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How To Find Out What Breeds Your Mixed-Breed Dog Is With A Dog DNA Kit

Updated on September 26, 2014

Wonder No More! There IS a Way to Find Out What Breeds Make Up Your Dog!

If you're the owner of a mixed-breed dog, you've surely guessed and wondered what breeds really make up your dog. "He has the ears of a boxer but the temperament of a labrador..." And surely your friends, and even strangers, have gotten in on the debate too. Well, there is now a DNA Dog Breed ID Kit that actually tells you what dog breeds make up your dog - all from a simple cheek swab that you take from your dog and send into the company's veterinary lab. The future is now, people!

Introducing....The Wisdom Panel Insights Dog Breed DNA KIt

Knowing what your dog's breed make up is will not just satisfy your curiosity, but, and more importantly, it will help you to have a better understanding of your dog's behavior, personality, and possible future health problems. With the Dog Breed Testing Kit you can know exactly what breeds make up your dog. Imagine that - no more wondering and guessing!

Knowing all the health and behavioral problems and concerns your dog is predispositioned to could be a huge help in dog training and in preventing possible future health problems. Not to mention that finally knowing will satisfy everyone's curiosity. And when someone asks what kind of dog you have you can confidently answer exactly what breeds he or she is!

So, How Does It Work?

The Dog DNA testing kit is easy and pain free - all you need to do is take a swab from the inside of your dog's cheek (everything you need is included in the Dog Breed Testing Kit) and then mail it off to the laboratory with the included packing materials and pre-paid envelope. Then, in about two weeks, you'll receive packet with a detailed breakdown of exactly what breeds your dog is, along with the personality and health traits that those particular breeds are prone to have. This can help greatly with dog training and healthcare monitoring.

Here are the full, detailed instructions for the Dog DNA Testing Kit

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Here's a Sample of the Dog Breed DNA Kit Report That You'll Receive in the Mail

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What Can You Do With This Newfound Information?

(Except be happy with a satisfied curiosity, of course)

Knowing what breeds your dog is can give you greater insight about your dog's natural behavioral tendencies as well as what sort of activities are best suited for your dog. Plus, you'll now have the information about what types of medical problems or illnesses your dog may be prone to because of his/her breed.

Using the Dog DNA Kit is easy and the information it provides is thorough and accurate - something every dog owner of a mixed breed dog should have.

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