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Inspirational Dog Quotes

Updated on September 22, 2014

Brighten Your Day (And Others Too) With These Uplifting Quotes About Dogs

Most anyone who has been around dogs knows that there is something spiritual about their sweet, loving and unexpecting nature. When someone is feeling troubled, the silent devoted companionship of a dog can many times do more help than reading self-help books or talking to a therapist.

Enjoy and share these inspirational dog quotes and let them bring some sunshine into your world and those around you. They are also great for printing out and hanging around the home or office - as that little reminder that it doesn't take much more than some unconditional love to make our soul happy.

The 10 Canine Commandments

10 canine commandments
10 canine commandments

If I Was Anything Like My Dog...

Conversations With The Dog

dog quote
dog quote

Lots More Dog Quotes and Dog Inspiration!

Check out this Dog Facebook Page - filled with lots of dog pictures, dog quotes and other smile-inducing stuff

Be The Person Your Dog Thinks You Are

dog inspiration
dog inspiration

On Losing a Dog

loss of a dog
loss of a dog

All You Need is Love...And a Dog.

dog love
dog love

Craziest Dog Toys For Fun-Loving Dogs!

These fun, interactive dog toys are just the things to send your dog's tail wagging into hyper drive. These dog toys aren't your ordinary stuffed this or squeaky that. Nope, these crazy dog toys are unique and interesting and attention grabbing and ready to thoroughly entertain your dog.

  • Bacon Bubble Machine - This bubble machine for dogs blows a ton of bacon-scented bubbles for your dog to pop.
  • Talking Dog Ball - Not only is this dog toy a tough chew toy, it's also a fine companion for any lonely pooch. As your dog plays with it, this talking dog toy makes over 20 different (and realistic) animal sounds. Now what dog could possibly be lonely surrounded by a zooful of animals?
  • World's Most Annoying Dog Toy - Ever notice how it's always, the loudest, most annoying dog toys that are always your dog's favorites? Well, this noisy dog toy squawks loudly for a continuous 10 seconds when it's squeezed - try beating that on the annoying dog toy scale!
  • Squirting Dog Ball - Just run this dog toy under water, hand it to your dog and let the fun times begin! Whenever your dog bites this dog toy, water squirts out - making it one of the most refreshing dog toys around!

Spiritual Animals

pink quote
pink quote

Everything I Need to Know...I Learned From My Dog

dog quotes
dog quotes

The Best American Made Dog Toys

As more and more dog owners are demanding higher quality, all natural and environmentally-friendly dog toys, the demand for Made in the USA dog toys has increased. Here's a list of some of the best dog toys that are made in America.

  • Tether Tug - The best outdoor dog toy ever invented! The Tether Tug easily installs right into the ground and dogs have a grand ole time playing tug of war anytime they want, for as long as they want!
  • Super King Tug - Probably one of the most fun tug toys ever made, the Super King Tug is 36 inches of bright colors, floppy flaps and big braided fleece. Fun to tug, swing and flop around!
  • Kong Wubba - This fun dog toy is a fun fetch toy that soars through the air with colorful nylon straps flapping behind. The Kong Wubba dog toy is made of a tennis ball and a squeaker ball covered in reinforced nylon. Making it a tough dog toy that's a super fun fetch toy too.
  • Atomic Treat Ball - This treat dispenser is made from safe, non-toxic rubber. With this dog toy, dogs must work for their treats and food by moving the Atomic Treat Ball around, waiting for dog treats to fall out.
  • Twiz - One of the toughest dog toys out there, the Twiz is great for fetching, tugging and chewing. A true dog toy favorite!

What are your favorite quotes about dogs? - We'd love to hear them!

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