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How to Cool Off Your Dog in The Summer

Updated on June 30, 2014

Dog Days of Summer

When you think of summer you may think of the pool, the lake, the beach, and the hot sun beating down on you as you relax in the water. But have you ever thought about your dog? Just like you a lot of dogs really enjoy the water, especially on a hot day.

I recently bought a wading pool for my dogs, primarily for my Boxer Leah since she is so dark and get hots quickly. However, it's my Jack Russell Brody who is obsessed with the pool and stays in the water for hours chasing at invisible frogs, leaves, his shadow and whatever catches his eye.

Seriously we sometimes have to empty it at 10 o'clock at night to get him to come out. So it got me thinking of all the other ways dogs enjoy the water and what other ways I could include my dogs in my summer fun.

There are other ways to keep your dog cool during the summer, remember they get hot and are at risk of heat stroke and dehydration.

Keeping Your Dog Cool During the Summer - Keep your dog from overheating

Sometimes a pool isn't a practical choice for keeping your dog cool during the summer. Ideally your dog should be inside during the hot summer days, but just like people dogs like to be outside. How can you protect your canine from heatstroke and over heating during high temperatures?

Shave Long Haired Breeds:Many people shave their long haired dogs during the summer months to remove their heavy winter coat. It goes without saying that shade should always be provided during the summer and plenty of water.

Use Cooling Wraps or blankets:Cooling wraps are dog vests, jackets, collars, or blankets contain freezable liners which will lower the body temperature of your dog.

Provide Cool Water and Frozen Treats:Always keep fresh cool water available to drink at all times. Frozen treats are a nice addition to the summer routine and can either be homemade, a frozen chew bone or even a garden sprinkler in the back yard. You can water your yard and cool off your pet at the same time.

Outward Hound Kyjen   Designer Cool-It Bandana, Large, Blue
Outward Hound Kyjen Designer Cool-It Bandana, Large, Blue

Outward Hound specializes in active dog apparel, accessories and clothing. Although the company started off supplying canine backpacks who want to take their dogs hiking and camping there products are for dogs of all kinds.

Cool Runners Dog Cooling Jacket Size: Extra Large, 30 Inch - 35 I
Cool Runners Dog Cooling Jacket Size: Extra Large, 30 Inch - 35 I

This Cool Runner cooling jacket is great to place on a dog who is over heated. It comes in all sizes and many rescue organizations keep these on hand during the summer months when they find dogs tied to dog houses with no water who have heat stroke.

The Green Pet Shop Dog Cooling Mat- Patented Pressure-Activated Cool Gel Pad for Your Dogs and Pets - Help Your Pet Stay Cool This Summer - Chilled Relief to Avoid Overheating, Ideal for Home & Travel, X-Large
The Green Pet Shop Dog Cooling Mat- Patented Pressure-Activated Cool Gel Pad for Your Dogs and Pets - Help Your Pet Stay Cool This Summer - Chilled Relief to Avoid Overheating, Ideal for Home & Travel, X-Large

My dogs lay in the warm sunbeam in the dining room, but during the summer months I could see my Jack Russell laying on this cooling pad and rolling.

Kool Collar - Medium in Blue (Includes one Kool tube)
Kool Collar - Medium in Blue (Includes one Kool tube)

I have used these types of collars for myself at the county fair in the heat of July. This dog looks just like my Boxer Leah and I know she would really appreciate a cooling collar on hot days.


Water Dogs Having Fun - Dogs can learn to have fun in the water

My dog in his backyard pool
My dog in his backyard pool

Dog Pools and Accesories - Doggie Summer Fun

If you are considering buying a dog pool for your pup there are a few things to take into consideration. One, if your dog is a chewer or a digger don't get an inflatable doggie pool. They will scratch right through the plastic and your pool will leak. Sure you can buy pool patches, but is that how you really want to spend your time?

I bought a "traditional" hard plastic baby wading pool at Walmart, but they are getting harder and harder to find. Several stores don't carry them anymore and a sales clerk said it was mainly due to size and shipping. The newer wading pools fold or roll away and take up less space.

Ethical Pet Products (Spot) DSO1003 Dog Cool Pool, 31 by 8-Inch
Ethical Pet Products (Spot) DSO1003 Dog Cool Pool, 31 by 8-Inch

When you think about it the small storage factor is a big benefit to kit pools.

I prefer non inflatable pools for dogs and make sure it's sized appropriately for your dog. If you have a small dog don't get a pool with twelve inch sides.

This doggy pool easy rolls out and is easily filled with water with no inflating involved.

Ethical Pet Products (Spot) DSO5869 Water Buddy Dolphin Dog Toy, 14-Inch, Blue
Ethical Pet Products (Spot) DSO5869 Water Buddy Dolphin Dog Toy, 14-Inch, Blue

Throw a few doggie toys in the water and your pooch will have fun in sun while keeping cool. This water buddy dolphin is designed to get wet.


Swimming dogs - Dogs who love the water and their owners who play with them

Underwater Dogs by Amazon
Underwater Dogs by Amazon

Under Water Dogs - Photographing dogs underwater

As you can see it doesn't take much for a dog to learn that water can be fun, cooling and refreshing.

