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H Is For Hyrax

Updated on August 17, 2014

Although the Hyrax looks like a rodent, it's actually related to elephants. This is one of those strange facts that would have remained unknown if it wasn't for the modern technology of being able to analyze DNA. It's only at that level that the ancient relationship can be seen.

Rock Hyrax with Young on Back, Serengeti, Tanzania, East Africa

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In addition to being related to the elephant, the Hyrax also happens to be related to the Manatee. This relationship was thousands of years ago, with these animals having evolved from a common ancestor.

You will find the Hyrax living in Africa and the Middle East. They have padded feet which let them scramble over rocks and bumpy surfaces without slipping. They don't have the ability to stay warm that well and live in little groups to huddle together. And you will find them basking in the sun on warm days.

What do Hyrax eat?

Hyrax are vegetarians who graze on grasses and plants.

Say "Hello" to the Hyrax


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