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How to get your dog to poop right away

Updated on October 17, 2011

How to get your dog to poop right away

How to get your dog to poop right away

Here is an article for those of you that are wondering why your dog is not pooping. So stop crying, "Why is my dog not pooping?" I have your fix. Just read on...

About a few hours ago, I was outside in my t-shirt, in the -1 weather, playing the waiting game. You might know this particular type of waiting game, the "When is my dog going to poop?" waiting game. To be honest, I really thought that this experience would be quick--hence the no jacket part of my story. Also, you see other dog owners easily picking up after their "bowel movement able" dogs all the time. Why wasn't it that easy for me or my little friend? I guess it was my inexperience that got the best of me--note that the dog isn't mine. I am currently babysitting my girlfriend's best friend...ha. Anyway, there he was just walking around and listening to the trees rustle. "What the hell?! Just go already!" This wasn't fun. I was fed up and went inside without him doing his business.

Well, when I was inside the house, I thought that if I gave him more treats that might get him to go. I swear I fed him two full size dog bones and nothing happen. There was no sign of him clawing at the door or making a movement in the house. Oh, and these treats aren't small. Not to forget that this dog isn't big either. Just go damn it!

I was starting to get worried. The dog hadn't gone yesterday. Why can he not go now? Doesn't time and the autonomic movements of the lower intestine make wonders happen for this tiny dog? It does for humans. Why not him? Get frustrated, it was time to figure out something quick before the dog exploded from not being able to release himself.

After a good hour of research, I have found out that there are several ways to make your dog go to the washroom. However, there is just one way that makes him go instantly. The way you get your dog to poop right away is by sticking a paper match inside his or her behind and leaving it in for him or her to...well...push out. For the experienced dog owner this might be old news, but for the less apt like me, this is a godsend. Oh, this is very important to note, DO NOT light the match first before inserting. That will just hurt the dog. You don't want to do that now... Also, if you do not believe me, do the research for yourself.

One thing to remember: Don't make a habit of this easy out (No pun intended). Your dog can become dependent on this method of going to the bathroom. So don't make it a regular thing.

So there you have it. This was my thoughts on how to get your dog to poop right away. There will be no more waiting in the cold. The only thing you have to worry about now is your dog eating poop. I know the idea of a dog eating dog poo is gross, but it does happen (Something I will get into later). .Anyway, I hope this helps you and your K9. But mostly you...


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