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Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Training Litter

Updated on August 19, 2014

When it comes to our pets, they are like family! But when it comes to kitties that start missing the box, and using the house, that is a problem that affects the family! Serious loss of property, tense moments, tense kitties, and intense decisions have to be made. In such moments, throwing the kitty out the door may seem the first option, but of course, it isn't! We soon begin to wish for a simple answer...that works! I can tell you there is an answer; the degree of difficulty and time it takes varies. But the sweet news is your family doesn't have to be disengaged and the kitty can resume taking up residence in your home and hearts!

The biggest problem with kitties is they are kitties ~ that is, outside animals that have to adapt to being inside. There are stressors in their lives, too! Though we take away the things that can harm them and keep them safe and warm and love them up inside, they are naturally wanting to climb trees, chase bugs and things and be hunters and snoozers. Inside, much of this is curtailed! Give me a kitty in a sunny spot, sleeping peacefully, and I am happy, too. But when it comes to relieving themselves, whether it is from confusion of the right spot, or they have druthers we just don't understand, the psychology makes no difference ~ they have to be helped to correct this terrible problem!

To correct this problem, the Dr. Elsey's products are practically all it takes. Whatever the secret is, the Doctor has figured out how to make it work relatively easily in our homes, to bring back sanity to all. So it is a huge relief that the solution could be that easy, just switching out litters. But actually, it will pay to do a bit of homework and housework before the bag of litter arrives to take care of the problem.

First, make sure your boxes are practical for you, and inviting for the kitty. And especially important is that you have at least two boxes if you have two or more kitties. I've heard one for each cat, plus an additional one. That's a lot of boxes! We have four kitties, so that is not really practical for us.

Scoop the litter box as many times as possible, but at least twice daily. Keeping the box(es) wiped up, cleaning anything that gets soiled will be necessary. A clean litter box will be your best bet for convincing your kitties to go for the box. A chore, but the pay out is purr-y!

The Dr. Elsey's Cat Attract Problem Cat Training Litter should be introduced in a clean box, with no trace of the old litter. Yes, it's expensive to get started, but your nerves and flooring are more expensive! Hopefully, positive results can be felt immediately! Be sure to use positive reinforcement with a bit of catnip if you can, after a successful litter box visit. What kitty would turn down this new attraction?

The other secret ingredient! For those really problematic kitties, here is the biggest turnaround, a surefire trick up your sleeve, that will have kitties waking up and smelling the coffee. Well, not really, but at least considering the box is the next best thing to catfish!

I will say I have had at least minimal success by using the Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Litter Attractant additive on a cheaper brand of litter. But Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Ultra Premium Clumping Cat Litter has lower dust and virtually no perfume smell, preferred by far when trying to attract the kitties to the box. It is an excellent litter!

At first, a fair amount of the "Magic Stuff" ~ and yes, that's exactly what we call it ~ is sprinkled on and lightly scooped in, with a fair amount dusted across the top. Again, the amount varies. Use your nerves as a guide! If they seem to need a good reminder, use a good shake! I am down to just a sprinkle or two on a couple of our litter boxes, a couple of times a week.

I am not sure we will ever be able to wean ourselves off of it, not sure we want to try! But the Dr. Elsey's litter with the Magic Stuff is sufficient at this point to maintain the results we hope for ~ and that is kitties that enjoy the benefits of home life while we enjoy the loving rewards of caring for our furry, purry babies.

I highly recommend Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat products for cat owners, to enable them to share their loving home, full of play time and plenty of happy catnapping!

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