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Husky Health - The 2 Most Common Husky Health Issues

Updated on September 24, 2010

Husky health is a very vital consideration for any husky owner. Huskies are a fantastically durable breed that manages to avoid many everyday dog health problems. In actual fact the breed has developed a status over time as developing comparatively few health issues. Your husky’s health should not be taken for granted and with proper health care your husky should merely require a yearly appointment for vaccinations and a general examination check up. There are two key health issues that are more widespread in huskies than any other health issues. When you are buying a husky it's critical that you find out from the owner if the husky puppy comes from a line with hip dysplasia or eye problems. When your husky is in your care, keep an eye out for the warning signs of these conditions.

Hip Dysplasia in Huskies

Hip Dysplasia is a condition that is as a rule passed on from one generation to the next. You will not be able to tell whether your husky has hip dysplasia until they get to 12 - 24 months of age. Hip Dysplasia does not affect male or female huskies in any lopsided numbers. Hip Dysplasia can be relatively minor in some cases and also majorly incapacitating in other cases. Not only is the problem awfully uncomfortable for your husky it can also stop your husky from being a show dog. If you are selecting your husky for breeding or to become a show dog you ought to stay away from breeding lines with hip dysplasia.

Before you become to apprehensive, it is actually worth noting that hip dysplasia is even now a comparatively infrequent husky health issue. Over time, with earlier detection of hip dysplasia, husky breeders have stopped breeding lines with hip dysplasia as a result reducing the amount of huskies with hip dysplasia. It is nonetheless a good idea to obtain some guarantee from the breeder you are buying from that your husky puppy does not have hip dysplasia in either line.

Eye Issues

Husky health issues are more likely to be related to the eyes. Cataracts are the most frequent eye condition that affects huskies. On an optimistic note even if your husky does get cataracts there is a very small risk of your husky losing its sight. It is a good idea to get your veterinarian to check your huskies eyes annually just in case they have a more severe form of cataracts that can cause blindness.

Corneal dystrophy is the next husky eye problem that you ought to be aware of. This husky health condition will usually not show up until your husky is at least three years of age. Once again get your veterinarian to pay particular attention to your huskies eyes during every annual check-up.

Husky Health Safeguards

It is really important not to become complacent with the wellbeing of your husky. You are now aware of the 2 most widespread husky health problems and knowledge of symptoms is very important as a responsible husky owner. Doing thorough investigation into the lines of your husky before purchasing is also essential. Once you have purchased your husky pup, you ought to find a veterinarian that has familiarity in diagnosing and treating husky health problems.

Kurt Tully is an experienced husky owner who has a genuine love for huskies. He has experience in dealing with husky health problems and husky training.

Kurt also has a Husky Tips site where you can get more quality information - see


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