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Boxers are a Familys Best Friend

Updated on April 23, 2014

Do You Love Boxers? I Do!

Do you love Boxers? I sure do! They are energetic, loyal, they are great guard dogs, but at the same time they are very loving and great with kids. I am currently attending college to become a Veterinarian Technician, and would like to educate people on the Boxer breed. I raised a brindle Boxer baby from 4 weeks old, and I love her to death. Are you thinking about adding a Boxer to your family? In this Lens you will find facts and pictures about the breed.

Do you already have a Boxer? Well then this is an awesome place to find gifts and all sorts of items based on the Boxer.

My Boxer Story

All about Kira my Boxer

I first got my boxer puppy when she was only 4 weeks old, and only 3 pounds. Her mother abandoned her, and her father tried to kill her. Only after about a week she started to get very sick, and we found out that she might not make it. My husband and I stayed up for 2 weeks, with only a couple hours of sleep, to nurse her back to health. She was so cute and helpless, it made me cry a couple of times. We had to force feed her her food and water. After those weeks were up, we had noticed she was starting to play bite a little, that's when we realized everything we had done had payed off. She started playing more, she was now able to keep her food down. She started to pack on some weight. To this day she is a 4 year old, 54 pound beautiful, brindle boxer.

Where Did Boxers Come From?

Boxers are working dogs that came from Germany long ago. They came from dogs that were originally bred to hunt wild animals. With their strong jaw, the early Boxer-type dog would hold the animal until the hunter arrived. Now, Boxers have a strong instinct to guard and protect the people around them.

These days Boxers can do many different activities. They are good companions and sensitive therapy dogs. They enjoy fun activities like flyball, agility, and tracking. Some are used as service dogs, police dogs, and guard dogs. Some Boxers can herd sheep!

How Big Do They Get?

Male Boxers can grow up to 25 inches tall and weigh between 55 and 75 pounds. Females are usually a little smaller than males.

What Color Is The Boxer's Fur?

Boxers are known mainly for their fawn coloring, or their Brindle coloring.

Fawn coloring is a single color that is usually light brown, or dark brown.

Brindle coloring is having a fawn background, with dark stripes, stripes can range in size. Both Fawn and Brindle boxers may contain some white.

There are also all white boxers, even though it may be full bred, if a boxer is all white, or has to much white covering their body, they are not allowed to be show dogs.

How Much Exercise Do Boxers Need

Boxers need alot of exercise. If you have a large sized yard they will fully enjoy running back and forth across it. Even if you have a large yard, they will appreciate a good walk daily.

They love playing all sorts of games, they will play just about anything as long as it's active. Just like you, Boxers can get bored, so make sure they have plenty of toys to keep them out of trouble.

How Fast Do Boxers Learn?

Boxers are very fast learners. They are always watching and observing you, trying to learn. But like all other dogs, you should have patience while teaching them.

Beautiful Boxer

Beautiful Boxer
Beautiful Boxer

Videos of Boxers

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    • profile image

      anonymous 8 years ago

      I am the proud owner of three wonderful, entertaining and loving boxers. I have only raised boxers. I love them for there everyday puppy humor no matter how old they become. My boy is 9yrs old and my girls are 8 yrs old and 10 months old. I have two fawns and one brindle. You could never ask for a better family dog. They have the sweetest wiggle butts and are always happy to see you no matter what. They know when I am sad they no when I am not feeling well and they show their wonderful compassionate side and warm your heart. There isn't enough I can say about them. I am looking for a white boxer for what I call my herd. We have 7 acres with many farm animals and their playful non agressive behavior is wonderful. They are my loves...

    • profile image

      MyChildCreatesowner 8 years ago

      I enjoyed reading your lens. Lots of good quality photos....well done

    • profile image

      ols 8 years ago

      Nice lens, Melissa. I like the photos, and your personal perspective on Boxers.