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I Hate Dogs

Updated on September 30, 2014

Are Dogs Man's Best Friend? I Say No! I Hate Dogs!

Well, this is going to make me popular! I hate dogs.

Ever since I was a child, I have had a fear of dogs, they are just so unpredictable - I can never tell what they may do next.

Dogs have plagued my life from the pram when I was pounced on by a large Alsatian to the present day when I had a chunk bitten out of my bottom by an over excited Labrador.

Apart from the dogs that work at sniffing out drugs, helping the blind or can intercept land mines what is the actual point of dogs as pets? Why do people have to own dogs? With all the cleaning up, feeding and picking up of their messes, what can someone actually get out of having a dog as a pet? You have to train them to behave and give them attention, what's the fun in that?! Dogs may be man's best friend, but they aren't mine!

So, this debate is here for you to sound off, tell me the answers to these questions please! Do you hate dogs? Or do you love them? Tell me about it! Please just don't get abusive.


Why I Am Not a Dog Lover

  • Dogs smell. Their odour gets into everything, if you own a dog your house will smell, even if your home is spotlessly clean, a visitor will smell your dog in seconds of coming through the door.

  • Dog poops are gruesome. The stink of dog poo is not easy to disguise. And many owners don't pick it up either, making life unpleasant for anyone else walking in that park, field or road. It isn't the dog's fault; it's got to do what it has got to do. But if you own a dog, take responsibility and for goodness sake bag it and bin it. Yes that's a horrid task to perform, but more fool you for owning a dog in the first place.

  • Dogs bark. Not a nice sound, not cute at all.

  • They have sharp teeth. That bite.

  • The slobbery licking is repulsive. Yuk, and the ones that have the drool hanging from their mouths. If you are an owner who kisses their dog on the lips, then I think you are very very wrong.

  • The jumping up, the bouncing and the running. Absolutely terrifying.

  • This is the main reason why I don't like dogs: owners expect everyone else to love their pooch as much as they do. We have to be tolerant of their hairy excited animal bounding up to us in the park, frightening our children and sticking their noses in our crotches. I like to go running, but each time I go I have to navigate the dogs. I hate dogs, but they just love me! I am a dog magnet, they smell the fear and seek me out! I think many owners forget that only they know their dog, it could be the soppiest dog in the world but we do not know this and I am going to wary of anything that runs up and rugby tackles me when I go running.

  • And finally, DON'T BRING YOUR DOG TO WORK!!!

Please Note! I Do Hate Dogs, But...

I do not wish any dogs harm, I am not evil!

I Hate Dogs, but Do You? Tell Me Below....

I think dogs are NOT man's best friend! Do you agree or do you distrust anyone who doesn't like dogs?

Yes you're right! They are a slobbery nuisance!

Yes you're right! They are a slobbery nuisance!

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    • Cynophobe 4 months ago

      Yes yes and even more yes! I've hated dogs my whole life and I've always been terrified of them, too. I totally detest how they're literally everywhere nowadays and I hate how many owners are so ignorant and can't accept that not everyone likes dogs. Smoking is not tolerated at most indoors places and it's common courtesy to ask if smoke bothers anyone before lighting a cigarette. Why isn't it the same with dogs? They might trigger allergies, too. And for dog worshippers who hate dog haters: bye-bye, bigot, I hate you, too! Good riddance.

    • Cylove 4 months ago

      Ugh I can't stand dogs they are so annoying always want to be up in your face it's nasty they smell bad but their breath is disgusting breathing all in your face how can ppl like that ? That's gross! I hate when I see ppl letting dogs lick them in the face and mouths like why ? Then say to you dogs mouths are cleaner then ours

    • Grace 7 months ago

      Honestly I love dogs, they helped me when I have panic attacks. Anyone who hates dogs and thinks they are a waste of space or that they are born to kill...we cannot be friends. I hate people who hate dogs I agree...dogs are mans best friends

    • Becoming AntiDog 10 months ago

      I like some individual dogs, but on the whole I am becoming a doghater, or more specifically a hater of irresponsible dog owners.

      Which, unfortunately, many are.

    • PDAJakeAndArci4ever 23 months ago

      If you hate dogs then watch Pasion De Amor!!!God..It will be more amusing then saying you hate dogs PDA is like the best Teleserye in this world if you have Time warner its channel 1450 you will fall in love with Arci and Jake, Ejay and Ellen, And Joseph and Coleen Aka Norma and Juan Oscar and Sari and Franco and Jamie!!!