Seth Casteel is a dog lover and a very accomplished photographer. Put the two together and you have a recipe for some outstanding photographs. His Underwater Dogs series hit the New York times best seller list and for good reason.

Who can resist funny looking photographs of dogs opening their mouth and having fun underwater. The facial expressions are priceless on these water pups.

Underwater Dogs: Kids Edition
Underwater Dogs: Kids Edition

Underwater Dogs is now available in a childrens book. Yes, it makes sensse that kids would laugh the hardest at Seth Casteel dog photographs.

Underwater Dogs 2015 Wall Calendar
Underwater Dogs 2015 Wall Calendar

Now you can have the calender to hang at home or in your office. This will definitely get attention and is a conversation starter.


Dog and Water - What about your dog?

Creative Commons  fPat Murray
Creative Commons fPat Murray

Does your dog like the water?

See results

Dog Life Vest - A boating necessity for pets

My best friend and her family go boating and water skiing every weekend and they take their dog with them on every trip. Rocky loves the water, and can't wait to get on the boat. Everyone wears life jackets, both the two legged kids and the four legged children.

More than one he has jumped in the water and the life jacket has saved him. They have now learned to tie their pup when pulling a skier and when they are cruising will let Rocky have free roam of the deck.

Paws Aboard Doggy Life Jacket Camo Small
Paws Aboard Doggy Life Jacket Camo Small

This camouflage doggy life jacket is lightweight and won't interfere with the dogs movement when they are swimming.


Water Dogs and Duck Dogs - Dogs having fun in the water

Get your fill of dogs having fun in the water. Maybe it will inspire you to take your pup to the lake or beach, or better yet give him his own pool in the back yard.

Pool Safety for Dogs - Dog ladders save lives

Once your dog gets in the pool, how do they get out? They can't climb human ladders. If you have an in ground pool and dogs install a dog steps or a dog ladder and train them to use it right from the start.

Paws Aboard PoolPup Steps
Paws Aboard PoolPup Steps

This removable pool dog ladder gives dogs a firm footing to climb out of the swimming pool and provides peace of mind that your dog can get out at any time.

Fido Pet Products Paws Aboard Doggy Life Jacket, Small, Pink Polka Dot
Fido Pet Products Paws Aboard Doggy Life Jacket, Small, Pink Polka Dot

Small dogs can drown in in ground pools just like small children. Whenever your dog is in the pool area they need adult supervision. Give them added protection by putting a doggy life jacket on them whenever they are in the pool area.


Dogs and Sprinkler Videos - Keeping your Dog Cool

I can't help it, dog video make me smile and laugh. My son has pointed me to many of these videos and even at age 21, when I hear laughter in the computer room at 1am I know he's watching animal videos.

Dog Pool Toys - Waterdogs and Retrievers

Since my Boxer is intimidated by Brody's exuberance and barking she is hesitant to get in the water. But she loves to play fetch so I throw a pool toy in the water and she will tip toe in, quite lady like and fetch the toy. All their current toys sink and she has to stick her nose under water to retrieve it, but that she does and she comes up snorting and plopping her prize on the grass.

I have watched water dogs and retrievers fetch floating retrieving toys at the docks and can watch for hours as they jump in the water time and time again and swim back to do it all over. On vacation I watched a black Labrador Retriever jump into the water over 100 times. She never tired.

Ruff Dawg Stick Rubber Dog Toy Assorted Colors
Ruff Dawg Stick Rubber Dog Toy Assorted Colors

Simple dog sticks for playing fetch in or out of the water. The hard rubber floats and is very durable.

Romp! High Viz Bone Thrasher, Floating Fetch and Retriever Dog Toy Colors Vary
Romp! High Viz Bone Thrasher, Floating Fetch and Retriever Dog Toy Colors Vary

Fling it, sling it, this floating dog retrieving buoy is for big dogs who want to have big fun.


Meet My Dogs - Brody and Leah

Meet my dogs Brody and Leah, Brody is a 10 year old Jack Russell and Leah is Boxer who is just turning three. They are best friends and Brody is the one who loves the pool. I think Leah would like it too, only Brody hogs all the fun. In addition to water they both love the snow as you can see here.

How do You Keep Your Dog Cool During the Summer? - Share your tips with others

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    • profile image

      Donna Cook 

      4 years ago

      Great lens! The wading pool is one of the best investments I've made in my fur kid, Buffy. She also likes to chew ice.

    • ThreeQuarters2Day profile imageAUTHOR

      Dawn Romine 

      4 years ago from Nebraska

      @giltotherescue: That's great, my dog you do hear from bark, bark, bark, as he barks at his reflection and the invisible frogs in the water..

    • giltotherescue profile image

      Gil Hildebrand 

      4 years ago from New Orleans, LA

      My dog LOVES water in the summer. I put a kiddy pool in the backyard, toss him a meat bone that I've chilled in the freezer, and don't hear back from him till the evening.

    • Brite-Ideas profile image

      Barbara Tremblay Cipak 

      4 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      terrific page filled with great advice - our little is quite old so of course we keep her out of the heat for any extended period of time

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I do not have a dog currently but in the past they loved the pool when I was a teenager. Later as an adult I made sure there was shade a plenty of water for them. I had a lot of animals so it was a daily routine to feed and water all of them. The kiddy pool is a great idea! Great lens!


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