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How To House Train Puppy

Updated on November 15, 2013

How To House Train Puppy?

So the question we are out to answer is how to house train puppy? After all they are part of the family and you want them to be with you wherever you are in the house, right?

Well we just got a new German Shepherd puppy...she is so cute!!! Their ears really flop like that until they master getting them to stand up, it's pretty funny.

When we got Halo (the halo on an angel, not the game) we were all excited, I have four boys and as with any new thing they all want it at the same time. UNTIL... there is a mess to clean up, that's when they decide their done...right you've been there, right? So now you're left cleaning up the mess, which is probably a good thing because you know you got it clean AND sanitized.

You have to think of this new little addition to your family as a baby, yes a human's not so farfetched when you think about it. How did we all learn what we know? We were taught and we had rules, right?

So just think about the rules we are going to talk about here as lessons to help them grow up and not puddle in the house or worse.

How To House Train Puppy
How To House Train Puppy

Best Way Potty Train Puppy

Let's start at the very beginning. You need to know that whether your new addition is eight weeks, eight months or even eight years old these rules/lessons will work IF you are consistent.

With a new puppy the general rule is take them out side every twenty minutes to the spot you want them to use and tell them to go potty. Don't be upset if your puppy runs off when you set him/her down. Get a light leash and take them out on it. It may take them a few minutes to take care of business , but when they do make a big deal of it, give them praises and lots of petting. If they don't go after about five minutes take them back in and wait ten minutes and then take them out again using the same process.

It will take a few days for you to learn their schedule, in the mean time you might bring them in the house only to have them puddle.

Don't get mad at them remember they are learning!

Tell them no, take them outside and tell them to go potty; of course they don't have to go because they just went in the's a process. You want them to make the connection that they should do that outside.

As they get older say three and a half or four months they can hold it longer, so you may find that you only have to take them out every hour. By this time they should have gotten a little better about not messing so much in the house, but every dog is different and learns at his/her own pace. Again comparing to the human baby, no two children potty train on the same exact date and time. Puppies are no different.

Puppies need to have their own space where they sleep and stay, they can be separate or together. You can have for example a gate that keeps them in the kitchen and then a crate that they sleep in at night whether it's in the kitchen or another room is up to you.

I would make the room you choose a room that has tile or linoleum, it's much easier to clean than carpet. : )

Halo is six months old now and hasn't had an accident in the house for about a month and a half. She barks and whines at the door when she needs to go out.

After she has been out to go potty she gets to be where we are in the house, and she loves it. It really does work!!

How to house train puppy
How to house train puppy

Best Way House Train Puppy

Create Training? Isn't That Mean?

Yes I know there are some people that think it's mean to pen up a puppy and everybody is entitled to their opinion. So here is mine : )

A pen used correctly keeps the puppy safe, your floors clean and your stuff from being ruined. When you first start to house train your puppy they are going to be as confused as you are. A pen makes it easier on everyone.

We have gates up in our kitchen (you can enter from two different sides) Halo can be in the kitchen when people are around to monitor that she is not getting into things. When people can't monitor her she goes to her pen where she has chewies and toys to keep her occupied for a while.

Does she bark and whine sometimes? Yes, it's like putting the baby in the play pen for their safety when you have to do something. Sometimes they scream and cry.

She is never in the pen longer than an hour at a time. This is meant to be a help aid so don't make it a bad thing for the puppy. Halo also sleeps in the pen at night.

Metal Pet Crate - There A Good Thing

Make sure that you get a crate big enough for your dog. For example I know that Halo is going to be a big dog, so we bought the biggest crate even thought it swallowed her at first she grew into it, and fast.

This is a must have item to house train your dog!!

To Potty Train Puppy Fast: A Do's List

  1. Take your puppy out every twenty minutes until you know their routine.
  2. Every time they wake up, even if they have only been asleep for ten minutes take them out to go potty.
  3. If they run off every time you put them down out side get a light leash and put on them.
  4. If they go in the house after you have just taken them out, don't get mad at them, tell them no and take them back outside and tell them to go potty...we want them to associate potty with outside, but first they have to learn what it is.
  5. Praise them heavily every time they potty outside.
  6. They need a space where they stay that can be easily cleaned.

To Potty Train Puppy Fast: A Don't List

  1. Don't play with them outside until they have gone potty, otherwise they think they go outside to play instead of taking care of business.
  2. Don't give them run of the house until they are potty trained or it will take them longer to be house trained.
  3. Don't let them have food or water after about 6:30 at night...they should be puddled out by the time you go to bed at 10 or so, and there won't be as big of a puddle in the morning.
  4. Don't put a blanket or cushion in their pen until about six months old, it makes for a great chew toy : )

House Training Toys - Don't Let Your Puppy or Dog Get Bored!!!

Nothing good comes from a dog that is bored. Help both your self and your dog out and get one of these indistructable toys!!

I Would LOVE To Hear Your Suggestions on House Training a Puppy - Just Post them Below!!

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    • MomOnTheGo LM profile image

      MomOnTheGo LM 4 years ago

      @seoandarchiving: Thank you = )

    • profile image

      seoandarchiving 4 years ago

      wow its realy very helpfull lens Thank you so much! I agree pens are a necessary tool for house training : )

      i wait for more from u dear MomOnTheGo

    • MomOnTheGo LM profile image

      MomOnTheGo LM 5 years ago

      @darciefrench lm: Thank you so much! Halo is growing so fast. I agree pens are a necessary tool for house training : )

    • darciefrench lm profile image

      darciefrench lm 5 years ago

      Lovely lens on house training, your puppy is so cute! Dog crates or pens are absolutely necessary for house training, and dogs like them because they give a sense of security.