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Imagine That! What if … we humans could speak?

Updated on September 12, 2013

My personal imagination is closely connected with my physical senses.

Once I took it for a weakness. I desired to fly in my daydreams as my friends, to walk around the whole world with my legs in five minutes and to create in my dreams whole worlds - as well as to save ultimately this one world, of course. 1999 broke my ban of that putative spiritual imprisonment.

You should believe me every word of my todayâs lens. I got in these moments a talent of which I had ever dreamed. I learned to speak.

(The dog at the intro picture is my companion since 8 years - we talk a lot with our eyes!)

(c) twinlili /
(c) twinlili /

It is nothing to write home about? No way!

A few weeks before that unique encounter, my life was completely destroyed.

I was a boarderliner and had to take the decision, to continue with my self destruction or finally to pull the ripcord. I walked around night by night in tears, looked for solace within the nature, under the stars, in the icy wind of these nights. Then I heard my mouth speak out the sentence »I desire to live. «

Some weeks later I entered a house where I was never before. On the search for assistance, I had arranged a meeting with a psychologist. The woman wasn't here, but I was allowed to go into our meeting room and should wait there. I opened the door and looked to the right direction. There was the picture of my life.

They hide their language - And I know why

My wolf - rescuer, companion and until today my communication aide - A white wolf sat on a meadow in front of some trees.

(c) Christel Mückter /
(c) Christel Mückter /

Behind him was tensioned a wire of a fence, maybe of an enclosure. The prisoner sat with pleasure in the grass and howled with half closed eyes into the day. Suddenly I began to sweat.

My body trembled from the hair-ends till the feet soles. Something streamed inside me, multicolored, brightly, intangible, a mixture from shards and happiness; it seemed as if the stream would never end. Sometime later I leaned exhausted against a chair.

Sound of my life - A spot of happiness for me

Imagine that - I learned to speak in my age of 31!

Within a quarter of an hour I wrote finally again a story - the first after 15 years of a writer's block. One day later I saw a pigeon on my windowsill. The first time after years I did not desire to offer her crumbs. I laid my head on the windowsill and tried to get visual contact. »She« was a black male pigeon with a white point on the tail feathers. I could see in the eyes of the pigeon, that he was not hungry.

He was only highly amused about my inner turmoil. Pigeons, dear readers, are very curious against all other animals. I discovered during this first »conversation« that I am able to read in all eyes - as long as they are clearly visible at a creature.

Books for wolve lovers

(c) Heyni /
(c) Heyni /

Where eye readers have their jobs

Imagine that:

I knew nothing about dogs but I asked a short time after my wolf-encounter for a job in an animal shelter. The boss was shocked about my asking. The first impression was this of a weak woman, clothed with gown and blouse and sandals, with a pretty hairstyle and not a little bit dirty!

She brought me to a seriously ill she dog. Even the veterinary did not know what it could be. This young dog was only skin and bones from an unknown illness. I saw into her eyes, brought meat from a pot, laid me to her and fed her from mouth to mouth, every piece well prepared with my spittle. She took it like a puppy from his mother. I »felt« this sentence of me, some weeks before: »I desire to live. «

She has survived. The first week from my spittle, then three weeks from spittle and medicine, the last four weeks only from medicine and her own will to live. She lived around 14 years and became never as ill as in these days.

You should try it!

(c) Ruth Rudolph /
(c) Ruth Rudolph /

More than 3 years, I was for all people in the animal shelter the »freak«. I »talked« with a Peregrine Falcon, played with a young raccoon, controlled with my eyes a four-head flock of sheep, looked for her eggs with a duck and could give animals countless times new courage to face life. And they? They gave it back far more than I could ever imagine. They showed me a way to live, independent from all things and only driven by the chance, to »talk« now and then with an animal.

Such »language« is based on trust. That's all. Feel into them, see into their eyes and listen. Recently I had read some lenses about the center where our soul feels comfortable, about our Chi and about serenity - all this is here when animal and human are »talking«. Unfortunately, we humans are usually too loud for such »language« - but it exists.

Imagine what could be - if we humans would learn and accept this »language«.

(c) Michaela Schöllhorn /
(c) Michaela Schöllhorn /

All the pain of all animals would end. We could feel respect because »talking« creatures could prove us their true intelligence. Nature would have a chance to heal. I think that the humans would develop a new understanding.

We could learn a lot by animals. Our life would become more silent, because a lot of the things, we think to need, would be senseless. We humans would recognize the beauty of animal souls. Well, such a world I can imagine, oh yeah!

True freedom

True freedom
True freedom

Since this experience I live completely free, also in my profession. I am no longer animal keeper. My body could no longer bear the permanently high physical burden. But the »eye language« I have preserved and pass it to all animals I meet. My family is sure that I must be a »freak«. When a dog comes to me from a distance, only for a short greeting with his side along my side, then they are shaking their »intelligent« heads.

My son with his age of 6 has already understood. I do all in order to teach him without human words this »language«. He has yet much time to learn it really good. When the day comes, then I wish that he will tell the humans of his generation the truth about animal language.

I am sure: You can clearly imagine a future in such harmony, eh?

I look forward for a lot of comments, perhaps similar experience lenses!

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    • PattiJAdkins profile image

      PattiJAdkins 4 years ago

      What a wonderful Lens! Thank you!

    • Gimba-i-gilbir profile image

      Ines Bader 4 years ago from Hasenthal (Thuringia, Germany)

      @darkflowers: Unfortunately, there are a lot of people without this important connection , and I am not angry about names they give to me. I am grateful to see in you someone more who speaks and understands this wonderful language. Thank you very much for Squid-liking my heart-blood lens!

    • Gimba-i-gilbir profile image

      Ines Bader 4 years ago from Hasenthal (Thuringia, Germany)

      @SteveKaye: Birds show an amazing behavior in times of fear or love. I am grateful to meet people of the same spirit as my own - thank you for visiting and Squid-liking my lens!

    • darkflowers profile image

      Anja Toetenel 4 years ago from The Hague, the Netherlands

      You are not a freak at all! People who think this simply have lost connection with Mother Nature. I speak this language too, like you do. You described it so beautiful. Thank you!

    • profile image

      SteveKaye 4 years ago

      Animals know how to live into a lasting future. They do this by showing respect for the environment they depend upon. We could learn much from animals. I feel inspired every time I go out to take photos of birds because they are so wise.

    • Gimba-i-gilbir profile image

      Ines Bader 4 years ago from Hasenthal (Thuringia, Germany)

      @Grifts: That's true ... and so it is our task to teach our children a new understanding and to hope that some day the humans will wake up and make it better. Thank's for SquidLiking!

    • Grifts profile image

      Devin Gustus 4 years ago

      I think most humans don't give animal enough credit.