was also signed by Susie's paw print, with a little assistance from the governor.

Today Donna and Susie can be found raising funds to help other abused animals, teaching school children about responsible animal care, or working at Donna's beauty salon. Susie's platform is even broader now that she has won the 2014 Hero Dog Award from the American Humane Association. I am proud of these two great North Carolinians and fully endorse their work to help make our state a safe place for animals and their humans.

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    • kimberlyschimmel profile image

      Kimberly Schimmel, MLS 3 years ago from Greensboro, NC

      Susie won the 2014 Hero Dog Award from American Humane Association!