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How to Breed Kittens for Profit

Updated on November 30, 2014

It's important to select the right queen. The best is one step removed from a breed, such as a Persian or Rag Doll. Fortunately my queens were all born here of different fathers and were chosen for their beautiful nature, lovely coats, gentle manners and ability to stay indoors. Choose cross-breeds because they have few if any health problems.

The queens start producing at around 12 months of age but may get pregnant at 10 months. In my case there is always an attractive male on hand. The neighbors provide gorgeous toms who become attached to my mothers. Their kittens are always beautiful as you can see from the photo.

The right queen will be a beautiful quiet, non scratchy animal that bonds easily. Trained as an indoor cat it passes these qualities to the kittens. A peaceful. stress free environment with the best food will see them develop into readily salable products,


1. When kittens arrive confine them to one room, usually the laundry, Watch them carefully so that the mums don't cover one or two and suffocate them. This should happen for at least the first 4 to 5 days. After that they are able to get out of such difficulties.Micro-Chips are important these days to identify animals no matter what their circumstances. Kittens should be presented to the vet at around 5 weeks to have their health check and their micro-chip inserted.

2. Sell the Kittens and never give them away, Advertise them from 5 weeks with well prepared ads to explain that they are indoor reared and trained and that they need to stay until 8 weeks before leaving their mum. This adds to their value and good animals like this can command a high price. People love to see them when little and easily agree to wait to get them home. They need to pay to reserve them until then or at least leave a non-refundable deposit. This gives them time to get set up for them as well. Make sure everyone gets a proper receipt.

3. Check prices around your area for what other similar kittens are sold for. Bear in mind you have put a lot more work and effort into your offerings.

Get them good homes. You can tell when people ring whether or not they will provide a good home for the baby they want from you. Check how many children they have and their ages as well. Very young children can kill kittens and you need to know if the child is quite or capable of destroying things. A well supervised child with a gentle nature stands out from the bully type who screams at every opportunity,

Make all viewings by appointment only and manage the kittens by placing them in a carry cage or something similar so they don't run all over the place, Follow up the sale with a care sheet explaining how to best look after the animal, what to feed it and of its other requirements, Supply the name of the vet who did the health check as well.

© 2013 norma-holt

Please let me know what you think of the idea of breeding kittens as a hobby or full time income.

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    • TransplantedSoul profile image

      TransplantedSoul 3 years ago

      The marmalade cats in your photo are gorgeous!