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4 Ways to Keep Your Dog's Teeth Clean

Updated on September 19, 2014

The Best (and Easiest!) Ways to Clean a Dog's Teeth

Good dental hygiene is an important part of having a healthy dog. Just like for people, dogs can develop dental diseases which can even cause serious health problems. I take my pets oral hygiene very seriously: My dog is currently 15 years old and I have been taking care of her teeth since I got her as a puppy. This is one of the reasons that I believe my dog has lived a long, healthy life without any serious health issues.These are some of the things I do to keep her teeth clean. They are easy to do and only take a few minutes of time. If it will help your dog live a healthier life, it's worth it, right?Photo Source: by Ivob taken from wikimediacommons

Did You Know?

A dog's teeth won't get clean on their own, they need a person to help them out! Without cleaning, teeth will form plaque and tartar. If left untreated this can lead to periodontal disease. A dog with bad teeth can be in a lot of pain without you even knowing. Even worse: gum disease creates bacteria that can get into your doggie's bloodstream and cause heart disease and death.

This is my dog. She doesn't have to worry about dental hygiene (but I do):P
This is my dog. She doesn't have to worry about dental hygiene (but I do):P

I Brush My Dog's Teeth

Brushing a dog's teeth is the number one way to keep their teeth clean. Veterinarians recommend brushing your pet's teeth once a day

Ideally a dog's teeth should be brushed after every meal, and I try to brush my dog's teeth at least once a day. Every time they eat something, plaque and tartar will build up and can cause tooth decay. If you don't have time to brush their teeth everyday, just try to do it as often as possible. The more often you brush their teeth, the better.It's really very easy to brush a dog's teeth. Make sure you use toothpaste that's made for pets and is safe to swallow. Toothpaste for humans is not made for consumption and can make your pet really sick! Apply some of the toothpaste onto a toothbrush, then pull back your dog's cheek and gently brush the outside area of their teeth. The inside part of a dog's teeth will be cleaned by their tongue so you only need to worry about the outside part. Pretty easy huh?Start off slowly and allow them to get used to the toothbrush. Don't get mad at them if they don't cooperate: It might take a few times before your pet gets accustomed to teeth brushing. Don't give up!

It's Easy to Brush Your Doggie's Teeth

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I Give My Dog Oravet

Oravet is a product that used to be only available at vet offices, but now that it's become more popular it's a lot easier to find. It's a gel that forms a protective barrier over the teeth to protect them from plaque and tartar. I never used this product when my dog was younger, but as she grew older I found that it helped with her dental hygiene. It's a lot cheaper to buy it online than at the vet's office.Just make sure that you remove the plaque and tartar BEFORE you apply the capsules or you will be sealing in the bacteria and it won't help your dog at all. Only apply Oravet gel to clean teeth.

I Feed My Dog Dry Food

Feed Your Dog Dry Kibble for Clean Teeth

When I first got my dog (over 15 years ago!) I asked the vet what type of food she recommended. She gave me a few suggestions, but she told me above everything else, dry food is better than wet food for their teeth. The reason for this is that when dogs eat dry kibble it helps break apart the plaque and tartar that has built up in their mouth and helps maintain their teeth properly. Basically it's helping clean their mouths while they eat.

I Give My Dog Chew Toys

It's no secret that dogs love to chew. My dog chews on everything and anything that she can get a hold of. While some things can actually hurt their teeth by grinding them down, there are lots of great products out there for dogs that like to chew that will help clean their teeth at the same time. Get your dog a product that be fun and help their teeth at the same time.

How do You Care for Your Dog's Teeth?

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