    No way, I love dogs and they are man's best friend because....

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      • Patricia Scott 19 months ago from sunny Florida

        O so sorry....many lovely moments with precious dogs over the years and I have one now too. I have had negative experiences with dogs with whom I was unfamiliar but I still love them.

        Angels are on the way to you this afternoon.


      • chrispy 20 months ago

        I hate dogs and their owners. At least once a week I walk out to my car and find dog crap on my front lawn, what gives you the right to let your disgusting dog shit on my lawn? My neighbor has two dogs and they bark none stop each time I go outside or if I'm bringing in groceries, or if my cat goes on on the back porch, why are you barking? It makes no sense to bark none stop, for no reason. Dogs smell, Even if you bathed your dog every day, dogs still smell bad, some people let their dogs up on the furniture or sleep on the bed, now the whole house smells like wet dog, disgusting. The worst thing is the licking, that dog just licked his ass and you let him lick your face or the face or your child, makes me want to run over and scoop up the child to protect it from feces and ecoli poisoning, disgusting. When I come home from work I want to relax and watch TV or read the paper, not if I have a dog, the dog needs constant attention and needs to go for 'walks' so it can crap on someones lawn or back alley or in the park where my children play, no thanks. You can keep your mangy, flea bitten, smelly shit producer, I am happy with my cat.

      • lori 21 months ago

        No way. they do nothing for me. they stink. all i do is clean up after him. he wines all day. destroys the house if left alone. follows me everywhere. can't even go to potty without him there or wining. i had 3 babies. now i have a 4 th. that i wasn't looking for. Exausting!!!!

      • AngelicaVillenaLaxamana 23 months ago

        Please Spread this #StopYulinDogEatingFestival next Sunday dogs will be kidnapped robbed boiled alive burn't and will be eaten last year a 5 year old's dog was kidnapped the next day on the festival she found her dog dead laying on a pool of blood with his collar still on! (Btw this is in China) Please do everything to stop this!

      • Judy 2 years ago

        I absolutely hate dogs and their selfish owners. Been bitten too many times

      More to say about dogs....add it here!

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        • profile image

          Jim Hennigan 14 months ago





          need I go on

          If a dog can crap in a public park

          Why can't I

        • moonlake profile image

          moonlake 19 months ago from America

          I love my dogs, but I understand if you don't love dogs. Big dogs can be scary, but to hate all dogs. I won't walk my small dogs on a sidewalk where I think big dogs would be.

          I know you wouldn't want to come to my home because it stinks and poops everywhere! This is ok with me I don't want you in my home and I do distrust people who don't like dogs. There's something unkind about them.

        • profile image

          TeeJay 2 years ago

          Everyone has the right to their opinion, and if you don't like dogs, that's fine, but don't tell me my house smells just because I have dogs (even friends of mine who don't like dogs have told me my house always smells clean). My house is clean, I have dogs that do not shed much and what little they do is vacuumed regularly, they are bathed regularly, they are trained not to bark, lick or otherwise frighten or cause discomfort to my non-dog friends. In fact, they are put in the kennels in a separate room when these friends are around. My dogs are great companions, but they are not treated as children. They know their place. It is one thing to say you don't like an animal, but to say they should all be shot and burned as noted above, that is just outright sick (but that is just my opinion). Most dogs that I have been around that have misbehaved are those that have been abused, neglected or have owners who spoil them rotten and do not properly train them. If a person is not going to take the time to train a dog properly and spend the time needed, then they should not own a dog. They are big responsibility. To those who say people who own dogs don't have friends, that is a bunch of BS. I have plenty of friends and a social life. I have friends who love dogs, friends who don't, friends who love cats or other creatures. It astounds that someone would hate another person just because they own a dog. To me that is so incredibly narrow-minded. I happen to love all creatures; they each have a place here on Earth.

        • profile image

          jackd2 3 years ago

          @anonymous: I completely agree with this sentence: I am also tired of being blamed for my bad experiences ("it's YOUR fault for being bitten! Dogs react to fear!" I've been told this too, and it's b.s. A friend of mine who owns a dog got bitten recently. Blaming the victim..

        • wiseriverman profile image

          wiseriverman 3 years ago

          @anonymous: It is tough caring for dogs when you have a baby. Maybe you should send them on vacation.

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