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How To Raise A Goat

Updated on April 27, 2013

Tips On How To Raise A Goat

Goats are one of the most interesting animals whether you are keeping them as a pet or for business venture. It is one of the highly sought after meat segment where restaurants around the world requires it. However, in order to how to raise a goat into tip top and in a good condition, proper care is certainly required.

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4 Vital Tips To Help You In Raising A Goat

  1. When designing your goat pen, make sure that it is fairly easy to clean. Elevate the flooring a few centimeters from the ground so that maintenance is a breeze. When you want to breed later on, it is best to have a bigger space for them to move. A separate pen may also be constructed when your goats are lactating and also to prevent transfers of goat smell.
  2. Always wash your hands and other milking utensils when milking your goats. Also, it is crucial that you feed your goats with something while milking them so that they are relaxed and feel rewarded during the milking activity. With respect to growing kids, always house them in a separate pen.
  3. Check for excess teats on female kids and have them removed as early as possible if you want to raise them for their milk. For meat production, males should be castrated within the first month; this is the proper way on how to raise a goat.
  4. Having goats in cages is better because you can easily keep a watchful eye on them. Feeding them is also easier because you can locate them in one place and never have to worry about gathering them. It also provides them with better shelter from elements and parasites.

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