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It's Family Vacation Time--Oh Where, Oh Where Does the Little Dog Go?

Updated on August 23, 2017

Mollee Plans Her Own Summer Vacation

Meet Mollee, the Shorkie--Mollee's breed is a cross between a Yorkie and a Shih Tzu. She is a happy little dog who listens well and tries hard to please.

Mollee lives in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area with her family--Michael, Melissa, McKinlee, and Mason. When they adopted her, it was a given that her name too would start with an "M". And when they all agreed, she became known as Mollee Pup. Mollee really loves her family and is very happy and well cared for. She loves playing with the twins McKinlee and Mason. McKinlee treats her like a true diva from providing her with a doggie wardrobe to doggie hair dye for her hair. McKinlee even paints Mollee's nails!

The story begins when Mollee's summer started with a dilemma. Her family planned a vacation to the Bahamas and she could not travel along. Staying in a kennel seemed very distasteful to her, so Mollee got busy finding other options.

Mollee found a solution for her problem--she decided that staying with Melissa's sister (that would be me) was a fantastic idea. She thought, "It will be a fun, get away for a little vacation of my very own." Mollee has always gotten along well with me and my husband when we visit her family. When we learned of Mollee's need, we were happy to let her stay at our home for a vacation of her own. She is a welcome companion and eager to be part of whatever you are doing. Mollee and I will share some of the adventures she experienced during our week together . . .

Mollee's "Major Diva" Bed and Pet Carrier

Mollee enjoys time in her bed as well as sitting my your side. She has a comfortable bed that looks very similar to this one. Hers is camo with pink accents and "Major Diva" is written in silver on the bottom. All dogs need a bed to call their own.

The pet carrier below is a big help for many other times than just when you are traveling somewhere. It also comes in handy when you have to leave your pet at home for a short period. Mollee does not like to be left alone but we all know that there are places that dogs are just not supposed to go.

Slumber PetA Dimple Plush Nesting Beds  -  Cozy Clamshell-Style Cotton/Nylon Beds for Dogs and Cats - Small, 18", Black/Pink
Slumber PetA Dimple Plush Nesting Beds - Cozy Clamshell-Style Cotton/Nylon Beds for Dogs and Cats - Small, 18", Black/Pink

Mollee likes her bed; this one is similar in design. She likes to take an afternoon nap in her camo bed. Her bed is pictured below in the photo gallery.

Sturdy Canvas Zebra Print Pet Carrier 2 Piece Set w/ Carry Straps for Dog or Cat Pink Trim
Sturdy Canvas Zebra Print Pet Carrier 2 Piece Set w/ Carry Straps for Dog or Cat Pink Trim

This pet carrier is a must when taking care of a dog. It is easy to transport and also makes a comfortable place for sleeping. This zebra print also goes along with the Diva Dog theme. Mollee's accessory bag looks just like this one.


Follow Mollee Pup - On Instagram

Mollee Pup even has her own Instagram account! Follow her @mollee_mapes

Mollee Pup is working on getting more followers, so spread the word!

Mollee the Companion

Trusting, Involved, and Content

My husband and I travel too much to be dog owners but it is nice to dog sit for brief periods now and then. We can enjoy the company of a dog without the constant responsibility and it helps out my sister and her family--so it is a win/win for us both. Since Mollee stayed with family, she also felt more at home and experienced some new things. Staying with us would have to be more fun for her than staying in a kennel.

During Mollee's visit,we traveled to our daughter's house and Mollee played with Samson. Mollee also visited our daughter-in-law and our two grandchildren from Florida who happened to be in Texas while Mollee was with us. While at our daughter-in-law's parents house, Mollee met many new friends and also became acquainted with a dachshund named Duke. Both dogs had to remain on a leash and Mollee growled at Duke through almost the entire visit. She showed no fear even though he was bigger than her.

Mollee is a very emotional dog. She likes to be connected and know where you are every minute. She is very alert and keeps an eye on everything. She says much with her eyes. She is also a great TV watching companion and is very content with whatever is going on.

Samson & Mollee

Samson & Mollee
Samson & Mollee

Mollee's Treats and Eats! - Cranberry & Yogurt Snacks, Dentastix, and Science Diet Small Bites Dog Food

Three Dog Bakery Jump 'N Sit Cranberry and Yogurt Bits, Baked Dog Treats, 12-Ounce
Three Dog Bakery Jump 'N Sit Cranberry and Yogurt Bits, Baked Dog Treats, 12-Ounce

Mollee really, really likes these and would probably be content to eat them rather than her food. They can be used as a real motivation to get Mollee to do whatever you need her to.

Mollee loves her treats but also enjoys these other doggie menu items as part of her daily diet...

Mollee looks forward to her Dentastix treat twice daily. They are a great idea for doggie preventive maintenance for teeth and gums.

Mollee enjoys eating her Science Diet Small Bites and needs no coaxing at dinner time.

