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Best Outdoor Cat House - The Kitty Tube

Updated on February 21, 2016

The Kitty Tube

The The Kitty Tube outdoor cat house is really the perfect choice for all cat lovers who for some reason do not want their pets to live in the house. Where I live, I have already a dog and two cats living inside, so there is no question about fully adopting another cat. The problem is that my neighborhood is full of stray cats, some of which beg to be let in and fed, especially in rainy or cold weather. As I kept refusing them, two of them eventually found their way on my balcony, where they would leave muddy paw marks or bloody remains of late night feasts on my spotless white couch. I knew I had to provide them with some sort of better shelter, so when I read the excellent reviews of people who had already bought the Kitty Tube, I decided to get one about a month ago. My outdoor cats simply love it, it looks really good in my garden, my white couch stays clean and everybody is happy!

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What is the Kitty Tube?

The Kitty Tube is a fully insulated outdoor cat house, which is designed to keep cool in the summer and warm and dry in winter. The outer shell is made of sturdy, high quality 100% recycled plastic consisting of recycled milk and detergent bottles and has a removable top which ensures that the interior can be easilly cleaned, inspected and re-arranged. The rather small entrance provides a safe shelter for your pet, as it prevents larger animals such as dogs from entering. However, the interior is surprisingly roomy, allowing for up to three cats, provided they are on good terms between them. The Kitty Tube includes a custom, machine washable pet bed on top of the fully insulated floor. The whole construction is extremely durable and is guaranteed for life to never chip, crack or fade.

The item arrived sooner than I had hoped and was much better than I had expected. I placed it in a sheltered part of the garden, under an apple tree, although I now see there was no such need, as the cat house is really well insulated on the inside and keeps dry and warm even after heavy rain. I left the lid open for a day or two, as the instructions specified, and put food and water inside. The cats seemed a little suspicious and wary at first, but on the third day we had very heavy rain so I closed the lid, and when I went out to look for them later on, I found both of them snugly settled inside, licking and grooming themselves. I am really happy with my purchase and would recommend it to anybody. It is very easy to keep clean, and the bed included is quite nice and soft, although you might want to add an insulated blanket on really cold days. My outdoor cats are now safe and happy and so am I!

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    • ismeedee profile image

      ismeedee 5 years ago

      Great idea...the cat isn't always around when you lock up to go out- and the weather here is so fickle it would be nice to have a place for our little madam to shelter!

    • Mammozon profile image

      Mammozon 5 years ago

      Our cat is an indoor cat who loves to prowl outside during the day. There are times when he refuses to come in when we're leaving for a day jaunt. This cat Tube is just what he needs if the weather turns bad before we get home. I had never heard of this before. Thank you so much for this lens! Oh, and my cat thanks you too!

    • WriterJanis2 profile image

      WriterJanis2 5 years ago

      Absolutely. I have many rescue cats in my home.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      You are so good in making lenses. Awesome lens thanks for sharing.