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How to Gain a Horse's Respect

Updated on February 4, 2014

Earn the Trust of a Young Horse

Say you get a very young horse and you wish to earn it's trust, the first thing to remember that young horses are very curious about new thing around them, they like to investigate new things. To the left are two young horses that are in our family, one is 5yrs and the other is 2yrs. The best thing to do around young horses is to spend as much time as possible with them introducing them to new things that are going to be used in training.

We started with the halters and lead ropes. This is the first thing that a young horse will be wearing, but first you have to get them ready for the sense of being touched by a human hand. Alot of the time a young horse will shy away from a human hand because they have never been handled from the time of birth. Many young horses will be shy as first because the first thing that goes through their mind is that anything new will being coming to get them so their instinct is to run away which you do not wish to happen because you want them to think that you will protect them from anything dangerous to them. This trust is important when it comes to dealing with young horses in their time of training. It is their trust that needs to be earned by you so that you can get close to them, slowly approaching and running your hands over them to show that you will not hurt them.

Lead Rope and Ground Training

When working with a new horse it is important to spend a lot of time with ground work and introducing the horse to new things. To begin with start walking your horse using a lead rope, if the horse begins to resist or stop try moving at a angle and keep a steady pressure on the lead rope until the horse begins to follow once the horse begins to follow release the pressure on the lead rope.

By working with your horse on the ground you will gain its trust and it will soon follow right along and be less resistant against the lead rope.I also use a rope halter for training with a new horse it has knots tied into the halter that affects the horses pressure points making the horse much easier to handle. Remember to spend as much time on the ground as possible before you ever attempt to mount the saddle.

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      southridgefarmsinc 5 years ago

      Great the video.