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Lion Facts for Kids - Fun Facts About Lions

Updated on June 1, 2014

The Lion's Den

Welcome to the Lion's Den

Here kids will find fun facts about lions plus links to cute lion crafts and coloring pages, lion games and more.Everything and anything about lions is the theme for this Squidoo Lens.

Lions are known as the "king of the jungle" although they don't actually live in a jungle. They have captured the attention of many kids with popular movies like "The Lion King" and "Madagascar". These Disney movies have put lions at the front of the pack and into the hearts of many kids big and small.

So let's get "roaring" and learn lots of lion facts for kids.

Lion Facts for Kids

Do you Know......?

Here are some facts you may or may not know about lions. Test yourself, your friends, teachers and even your parents to see how much they know about this majestic feline.

Are Lions the Biggest Cat?

Answer - No

Lions are the second largest feline. The tiger is actually the biggest wild cat. Lions are large cats, just not the largest. A female lion can weigh up to 260 to 330 pounds. That's 120 to 150 kilograms. A male lion is larger than the female and can weigh up to 330 to 500 pounds (150 - 250 kg).

Do all Lions have a Mane?

Answer - No

Only the male lions have the distinguishable mane. Baby male lions, called cubs, do not start to grow their manes until they reach puberty. They start to grow their manes at about 18 months of age and continue until they are about 5 years old. At this point they will have a full grown mane.

Who hunts for the food - Males or Females

Answer - Females

The females, also called lioness, are the ones who do all the hunting. They hunt in packs and hunt large mammals like zebras, antelope, gazelles and even buffalo. Even though it is the female lions that do the hunting, the male lions will always eat first. After they eat then the females eat and then the cubs are allowed to eat.

What is another name for a male lion?

Answer - Tom

Male lions are also called tom. This is where the saying "Tomcat" comes from. Female lions are called a lioness or she-lion. Baby lions are called cubs, whelps or lionets.

Links to Lion Facts for Kids

More Fun Facts about Lions

Check out all these other fun facts to learn even more. These are some of the cute and fun lion facts I found on the web.

More Lion Facts for Kids

Lions live in......

African lions live in - you guessed it - Africa. They roam the grasslands and prairies and live in dens or lairs. They prefer cool climate but can adapt to higher temperatures.

The Asiatic lions live in the Gir forest in India. There are only about 200 lions left in this region and they live primarily on the wildlife preserve.

A family of lions is called a...

Pride. A lions family is usually made up of female lions. There are usually only 2 male lions in a pride. A litter of lions is usually only 2 cubs but can be more. The female lions generally stay with the pride for life but male lions may only stay a few years.

Lions ...

  • Are active at night and prefer to hunt at this time.
  • Live to be about 15 years old in the wild and longer while in captivity.
  • Can run up to 50 mile per hour but only for a very short distance.
  • Are born blind and do not open their eyes for a couple of weeks.
  • Are an endangered species

Well that's a lot of fun facts about lions. Enough of learning, let's have some fun. Below are several links to many fun lion activities such as coloring pages, online games, crafts and more.

Lion Crafts for Kids

Links to Lion Facts

Here are some adorable lion crafts you can make. Try one or try them all for lots of crafting fun.

Zoo Animal Coloring Pages

Printable Lion Coloring Pages

Get your printer ready and find your crayons for lots of coloring fun with these links to zoo animals (including lions) coloring pages.

More Lion Coloring Fun

Online Lion Coloring Pages

Take your coloring fun to the computer for more lion pictures online.

Fun Lion Books

Check out these kids books about lions

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    • Taranwanderer profile image

      Taranwanderer 23 months ago

      Cool hub about lions - a fellow lion hubber! There are some African lion facts on here that I had no idea about - such as lions being called "Tom". I wrote one too -

    • etaCarinae profile image

      Sara Johnson 2 years ago from United States

      Awesome collection about facts about lions - the mightiest cat on the African plains.

    • christinsword profile image

      christinsword 4 years ago

      I am a great fan of the African lion and a promoter of conservation efforts to keep this most majestic cat of the family Felidae around for years to come. Great lens!

      The African lion was around for years before man, and should continue to be that way...

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