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List of Cat Breeds

Updated on August 20, 2013

Large and Small Cat Breeds Encylopedia

Do you like all types of cat breeds? Do you want to learn more about all different types of cat breeds? If yes, you are in the right place to see a list of cat breeds from large, wild cats to domestic cats!

Cat lovers around the world have been enamoured by this little fluffy animal for centuries. We live with them in our houses as loved family members. We keep them in our barns so they can help to keep vermin to a minimum. And we primp, preen and show them at Cat Shows all around the world. They are the Cat.

In this page, you will find great resources so you can learn about all the different types of cat breeds. You will also be able to learn about Large Cats and also Small Cat Breeds.

What are you waiting for? Take a ride in this Cat Breeds Encyclopedia!

Image Source: The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Cats, Cat Breeds & Cat Care available here at Amazon

Cat Breeds Book
Cat Breeds Book

The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Cats, Cat Breeds & Cat Care

Reference Book of the Main Cat Breeds of the World

For the best resource that there is, that covers everything you could ever want to know about cats, this is The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Cats book. it makes a great gift for any cat lover.

This is an extremely popular book. Up-to-date and informative, it comes endorsed with veterinary approval. The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Cats is very comprehensive and covers the range of breeds of cat - from the exotic and hairless Sphynx, to the delightful Singapura Cat.

It covers not only the breed descriptions, but goes into the behavior and temperament, along with the care needs of each breed.

Truly a valuable reference book for any cat lover, you get everything you need to know about cats, all in the one place.

Our Quick List of Popular Cat Breeds - Click on each of the links below to learn more about the Cat Breeds

Thdere are a number of breeds that are very ancient, and some that are still being developed by breeders. Here is our quick list of some of the popular cat breeds.

About The Ragdoll Cat

A Very Popular Breed For Families

One of the most popular breeds, the Ragdoll is a relatively new breed, having been developed in the 1960's. It is a large cat, that is well known for it's tendency to go floppy when it is picked up. The Ragdoll usually makes the perfect pet for a family and will also fit in well with other pets.

Learn all about the extremely popular Ragdoll cat here.

For more information on the Ragdoll cat, visit Cat problems Advice Website.

This site also has lots more information for cat owners, covering problems, cat care and all sorts of other interesting stuff.

Your Complete Guide to Cats

Informative Book From The ASPCA

ASPCA Complete Guide to Cats: Everything You Need to Know About Choosing and Caring for Your Pet

This Is An Indispensable Guide For Cat Owners

The ASPCA has provided a great book for both new and experienced cat owners. It covers everything you need to know about all breeds of cats.

There is information that covers the full gamut from litter box training through to veterinary care and grooming help.Learn how to help special needs kitties and all about the different breeds.

A very valuable reference guide.

Big Cats - Tigers

Read about the endangered tiger.

Earth's Endangered Animals

A tiger is one of the large cat family. The body of tiger is orange in color with black stripes, the stripes of the tiger is different and unique from each other.

Tiger is much more muscular compare to other big cats like leopards, lion, cheetah and etc. But compare to other large cats, tiger have lesser stamina.

This is why most of the time Tiger attack its prey only when they are close enough.

Endangered Tigers Earth's Endangered Animals has lots of interesting facts and fantastic photos of Tigers

Big Cats - Lions

Check out this National Geographic book about lions

Face to Face with Lions

National Geographic's husband and wife team Dereck and Beverly Joubert have produced an book with amazing details and photography of this magnificent big cat - the lion. This book also urges young readers to take care of our wild and endangered species, before it is too late.

The Lion is another large cat species. The female lion looks like a big sized cat while the male lion have hair around its face.

When hunting for food, the lionesses tend to be the one that do the hunting as the lioness are born to be more faster and aggressive than the male lions. The female lionesses tends to hunt in a group so that they have a higher probability to take down their prey.

Big Cats - Leopards

Wild, Big Spotted Cats

Endangered Leopards (Earth's Endangered Animals) [Paperback]

Leopards are a large cat species animal with spotty body. The Leopard is one muscular cat but incredibly fast at the same time.

The Leopard uses its speed to catch its prey from any distance and also hides from its larger predators like lions by running away from them.


Face to Face With Cheetahs (Face to Face with Animals)

The Cheetah is one of the large cat species. Cheetah looks quite similar to Leopard because both of these species are yellow in color with black spots.

But the cheetah has round or oval shaped spots while leopard have rosette-shaped spots.

Comparing with the leopard physically, cheetah is a faster in speed but weaker in strength.


Another In Our List of Big Cats

Cougar: Ecology and Conservation

Cougars are also known as the puma. This is another extremely fast large cat species.

The Cougar is another animal that looks like a big sized cat, it looks quite similar to a lioness.

But comparing in terms of size and physically, the lioness is much bigger in size and stronger physically.

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They also regularly add readers stories about their own pets.

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