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Let's Go Fishin' For Birds

Updated on July 29, 2014

I have to say that we have a product that is very similar to this SmartyKat LocoMotion. The only difference is that it isn't automated and that you just throw it around for your cat to seek, find and go bananas! It's the cutest invention since the fishing rod but not with the trophy fish at the end...just a bird or what might resemble one.

Almost a year ago to the day, November 29th, we picked up this beautiful stray cat at the SPCA. He was only about 6 months old and he couldn't vie for our attention enough as we browsed. His name is Pepsi yet goes by many other names which you can surely read about in my column. I introduce him in this article because he's the culprit over a highly wanted toy and couldn't ask for more nor could he destroy enough. Like I said, it's banana worthy and he just loves this toy.

I suppose that you could buy this fun product just about anytime of the year. It's nicely priced and well suited for your killer cats. With all kidding aside, I would suggest only one thing that might need a little tweaking... yet I find this in most toys even garments... and that is to secure the fabric or the lure, in this case, more than is normally done. For obvious reasons...their toys do take a toll and a beating.

No doubt, this crazy wonderful toy has offered our cats, particularly the new kid on the block, a real thrill. Not only that, but it has helped him optimize his hunting tactics for critters from across the field which saves us a real hassle over winter. I highly recommend this product and look forward to getting the upgrade as well. It's the cat's meow!

Undercover Mouse Electronic Cat Toy
Undercover Mouse Electronic Cat Toy

When there is just not enough toys in the house - try this one!

FroliCat HC1 Twitch Teaser Cat Toy
FroliCat HC1 Twitch Teaser Cat Toy

Any movement is cause for a crazy cat.


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Pepsi Darlin'
Pepsi Darlin'

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