This dog food comes in small pieces which make it perfect for a small dog like Mollee. It also has no disagreeable odor like some dog foods have--it is neutral and pleasant, not strong and smelly.


Leaving Your Pet for Vacation Time

Where do you leave your pet when you take a vacation?

See results

Mollee Meets Magnet

Cats and Dogs Really Do Not Like Each Other

Mollee thought "Oh keep me away from that cat before she scratches my nose! I have heard stories about what she does to other dogs! But if I have to be around her, I will face her head on and have no fear!"

Mollee knew that Magnet could be unpredictable and she needed to be on her toes around the cat.

While safely inside the house, Mollee sits on the back of the couch and looks out the window into the front yard. She would often see Magnet sauntering by and would bark long and loud while Magnet was in sight. But Magnet was unaffected by Mollee's barks and seemed to not even notice the noise at all.

Read Magnet's Story in the Featured Lens Below

Mollee's Favorite Toy

Mollee loves playing catch and/or fetch with her personal toy, Eeyore. She is happy to share in a game almost anytime. Eeyore is almost as big as Mollee but that doesn't stop her from picking him up and sailing him across the room.

Mollee's plush Eeyore is a very durable toy. It's great for Mollee's entertainment and remains undamaged through many tosses, bites, and flights through the air.

Mollee's Pretty Pink Accent

Mollee's Pretty Pink Accent
Mollee's Pretty Pink Accent

Paint Your Tail Pink! - The Latest Fashion Statement in Doggie World

Before Mollee's visit, she let McKinlee dye her tail pink. It's the latest fashion statement for your diva dog and Mollee trusted McKinlee's advice that it would look great! The results were fabulous and added a new dimension to her diva dog beauty.

Mollee advises that you can get your own dog hair dye and give it a try. Mollee is sure that your dog will thank you for giving her the newest amazing look for all beautiful doggies. Many fabulous colors are available!

Mollee's Fashion Show - In Her Stylin' Doggie Duds

Click thumbnail to view full-size
The Diva with the Red Dress on!Yes, I am CUTE!Hello, Mollee's fashion show begins . . .Mollee is a Texas Rangers fan!Getting a treat for good behavior!Sitting Pretty!Rhinestone Diva DogReady to be done with changing clothes.Keeping an eye on things & starting to drift off to sleepTime to sleep after a long fashion show. Mollee is worn out!Sitting with McKinlee, we get a great view of Mollee's purple shirt with black bows & rhinestones.
The Diva with the Red Dress on!
The Diva with the Red Dress on!
Yes, I am CUTE!
Yes, I am CUTE!
Hello, Mollee's fashion show begins . . .
Hello, Mollee's fashion show begins . . .
Mollee is a Texas Rangers fan!
Mollee is a Texas Rangers fan!
Getting a treat for good behavior!
Getting a treat for good behavior!
Sitting Pretty!
Sitting Pretty!
Rhinestone Diva Dog
Rhinestone Diva Dog
Ready to be done with changing clothes.
Ready to be done with changing clothes.
Keeping an eye on things & starting to drift off to sleep
Keeping an eye on things & starting to drift off to sleep
Time to sleep after a long fashion show. Mollee is worn out!
Time to sleep after a long fashion show. Mollee is worn out!
Sitting with McKinlee, we get a great view of Mollee's purple shirt with black bows & rhinestones.
Sitting with McKinlee, we get a great view of Mollee's purple shirt with black bows & rhinestones.

Mollee's Wardrobe - Selections from the Build-A-Bear Collection

The Build-A-Bear line of clothes fits Mollee perfectly. She has a colorful and shiny wardrobe and she looks great in all her shirts and dresses. These little clothes are also functional to keep a tiny, little dog warm during the cold winter months or during air conditioned summer days.

Mollee posed for photos in her beautiful clothes, which are included in the photo gallery above.

Photo Credit:

All photos are from the personal collection of Deborah Leigh Alexander.

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    • Meganhere profile image


      4 years ago

      What a sweet little dog!

      My pets are lucky enough to be able to stay home when my children and I go on holiday, but when my friend left her cat at a cattery he sulked for days after he got home.

    • hazeltos profile image

      Susan Hazelton 

      4 years ago from Summerfield, Florida

      Mollee is adorable. We feel comfortable leaving our dogs with my sister-in-law. She loves them and they can't wait to visit her.

    • shewins profile image


      4 years ago

      Being the guardian of 2 cats and 4 dogs, vacation is always challenging. I used to have the ideal situation because my Mom lives next door, but now I can't even leave her alone. The ideal thing would be to have someone stay at the house to keep a eye on things.

    • verymary profile image


      5 years ago from Chicago area

      You're right; this really is a win-win setup! If my brother with a dog lived closer, I would love to watch Coco while they're on family trips. (Not sure how our 2 cats would feel about it, though!) We do care for our neighbor's dogs sometimes, but it's not a "live in" situation. You and Mollee are both lucky to have this arrangement :)


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