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PetSafe Anti-Bark Collar

Updated on August 17, 2014

Is your dogs barking driving you insane?

Being a dog owner is a wonderful and rewarding experience. However, if you have a barker on your hands, well, that is not so rewarding. Our one dog thinks he is the director of homeland security and takes his job way too serious. He sits perched in his look out position staring intently out our front window for any activity. Yes, birds, rabbits, our neighbors cat and every person who strolls past our house. While it is nice to have such high security, I am not sure if it is truly needed. How do we tell him that?

I searched for ways to control this behavior. I read all kinds of information about shock collars and other types of behavioral control. But they all seemed too harsh to me. I wanted something humane to help him learn to control his outbursts.

A friend of mine suggested that I check out those citronella anit-bark collars. I thought to myself... How in the world will that be effective. So, off to Amazon I went and researched all the models available. One of my favorite things to do when I am purchasing something is read what other customers think about the product. I was amazed at how many positive reviews the PetSafe Gentle Spray Collar received. It made my decision easy, and I ordered the PetSafe Collar along with a refill bottle of the citronella and crossed my fingers that this would do the trick to shush my loud mouth dog.

When I received the new collar, I was concerned about the size of the device on the collar. It seemed fairly large for my small dog. My husband adjusted and trimmed the collar to fit my little guys neck and held it out for him to see. He immediately came and stuck his head out to have the collar put on. So we placed it on his neck. T

he worst time of the day is in the morning. We have alot of activity outside our home with children, other dogs and school buses. So it was an excellent time to test this new collar out. Within a matter of minutes, he began barking. However, he stopped quickly and began running around looking confused. After his confusion subsided he returned to his post. A few minutes later, he barked again, this time he was not confused. He knew where that horrible smell was coming from. And he just sat on his chair quietly. It was pretty funny to see him quiet like that.

Now all we have to do is hold the collar up so he can see it and he immediately stops barking. It is wonderful and I must say it worked like a charm. Now my husband and I can enjoy our morning and actually even engage in conversation in a normal tone and our neighbors are most likely thankful as well.

The PetSafe anti-bark collar really worked and we are so thankful to have found a solution.

The device holds about 25 sprays, but don't worry your dog will figure it all out quick. PetSafe sells a refill can which holds 200 sprays.

So how does this work?

The device on the collar emits a spray of citronella, this is triggered by his bark. Nothing else triggers it. At least nothing we discovered, because we had to test it out. It is as simple as that.

Included with the collar is a 6 volt battery and user guide, which you will not have to read since it is all so simple. Also this collar is safe for puppies, however they do recommend that the dog weigh at least 6 pounds to use this collar.

Brodie a.k.a "The Barker"
Brodie a.k.a "The Barker"

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This video by PetSafe explains the collar in more detail.

See the PetSafe anti-bark collar in action.

I hope my review on the PetSafe anti-bark collar has helped you decide if this is the right product for you. And hopefully you will be able to find some peace and quiet soon.

Thanks for reading. Have a great day!


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