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How to take care of a dog

Updated on May 20, 2009

Dogs are wonderful loving companions. However the decision to have one does not end in getting the dog from the breeder and buying a bag of kibble. A dog in the house means hard work especially on the first few months. Taking on a dog for a pet is a big responsibility that will last until the dog lives.

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The healthy dog

Pets are taken anywhere…to the mall, to the park, to the office and just about any place that the master goes to. However, a caring dad would make sure that the first trip of the dog is to the vet’s. Dogs would need shots to ward off diseases. The vet can also recommend the best food and prescribe the necessary vitamins and supplements for the pet.

The basic needs of the dog

When you decide to have a dog it is presumed that you have made arrangements for the shelter and for the exercise needs of the dog. This would mean that you are aware that large breeds would not do well in apartment buildings and that some breeds should not be chosen when there are small children in the house. Generally, dogs have high exercise requirements. You need to provide sufficient opportunities to exercise to keep the dog fit. Dogs that are not exercised become bored destructive dogs.

Should you give the dog canned food or dry food? It is actually your choice but make sure that the dog’s diet is composed of 50% protein and 50% carbohydrates. Puppies are usually given several small meals and mature dogs generally have one or two meals a day.

Grooming the dog

Some breeds would need to be bathed more than once a month but grooming must be done weekly. The coat must be thoroughly brushed, the teeth brushed and the ears cleaned. Ear cleaning is essential to prevent ear infection and the infestation of ear parasites.

Fixing the dog

Many puppies are put to sleep because owners have failed to neuter or to spay the dog. This is one consideration that is often neglected by dog owners.


Dogs are social animals. In the wild they stay in packs. Domesticated dogs consider the master as the pack leader. Unlike cats that are quite aloof, dogs would depend on the master for companionship. Dogs would actually demand attention. A dog would appreciate to be cuddled and patted. These animals that form a strong attachment with the master often suffer from separation anxiety whenever left alone for a considerable time. It would never do to relegate a dog to the kennel in the backyard.  No matter how busy you are set aside some time to be with the dog. Dogs are a pleasure to have around. The companionship and the unconditional love they give would be payment enough for the caring they receive from us.

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