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How To House (or Litter Box) Train Your Teacup Pig

Updated on August 31, 2011

How To House (or Litter Box) Train Your Teacup Pig

The number one myth about pigs is that they are dirty and it's completely untrue. Domesticated pigs are very clean animals, but like any other household pet, they do need to be potty trained. It's important to start your piggy young, and as with anything, positive reinforcement is key.

Getting Started.

You are being warned right now: No piggy starts out housebroken. This is an absolute fact. If you're starting out with a new pig, buy some cleaning solution. Now that we've gotten that out of the way, house training your pig is an easy venture. Pigs prefer to relieve themselves in one area alone, once they are trained and comfortable with that area. Most people prefer to use out-of-the-way areas, but it's important to remember that a pig doesn't want to do their business anywhere near where they sleep.

What You Will Need

First and foremost, even though it may seem similar, house training a pig is not like house training a cat. It's true, they both use litter boxes, but that's about where the similarity ends. Though you can use the same kind of litter box used for a large cat, pigs often want a larger area to go in. You can use alternatives, such as plastic clothes baskets or storage boxes, as long as your piggy can get in and out comfortably.

The next thing you'll need is litter. Again, cat litter will not work for your teacup piggy (clumped kitty litter looks like food to your pet, and it will make them very sick). Ultimately wood shavings will work best. Check your local pet store for bags of pine shavings. Understandably, if you're on a budget, you can use shredded newspaper as well.

Potty Training.

Once you have your litter box set up, you’re going to need your pig to get used to going to the bathroom there. I warned that your piggy isn’t going to start out housebroken. As a reminder, negative reinforcement is not going to help you train your pet. If your pig goes to the bathroom in your home, move the waste to the pigs litter box. While they’re training, leave their litter in their box for a while so that they notice it (but never too long). In time, they will realize that they should be going to the bathroom there.

With time and patience, your pig will be comfortable using their new restroom in no time.

Success And Care

Some piggys take longer to train than others, but remain patient. Remember to reward success, but never punish failure. Your pig is going to have accidents, and that’s a fact of life.

Once your pig is trained, remember to keep their litter box clean and fresh. Remove soiled litter regularly, and remember that the entire box needs changing on a regular basis (once a week minimum).

Care To Share? - Tell us more about your pig training expectations and experiences.

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    • profile image

      linda-stevens-771 5 years ago

      I got my first mini pig in 5/2012. I feel like I've been experimenting. A hint, the best litter box for babies are large sweater boxes. When they grow up, I found and love the Petmate Giant Litter Pan from Petco. You need to make a couple of revising. On the right side are 2 holders for scoops and the like. I cut that off. You don't need it and it makes the pan smaller and easier to handle. You also need to cut out an area in the front of the pan about 3" high and about 16" wide. This makes it easier for them to get in and out. As for litter, I originally used pine shavings. but the thought about pine being safe for pigs has changed. I ended up using Bird and Reptile Aspen Chips. It works well and cut down cuts down on the mess they drag out on their feet. I'm now taking a look at crumpled paper litter from Petco. I'm only doing this to see if I can further cut down the drag out factor. If you feed your pig pellet food, DO NOT USE PELLET LITTER!! The pig will think that since it looks like its food, it is food and they will eat them like crazy. Also, control how much water the pig drinks. They are pigs and if you give them a full bowl, they will drink it all and pee like a horse! I make my Freddie do tricks before he eats. He can do sit, stand up, make circles and do figure 8s around my legs. BTW, pigs have very good feeding time clocks. He knows the exact time for his food and his fruits and vegetables. He squeels when it is time. Do your self a favor and make your piggie be quiet before you give them the food or treats.