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I Want a Dog Like The President's Dog Bo

Updated on August 31, 2017

Energetic Bo is a Portuguese Water Dog

Every time I see shots of that dog my heart goes bouncing like a rubber ball. The dog has happy curving lines, and he walks with a clumsy grace.

Bo romps with obvious glee, at using his sleek muscles for play on the White House lawns, but the breed has a working class ancestry. The Obamas don't use him for work or hunting.

The only sport he knows is looking the part, from his flouncy hair to his curious facial expressions, and large-dog boundless energy and playfulness.

I don't want a Bo of my own for hunting or any other work purposes either. I want him for his large size, cheerful look, and hypoallergenic features. My goal is to adopt a dog that doesn't produce dander - really impossible, but still I can hope - a large dog, and one that has at least medium length hair.

It's becoming more popular than ever for owners of long-haired dogs to save hair trimmings for weaving into natural yarns - an additional bonus that comes with this type of dog.

photo credit: First Dog >

When You Think About Getting a New Dog

Is the Portuguese Water Dog Too Big a Dog For Your Family?

He's A Fun Loving Hypoallergenic Dog

Who wants to compromise the delight of bringing a dog into the family with allergies to dogs, in the first place? Not me, so I'm looking for a dog that meets the hypoallergenic criteria of being easy to live with - not causing the sniffles. The President's family wanted the same thing and that's one of the reasons they settled on this breed.

photo credit: by Challkhmc

Are These Dogs Really Hypoallergenic?

This study demonstrated that there was no noticeable difference in the amount of allergy-symptom-causing Can f 1 in homes with dogs in the hypoallergenic category of dogs, than in homes with other breeds. You may want to read the study here 2011 Study

Get One of This Breed the Easy Way

If you can hardly wait to get a Bo of your own, you can still hang this photo calendar of these chummy dogs over your desk.

Do You Know Any Portuguese Water Dogs?

Please share your experience with having a Portugese Water Dog.

See results

These Dogs Worked in Water

Did you know that Portuguese Water Dogs were bred and trained to help their owners fish in the sea? The most amazing part of their jobs, to me, is that they were like the Sheepherders of the Sea. They were actually taught to direct the fish from the free open sea into nets that fishermen strung in the ocean.

Seafaring fishermen were ingenious. They finessed the art of teaching these water dogs to pick up lost fishing items, like tools and equipment, from underwater tangles and locations where they fell to the depths - and to carry those items back to their boats, or even to a certain place on the land.

Some seamen trained their dogs like waterlogged homing pigeons, to take messages placed in containers from one boat to another. It's amazing what dogs can do.

photo credit: by Karasullivan

Some Dogs Are Just Born to the Water

Have you had a dog that thrived in the water?

See results

A Wonderful Quality in a Dog - No Shedding - or almost none - really

Portuguese Water Dogs don't shed like your typical dog breeds. And imagine a dog lover's home without dog hair! This photograph shows a cute Porty with it's hair styled right for the curly haired dog.

photo credit: Silke Hollje-Schumacher

PWDs can be Outrageously Styled & Colored

Where Does Your Big Dog, or Little One, Live?

Do you let your dog live indoors?

See results

The Porty's Working Cut

Traditionally, the working, or swimming, dogs had their hair trimmed periodically around the tail, all but the tip; near the mouth; and on their rear end and back legs. This way these powerful dogs used their tails kind of like steering mechanisms, with the thick wad of hair at the end. With their back legs shaved they could more easily pump them, like powerful little paddles.

photo credit: by SheltyBoy

All Haircuts Require Regular Grooming

The Portuguese Water Dog sheds little or not at all, but it does require daily brushing. With a lovable big dog like Bo who wouldn't enjoy the daily bonding time with the hair brush!

Do you groom your dog yourself?

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Curly Haired Porty

This photograph shows a cute Porty with it's hair styled right for the curly haired dog.

Silke Hollje-Schumacher

There's More Benefits from Having a Porty

For centuries the Salish Indians of the Pacific Northwest have included dog hair in their woven fabrics. They kept large dogs that were described as resembling the little Pekinese dog, but actually being quite large.

Read about how contemporary weavers incorporate dog hair in their work. Dog Hair Yarn

photo credit: Karasullivan

Doggie Grooming Tools

Although this breed does not typically shed, it does require regular grooming. I think I'll be one of the owners who cuts my own dog's hair, and maybe I'll even save it for yarn. If I decide not to spin it I'm sure I can find someone to whom to donate the clippings through my local pet store, knitters' guild, or even from connections at a health food co-op.

What's Your Preference?

What color dog do you prefer?

See results

Organic Dog Food is Your Best Choice

I made the switch to mostly organics for myself, so it's not too farfetched for me to consider serving organic products for my pooch.

If Meat-Free is Your Choice - This is It!

I may never make a switch to meat-free exclusively for my pet, but i do like the idea of having a stock of dry dog food on hand, and it may be that this version will work better with my dog.

Adopt a Portuguese Water Dog

Best Way to Adopt A Dog

A painted dog? Yep - that's want thrills some dog fanciers, and Portuguese Water Dogs, with their long growing hair, make prime candidates for fancy do's. What do you think? Should dog owners be permitted to deck their dogs out like floats?

What Would You Think if The President's Family Did This to Bo?

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    • Michelllle profile image


      5 years ago

      Colored? That can't be healthy. Hmmm


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