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Kong Flyer, Dog Toy for Plenty of Exercise

Updated on September 1, 2016

Kong Flyer the Ultimate Dog Toy

I have a soft haired Schnauzer name Scooter and he has more energy than most dogs. When he was small I bought him a rubber frisbee from the toy store which was designed for a child. Well needless to say within a few tosses he had torn it to shreds. He was so excited by this toy I continued to buy him a new one every chance I got. He had torn up quite a few before I discovered that there was actually a soft flying toy for dogs.

The Kong flyer is soft and pliable which Scooter likes to shake if back and forth every time he retrieves it. I was amazed that after a weeks time there were no tears or even teeth mark on it. Months went by and and then years and this toys has been a regular morning, noon and night activity for us. he love his frisbee and knows it by name.

It seems that no matter how many times I toss it he never tires of the game. He still has this toy after all those years and although it has aged in the sun, (we live in the deep south it sunny all the time) nothing has effected the use of this toy. Since this time we found a smaller version of the Kong designed for smaller mouths.

This toy is unlike the hard frisbee that our Vet told us can put to much stress on smaller dogs mouths. So each day Scooter and I play Kong he seems to know it my name. We play with it in the yard, we take it to the beach and of course it goes with us on vacation. It is the toy Scooter favors anytime we go outside to play. It was a bit pricey than other toys, but it has outlasted many other toys my baby has had.


Interactive Toys

Interactive toys for your dog that provide exercise and stimulate the mind. When you play with your pet it give him the exercise he needs. It also gives you the opportunity to interact with him in a loving way. Dog enjoy playing and love to fetch and return toys.

If you want to stimulate your pets mind a frisbee is a great toy. Your dog will enjoy catching it in the air and if he drops it or needs to pick it up from the ground, he need to figure our how to do it. My dog has a unique way of picking it up off the ground. He steps on the edge and uses this to put the other end off of the ground.

By allowing your dog to have opportunities to figure out tasks it exercises his mind. Pets that are not given challenges can become destructive when bored. They will find things to play with in your home and use them as toys.

The Indestructable Frisbee

Have Fun

Lasts a Longtime

There are many toys available for your pet. Many of them seem like a good idea when you first buy them, but soon you pet will tire of them and no longer play with them. The Kong is not one of those toys. Your pet will enjoy this toys for years.

Since this toys is indestructible it last for a longtime. The only thing that causes any harm to it is the sun. Be sure to bring it inside or store it somewhere out of direct sunlight. Dogs mouth don't harm the condition of this toy. Even if your pet decides to chew it the toy is rubbery and remains intact.

I used to buy regular toy frisbees for my dog and they would be destroyed withing a week or so. Although the Kong is a little more expensive, it will withstand anything your dog does to it. Just think of the money you can save, since he will not get tired of this toy nor will be be able to destroy it.

Photo Gallery

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Scooter retrieving his Kong flier.  He can do this for 10 to 15 minutes at a time.Here he comes again!Come on one more time!That's enough for me.  I need to cool down.Ahh, this is what I needed a drink and cool water.
Scooter retrieving his Kong flier.  He can do this for 10 to 15 minutes at a time.
Scooter retrieving his Kong flier. He can do this for 10 to 15 minutes at a time.
Here he comes again!
Here he comes again!
Come on one more time!
Come on one more time!
That's enough for me.  I need to cool down.
That's enough for me. I need to cool down.
Ahh, this is what I needed a drink and cool water.
Ahh, this is what I needed a drink and cool water.


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