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Hypoallergenic Dogs That Are Good With Kids

Updated on November 4, 2010

Dog Allergies?

If you or your children suffer from dog allergies but really want to add a dog to your family, don't fret. There are many hypoallergenic dogs for you to choose from. But before deciding on a dog, you need to know whether or not he will be a good fit for your children. Unfortunately for me, I got my Papillon, Sammie, a few years before my son started having trouble with his allergies. My son gets along very well with Sammie but I have to work extra hard to make sure he doesn't have allergy attacks.

While not all hypoallergenic dogs are 100% hypoallergenic, the breeds that shed less are less likely to cause an allergic reaction to allergy sufferers. Since many dogs shed and produce saliva and dander (the source of the allergens) even the smallest amount of shedding or dander can trigger an allergic reaction to a very sensitive person.

Still, there are many breeds that are known to be hypoallergenic, so you will want to consider them before picking a breed. It is recommended that you visit the dog first before committing to it since allergies vary from person to person. Even though a breed is listed as "hypoallergenic", if could still trigger a reaction in one person that it may not in another person.

Brown American Hairless Terrier
Courtesy of Pictures Depot

These descendents of Rat Terriers are 100% non shedding dogs. They have absolutely no hair whatsoever, and no dander...and for the severe allergy sufferers, the American Hairless Terrier may be the only breed you can tolerate. Hairless puppies are born with a sparse coat of fuzz, but they shed this hair shortly after birth. By the time they are 6-8 weeks old, they are completely hairless.

American Hairless Terriers have a very unique trait...they sweat when they are hot or scared. You will need to bathe your Hairless 1-3 times a week. Special attention will need to be paid to her when she is outside in hot weather in order to make sure she doesn't become sun burned. Also, since Hairless Terriers have no hair, you will need to keep her warm during cold weather.

The American Hairless Terrier is a small to medium sized breed ranging from 5-16 pounds and 7-16 inches tall. American Hairless Terriers are great with children but it's always a possibility that small children may unknowingly handle the dog too roughly. If you have small children in your home and decide on this breed, you will want to keep a close eye on your child's interaction with her.

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This small, muscular breed is very energetic and loves to play so it will do well with children. They shed very little to no hair and actually clean themselves the way cats licking. As a result, this breed requires very little grooming. If your yard has a chain-linked fence, you will not want to leave your Basenji unattended because they are very good climbers and may escape.

Because they are so active, they will need lots of exercise. Plan on taking him on long, daily walks. Otherwise, you will end up with an overweight Basenji. Also, they really enjoy the company of other Basenji, so you may want to get two, instead of just one.

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The woolly fur of this breed makes it look a lot like a lamb. The Bedlington Terrier is a playful and active breed and is an excellent family companion. They are very fast runners so you should only let them off a leash when they are in an enclosed yard. If you have cats in your home and decide on this breed, you should plan on getting a puppy. Bedlington terriers will get along with cats as long as they are socialized with them at an early age.

This breed sheds very little to none. They should be combed and brushed every week to remove loose hair, and groomed about every 6 weeks.

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This intelligent breed is at least 2000 years old. The Bergamasco is a brave, yet peaceful breed that can serve as a watchdog and a guard. This breed is great with children and will be patient and protective with your kids. Bergamascos are not generally aggressive and will get along well with other dogs, as long as the other dog doesn't display a dominant behavior. If you have cats in your home, it would be a good idea to socialize your Bergamasco with it early in age.

The Bergamasco is better suited for colder climates. They are not well suited for apartment living and are happiest when they have a yard to run around in. They enjoy being outside so they can get all the exercise they need.

The coat of a Bergamasco goes through a few changes. It starts off as soft fluff, then goes through the flocking stage. The flocks settle into their pattern from years 2-3, but will continue to grow for the rest of their lives. Even though the Bergamasco has so much hair, they shed very little. Also, their skin produces oils that lubricate the flocks and keeps them clean.

Because of the stages that the Bergamasco's hair goes through, I'd recommend investing in a book on grooming so that you can make sure you are properly taking care of your dog's hair.

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The Havanese is a type of Bichon dog. While it is a toy breed, it is a larger and sturdier breed and not as delicate as many other toy breeds, which is why I was comfortable including it in this list. Havanese love being around their owners and are very friendly, playful, and loving. They are easily trainable and can be taught many tricks. In fact, they love attention so much that they may perform tricks to gain it from you. Havanese will get along just fine with other household pets.

Havanese should be brushed daily because of their thick coat, but their hair can be clipped shorter when groomed so you don't have to brush it as much. Their dead hair will have to be removed by brushing since they do not shed very much.

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The Kerry Blue Terrier is a strong-willed, playful and animated breed. They are very loyal and affectionate with their owners and are good watchdogs. Kerries are gentle towards children and love to roughhouse so your kids will have a great time playing with him. They also have exceptional memories and will learn tricks easily. Kerries will usually get along with other pets as long as they have been properly socialized.

