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Lion Facts for Kids | African Cats

Updated on April 17, 2013

Top 10 Lion Facts for Children and More

The best lion facts for kids. Lions are impressive creatures. Interesting too, come and find out some child-friendly facts about lions. One of our favorite African cats.

My older son loves African animals, especially the carnivores. He loves to find out all about his favorite animals so I've been researching the information about lions.

I've included some wild lion videos too and ideas of where to find more lion information and encourage a child's interest in lions and other wild animals.


African Lion Poster Print, 24x36

Top 10 Lion Facts for Kids

  1. How big are lions? Lions are big cats. The largest males can be over 550lb in weight (250kg). Male lions are typically the weight of 2-3 adult men! (Tigers are bigger though.)
  2. Lions are the only cats that live in family groups. A lion family is called a pride and includes up to three male lions, several lionesses and their young. Females typically stay with their pride whereas young males must leave and make their own way in life.
  3. Where do lions live? Most lions live on the savannah and grassy plains of Africa. They used to be common across Europe and Asia. There are still a few lions left in Asia. The asiatic lion is found only in the Gir Forest in Gujarat, India. Lions are also bred in zoos around the world. Zoo conservation work plays an important part in preserving these amazing animals for the future.
  4. Lions are yellowy-brown or tan in color. This coloring is referred to as tawny. The term tawny lions is used to distinguish regular colored lions from the more unusual white lions.
  5. In modern culture lions are associated with being brave, as in the phrase 'as brave as a lion'. It's easy to be brave when you're the top predator! The cowardly lion in the Wizard of Oz turns this around.
  6. Lions are of course carnivores or meat-eaters. In Africa they eat large african mammals such as wildebeest, zebra, buffalo and warthog. In a pride, it's the lionesses that do most of the hunting to provide meat.
  7. Lions make lots of different noises. They are known for their roar which is used to communicate their location and ownership of territory. Lions roar a lot at night and their roar can carry over long distances. They also snarl, purr and hiss.
  8. The IUCN red list of endangered species lists Panthera Leo as vulnerable. It's hard to calculate how many lions are left (they don't tend to return the census forms ;-) but recent studies suggest there are 20 to 40,000 lions left in the wild. There are only around 350 Indian lions left.
  9. In the wild, lions live for around 12 years. In captivity they can live for much longer, 20 years or more. This is because they have an easy life in captivity. They are less likely to get injured and will receive medical treatment for any problems. And if they reach old age, they'll be well looked after.
  10. And yes, I haven't forgotten. Male lions have manes. Male lions are very distinctive with their impressive yellow manes. This makes them readily identifiable and physically impressive. Lions are a popular theme in many cultures, look around your city and see if you can spot any lions.

Papo Lioness with Lion Cub

Papo Wild Animal Kingdom Figure, Lioness with Cub
Papo Wild Animal Kingdom Figure, Lioness with Cub

Papo animals are very well made and this lioness gently holding a cub in her mouth is very cute.

More lion toys.


Disney African Cats Trailer

Lion fans will enjoy the new Disney African Cats movie. It's filmed in Africa and full of gorgeous scenes and fascinating wild animals. Careful though some younger kids might find it too sad.

Disney: African Cats - New for 2011

Disneynature: African Cats (Two-Disc Blu-ray / DVD Combo in DVD Packaging)
Disneynature: African Cats (Two-Disc Blu-ray / DVD Combo in DVD Packaging)

Disney: African Cats is set in Africa and is full of breathtaking scenary. One of the stars is Mara, a lion cub who is growing up.

It's quite emotional so I suggest that parents watch first.


Lion Documentaries

My boys love watching lion documentaries. Kevin Richardson, the Lion Ranger is one of their favorites. Kevin has a deep knowledge of and respect for lions and is able to interact closely with them. And African Cats is a wonderfully shot documentary - not for sensitive kids though, there are some very sad bits!

Wild Lion Video

A Mom lion introduces her cubs to their Dad. Lots of great wild lion behaviour.

Famous Lions

Lions are well-represented in modern culture. There are lots of famous lions in movies including:

- The Cowardly Lion from the Wizard of Oz

- Aslan from Narnia

- Simba from the Lion King

- Alex from Madagascar

Best Lion Books

Some of the best lion books to help learn more about these amazing African big cats. My sons love to hear stories about lions and soak up lion facts and see lion pictures.

Lion Fact Books:

African Cats: A Lion's Pride

@ Amazon


Christian the Lion

@ Amazon


National Geographic Readers: Deadliest Animals

@ Amazon


Lion Story Books:

The Lion & the Mouse

@ Amazon


Lazy Lion (African Animal Tales)

@ Amazon


The Lion and the Little Red Bird (Picture Puffins)

@ Amazon



If you want to help protect lions you can donate money to LionAid

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Lion Facts for Kids

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    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Fascinating facts. Explained in a way to make them easily digestible for kids.

    • BuckHawkcenter profile image

      BuckHawkcenter 6 years ago

      Flying over to drop some Angel dust on this outstanding lens. Lions don't return census forms? Wow, learn something new every day :D! Thanks for putting together this quality lens!

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      Elsie Hagley 6 years ago from New Zealand

      Great Lens, it is so easy for you to make good lens, wish I could, still not getting amazon going right yet, but you have so many, and they look ok, wish mine did. Thanks for sharing.