The hair of a Kerry Blue grows continuously, like human hair, so they don't shed very much at all. They need to be brushed and combed once a week and should be groomed every 6 weeks. You will also need to make sure that you bathe your Kerry once every week. This will keep it from becoming too dirty and will also get rid of any food particles that may have gotten stuck in his fur.

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True to its name, the Portuguese Water Dog is in fact a water-loving breed. This breed is fun-spirited and animated and will be a joy for your family to have around. They are an extremely intelligent breed and have a long memory. They are easily trained and readily await directions from their master. Portuguese Water Dogs love children and will get along well with other animals.

This breed should be brushed and combed every other day and groomed once every 2 months. Also, make sure to have lots of chew toys around since this breed is known for chewing.

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Wheatens are great dogs for kids because of their playful, friendly, and energetic demeanor. They are extremely loyal to their families and make good watch dogs due to the fact that they will "sound the alarm" if a stranger approaches your home. They are very intelligent dogs and will generally learn the things you are trying to teach them very quickly. If you have cats, make sure that your Wheaten is socialized with it early on. This is because of the breed's hunting background.

Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers can live just fine in an apartment or a home with a small yard. They don't tolerate heat very well so make sure you don't leave them outside in hot temperatures for long periods of time.

As long as Wheaten's are groomed well, they will not shed that often. Just make sure to regularly comb out their loose hair.

Standard Poodle

The Standard Poodle is one of the smartest and easily trained breeds. They are known to be excellent with children and love being around their families. Poodles are very energetic and can easily learn different types of tricks. They also need lots of exercise and mental stimulation in order to keep them from being mischievous.

Poodles shed very little to no hair and are good dogs for allergy sufferers. If you decide on a poodle, you will want to make sure you brush her frequently and have her groomed every six to eight weeks.

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Gallery of Dog Breeds

The Wirehaired Fox Terrier is a medium sized breed. They are characteristically brave and love playing with children. This is a very loyal breed which loves being around its family. Wirehaired Fox Terriers are natural hunters and aren't suited for homes with other non-canine animals, such as cats, rabbits, or birds. They like to explore so they should be kept on a leash at all times, unless they are inside a fenced yard.

This breed is highly active and requires lots of attention and mental stimulation, so it is important that you play with your dog, give him lots of exercise, and daily walks. It is also important that you demonstrate firm control over your dog so that he doesn't develop destructive behavior issues.

The Wirehaired Fox Terrier sheds little to no hair and will not need to be brushed that often. He should be clipped by groomers 3-4 times a year.

graur razvan ionut /
graur razvan ionut /

Tips for Coping with Dog Allergies

Since hypoallergenic dogs may still shed just a little, there are a few things I recommend doing to reduce allergy attacks:

  • Get a Hepa Air Filter. Hepa filters reduce the spread of airborne pathogens. There are actually some filters on the market that are specifically designed for reducing pet fur, dander, and hair from the air as well as reducing airborne pet odors. Hepa filters can be costly, with the less expensive ones (under $100) not being quite as effective as the more pricey ones.

    Also, before purchasing a Hepa filter, you will need to check the products specifications. Some are only effective if used in small rooms while others are designed for larger areas of space.

  • Get a vacuum cleaner with a Hepa Filter. Many vacuums today are built with Hepa filters as part of their filtration system, but if you don't already have one like this, I'd recommend getting one before you bring your new dog home. My son's room must be vacuumed every day to ensure that he does not suffer an allergy attack.
  • Clean your dog's bedding regularly. Sprinkle baking soda or a pet deodorizer on your pet's bedding, leave it on for a few minutes and then vacuum it up. This will get rid of any pet hair or fur that has accumulated on his bed.
  • Use de-shedding shampoo and dander reducing spray. I was in my local pet store just the other day shopping for supplies for our pets and noticed a few allergen reducing shampoos and sprays for dogs. The shampoos are designed to release your dog's undercoat and loose hair. The dander sprays remove dander and deodorize your dog.

Image: Willem Siers /
Image: Willem Siers /

What to Do After You Bring Your Dog Home

So you've chosen your dog and your family adores him. Now what? You want your dog to always be just as enjoyable as the first day you brought him home. So you'll need to dedicate the time and effort towards training him to make sure that he doesn't develop bad dog behaviors.

This can be tough, especially for new dog owners. I ran into a truckload of issues with my Papillon during the first few years simply because I didn't know how to train him. He was a wild dog, destroying my home and defying me on our walks. I was desperate for a way to get him to be the good dog I'd hoped he would be when I brought him home. helped end my doggie misery. All the solutions for handling my dog's bad behaviors were given to me...and they actually worked.

The trick to having a good dog is stopping bad behaviors before they start. Be proactive. Trust will save you lots of frustration and money in the future.

Check out for more information on the best training for dogs.

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      If you have allergies to dogs or simply want a dog that does not lose a lot of hair, then non shedding dogs are the right choice. These dogs range from terriers to water dogs as well as hounds.

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